Annie Brings Her Baby Out; Won’t Do A DNA Test

Annie came out to make a statement to the press with her baby to say that Film had made her trust him which lead them to not use protection. Annie goes on to say that she will not be getting a paternity test because society will be forcing Film to accept the baby. She isn’t shaken that others will see her as not having pure intentions and if Film wants to take a paternity test he is forbidden to ask rights of being the father. She also goes on to say that she can raise her child on her own without the support of any money from the famous. Annie reveals she was depressed when she was pregnant and felt like she was alone for she has kept her mouth sealed from telling her family that she was pregnant, but towards the end goes on to say that her mother knew she was pregnant and finally just recently found out who the father was.

Former Channel 3 actress, Annie Brooks has become the hot topic of the day. For having become pregnant and given birth to a  now 3 month son to famous entertainer, “Film” Rattapoom Tokongsup. Lastly Annie had came out to give a press statement to the public with her 3 month old son in her arms for the first time saying that she does not want to be in distress. She also goes on to say that the reason why she’s coming out to give her statements was because she felt like she was getting slapped in the face, so she had to come out and clear the news. Annie also goes on to say that if Film wants a paternity test than he can get one A.S.A,.P, but if the results reveal that he is the father than he can not ask for rights as the father because Annie can raise her son on her own. She said that she has suggested for Film to take a DNA test, but Film didn’t want to get a paternity test. Annie says that she is feeling much better now since the stressful situations has surpassed. Annie  goes on to say that there have been casting directors who have given her encouragement and given her roles in lakorns so she could save money to raise her son. She assures that her child was born of love, but as for the male side…she doesn’t know.

What is the reason why you decided to come out and speak?

“Because there were so many news coming out and it felt like I was getting slapped in the face and that I’m not a good woman. Like with the news yesterday when he (Film) had given a press conference not denying that he doesn’t know me which when I read it I felt happy because he didn’t deny it. The reason why I’m hurting inside is because since the beginning when I have given birth Film had come to see me at the hospital. The truth is that there was no one there with me and I had driven myself to the hospital and I had been on maternity rest for a whole week, but no one had came to visit or see me. As for the 200,000 baht, he did call  me before I had given birth to say that he wanted to help out, but I told him it was OK, I have the money because like I said at the time, I decided that I was going to raise my child on my own.”

“The reason why I’m out with my son is not because I need sympathy because 3 months prior when I had given birth, I had to take care of myself and my child with no help.”

The rumors on the internet are saying that you’re causing a scandal because you’re trying to leech off of Film for his money.

“If I’m trying to lock him down because of money, is he really that rich? Does he really have a lot of money for me to leech off of him? If I wanted to cause a scandal, I would’ve came out when I was pregnant.”

[“Film” Rattapoom as a child]

After the news came out have you got in contact with Film?

“I did not contact him at all because I don’t know what I should be talking to him about. If I was going to talk to him what benefit will I have from it because I never wanted anything from him from the beginning. As for the DNA testing, it’s not that I’m afraid to not get the test – we can get the test right now, but there have been problems that has us stopping to going to that part, which it’s something that I can’t talk about. If I do say it, it’s like I’ll be damaging both sides, but Film will be more damaged than I will. It’s because he’s more famous than I am and that is the reason why I don’t want to say it. Right now, I’ve given up on it already.”

In the past there have been no news of you and Film at all. Is it because the other side didn’t want you to come and say that you 2 were seeing each other?

“Yes, there have been some people who didn’t want me to say it, but I understand him because he’s afraid. I wasn’t as famous as him, but recently towards the end, like yesterday he called to talk to me. He had said, “We both have to help each other out because our future will need the help of the other.” I had told him to stop being afraid and he shouldn’t be afraid anymore. I won’t hurt him for sure, but the reason why I had to come out and speak today even though I don’t want to speak. It’s because the news were damaging towards me and that’s the reason why I had to come out and speak and I am not demanding for money either.”

Has Film seen the child?

“He said the baby was cute and he looked like a doll. I let him hold our son.” (Is Film’s name on the birth certificate as father?) “As for the important documents can I not reveal that because it might have an impact with my son in the future, I’m not sure about that. If one day he grows up and asks than one day, I’ll have the right answers for him. It’s just that I will need time to think of the right answers for his questions. As for Film in the future we can be friends. If you ask can I have him be the father of my child? One day my son will know about it.”

But you’re assuring everyone that the child is Film’s?

“Those who are a mother and father there would be an instant bond with the child. So why is it when he saw the child he wanted to take care of him? Why?”

The reason why you want to get a DNA is it because Film isn’t confident in being the father or do you want to prove to Film that you only had Film?

“That’s right I want to prove it because I want him and I to feel assured of the situation and that there should be no doubts. If I was the one that asked for the paternity test then that means I’m very confident in it.”

Was the child born out of love from you and Film?

“As for me, he was born out of my love, but as for Film, I don’t know. Although, I can connect to what Film feels.”

What about the future of going back to the Entertainment Business?

“It will have to be up to the bosses, but I”m very happy. Thank you to everyone at Work Point and Channel 3 for giving me encouragement saying that I shouldn’t be afraid and there would be work for me.”

What did you name your son?

“He doesn’t have a nickname yet, but my friends who have came to visit would call him, “Big Tiger”, “Kagi”, or “Big Bao” because my son is chubby because he’s drinking formulated milk. I haven’t decided on a nickname for him yet, but his name is “Teekayu” and his last name is mine, but I won’t tell what my real last name is.”

What would you like to say to the public?

“Don’t look at who is right or who is wrong. No one would want this problem to happen because my son is ugly and hateful. (* น่าเกลียด น่าชั่ง/Thai saying to say about babies to ward off bad spirits and in hope they grow up handsome/beautiful.) Be happy for us and with the situation that has happened and I want the elders to give us the opportunity. We have made a mistake, but we didn’t make a 2nd mistake by hurting him (having an abortion). I had kept him and carried him really good for 9 months and I don’t want Film to think too much. I’m sorry the more that I keep it a secret the more reporters will go to the front of my condo and that’s when I felt like it was the time for me to come out.”

[Source via Manager Online and Rakdara]

You can watch Annie’s full length statement here on Manager Online

56 responses to “Annie Brings Her Baby Out; Won’t Do A DNA Test

  1. WHAT!!!!!!!
    First,she wants Film to take a DNA test,then she says if Film is proven to be the father,he can’t have parental rights.Now she says she wants him to take a DNA test to prove to Film that he was the only one she had relations with. #-(

    She just contradicted herself in one interview.I think she just wants attention.Or money.Why should someone support a child that could possibly not be theirs?????

    • I think what she meant was when she was 4 months she suggested the test to show him that he was the only one but then he said no need. However he disappeared after that so she being pregnant and can’t go anywhere had plenty of time to think about things. So she came to a reality that he doesn’t want to be a father and she will have to raise this child on her own. Now that the media found out, Film talked about a dna test. He never want to be a father before but only wants a dna test now to save his own face so why should she give him a right that he never wanted?

      When he state that he’s unsure if he’s the father, what do you think that suggested? That suggested that she slept around, so wouldn’t you want to clear your name as well if you didn’t sleep around? If she wanted money, she would had said that he never help her and that she is in need of financial help. But instead she said she doesn’t want anything.

      • I totally agree with you Cindy. I wouldn’t want people to think that I slept around when I didn’t. She did the right thing by coming out and telling her side of the story. The baby is so cute. Some how I have a strong feeling that Film is the father.

      • C-indy I agree with you. I think at this point the chance of them getting a DNA test are really slim and I think RS has something to do with it. Because Annie did say that there were some problem that stop them from getting a dna test. And it would be more damaging to Film if they do get one. Man, RS is so shady….And Film is just pathetic…you don’t get a girl pregnant and not take responsibility for it. I understand that his career is important but at the same time he needs to man up.

        I wonder if RS will ban Film like they did to Payu, Beam, and Lydia…Film is a freakin’ loser…no wonder he only sleep with gay men for money…

  2. Why would she even bring her child on set to the interview/show…If she really doesn’t want the pity then her child should even be put in the picture at all. I think her intentions are to bring the child out in public so people can see the baby’s similiarities to Film and then pity her.

    • Oh god so what if she brought the child to the interview and yes she should be pity. If anything she should be pity that she made a mistake and now both she and her child will have to live with that mistake. If she should be criticize, criticize her not loving herself and use protection not criticize her for not hiding her child.

      The media and paparazzi would continue to hound and dog the front door of her condo until they get a picture of her child. It would never end.

      • Sure, reporters will ask where the baby is and hound her for it. When do reporters not hound celebrities down? It just makes the whole picture seem so set up. Film and her BOTH did a mistake by not using protection therefore they both shouldn’t be pity because it was their own decisions and wrong doings. They should have understood the consequences of consensual un protected intercourse. She trusted and loved him that’s why she did what she did, but did she think about whether he would be willing to have a future with her if she got pregnant? Especially when she said not many people and he don’t want her to reveal their relationship to the public then. That should have made her aware where their relationship stands. Why would she also suggest a test be done then afterwards say that even if it’s positive she won’t let him take responsibility?

        If I pity anyone I will only pity the child. Call me heartless but this is what I think, im not saying for anyone to side with me..People see everything in a different way. It’s just sad that his future relies on how his parents will settle their shaken matters right now.

    • if she didnt bring the baby.. reporters would be hounding her “wheres the baby?” she mention rising the child on her own… i dont know many mothers would be leave their 3 month baby….heck im 18 and my mum still takes me

    • in case you haven’t actually heard or read the interview throughly. she said she has been going through all this by HERSELF. No nanny, no mother to help out or the the father of the chid to hekp out. She has no one and even her own mother doesn’t know about this, until this breakout news.

      The baby is afterall, only 3-4 months old. I believe that it might be best for him to be with mommy.

      After listening to the interview.. i have to say, I kind of understand her.. and unfortunately.. dissappointed in Film. I just felt he’s been lying time after time, ever since that Sia Oud incident.

  3. She shouldn’t have slept around. It is a mistake that cannot be undone but there are ways to fix it by giving the child unconditional love. She took responsibility of her own action. Film that jackass only saved his face. I find it an insult that he says he is unsure, obvious that makes her look like a slut. The child looks like him now and comparing it to Film’s baby picture, an exact replica. I believe she confronted Film, he didn’t want to take responsibility at first. I am sure she is confident who her baby’s daddy. He probably refused it the first time around because obviously that’s the first thing you should do. And when the media found out, he played an angel.

    Now she doesn’t want Film to take responsibility because society tells him to, I mean he should take responsibility but not take the child from her. She probably fear that his family would take custody of her child.

    I do sympathize with her. I saw the interview and got a little teary.

    • Please don’t assume that she slept around without knowing all the facts. This is a sensitive time for her. If she slept around she would not request for Film to do a paternity test. I think she only slept with Film. If she slept around she would be more hesitant to recommend a DNA test.

      • lmao i think you have misread or misinterpreted what i just said. i said what film said makes her like those type of people that sleeps around with multiple men. i never did accuse her of that. by the first sentence i meant she shouldnt have slept with film to begin with.

        • i think she loved Film, that’s why she slept with him in the first place. When the host asked why they didn’t use protection, she said that Film asked if she believd in him and she did. Which resulted in this.

          Stupid of her, I agree. But she made it clear that she loved him, mistake or not, that’s why she’s been keeping this a secret and no intention of coming out, until the reporters has been digging in this.

          As for Film, I think he just thought it was a short fling. So they both made a mistake.

          I hope it will somehow turn out well. ..At least I hope Annie will get some jobs, so she has the money to raise the baby properly.

          As for Film, being double standard as RS is, they will not kick his ass out, but find a disgusting execuse to make Film look good .. again. So I guess, he’ll be alright anyway.

  4. Sounds like she’s playing a game to me! Why make it more difficult? Just let him take the DNA test and see how things go from there. If she’s so confident, there shouldn’t be a problem.

  5. Feel so sorry for the cutie baby. Film has every right to demand a DNA test but really he should have been more respectful towards Anne. He made it sound like Anne was sleeping around. I guess, I’m glad she came out to give her side of the story.

  6. i won’t judge her since i don’t know her or the guy. i actually feel sorry for her. i really do think she felt alone and scared when she first learned that she was pregnant. no one (us) really knows what she’s like, a skank that sleeps around or some girl who really thought the guy felt what she felt. remember y’all, it takes two to tango!! it’s commendable that film came out and said what he said, but at the same time he kind of threw her under the bus. when he said he’s not sure the kid was his, he kind of indirectly implied that she was some one who sleeps around or something along those lines. i won’t feel sorry for the guy because society will let him off the hook easily. whereas, the girl will bare most of the criticism saying she shouldn’t of opened her legs, but at the same time guys can poke their pecker around. remember, we’re all hypocrites!! haha

    • we are all hypocrites..everyone always have a mind of their own. i can care less about Film cause im not a fan and never was. as for Annie, i never paid much attention to her either or heard of her so i guess i should say, “I WAS WRONG TO JUDGE HER ON HER DECISION ABOUT WHAT SHE DOES WITH HER CHILD.” But i’ll still say that her and Film are both to blame for. They both did wrongs and hopefully they BOTH get things settle.

  7. omg i cant be bothered read the whole thing…i just read the title and then i could know she is lying already bt i dont understand the topic before ….film said he’s happy if the baby is his and stuff …….that means he slept with her….omfg

  8. lol… dont yal just love Thai article tites? The title says she “won’t do a DNA test” but the interview says otherwise. Very misleading cause some fools don’t even bother READING the contents in the article before judging.

    I ranted enough on the other article, so I don’t have much to say here… but I do wish Annie and her child all the best. Film can go suck a hairy old rich dude’s balls for all I care. Karma is a bitch, and he’ll get whats coming for him.

    And my goodness… that baby is sooooooooooooooo CUTE!!! ha! I love his chubby cheeks and little glares. So, so, so cuteeee!!!!!

  9. Well seeing as how both parties have a mutual respect for each other as she doesn’t really say negative comments about Film and Film did come out to admit they did go out and all, i hope things work out for both of them.

  10. omg the baby does look like him lmao this is also so nam nao they should definitely go on the maury show! i don’t know who to believe and annie makes it even more difficult by saying she’s not gonna get the test like wth. both of them could even be lying for all i know. yeah annie’s interview make you feel sorry for her but could it be so good that it’s fake? haha i have been watching too much of rabum duang dao.

    i guess the only one i feel sorry for is the baby who doesn’t know anything. goes back to this these irresponsible parents who did the deed w/o thinking!! we really do have too many of them.

  11. Hmmm, i think even if they are to get a DNA test, Film or RS will pay to cover this up. Maybe she changed her mind because they made a deal? I don’t know, just saying so don’t bash me.

  12. I think that’s the end. No more agruement. Certainly, Film is the father. As Annie and Film is not in love now anymore, it is meaningless to get married just because of the baby. It is good way to be a friend and raise the child together. By the way, the baby is cute.

  13. You know in the end I hope all parties does the right thing but I still stand behind Annie. If he doesn’t want to be the father then he doesn’t deserve to have such a gorgeous baby in his life. All that baby need is the love of a mother. That really is enough.

  14. In Film’s defense, if I was a man and an ex-fling/girlfriend/one-night stand all of a sudden called me and said that she was pregnant with me, I’d want to take a DNA test too. They dated at one point, not girlfriend or boyfriend. Should he just take responsibility and accept the child without any doubts? Yes, he slept with her, but can’t he assume he’s not the only one? If they were in a stable relationship then she gets pregnant and he’s not sure if it’s his, then that’s call not taking responsibility. If she’s so confident, then let him take it. Cuz if it was me, I’d careless what everyone says. I’d want to prove to everyone I wasn’t sleeping around.

    But, gosh that baby is so darn cute! Unfortunately, he does look a lot like Film.

    • Based on her interview, she offered to have a DNA test when she was 4 months pregnant to prove herself and to eliminate any doubts about who the father is. Film refused to take the test as he was scared that it would become big news and his career would be selfish…

      I think Film and his family tried to help him hide it because what is more important to them is fame and money!

      She said that they did visit her, but that was only after she gave birth for a while already. She had to live alone, drive to the hospital alone and stay in hospital alone. The most responsibility Film showed was give her money because he saw her as a ‘friend that was in need’? Come on…200,000 baht for giving birth to your child is nothing….

      So now that he can’t hide all this anymore, he wants a DNA test?? and he will take responsibility if the baby is his?? wow…that just makes him sound so good doesn’t it. I think Annie is waaay past that point. She has already made up her mind that she will raise her child alone as a single mum, and that he does not need to take responsibility just because of pressure from the media. Like what she said, the fact that he called for a DNA test is like a big slap in the face to her coz it just makes her look like bad. It’s not like she didn’t try to prove herself from the beginning….

    • @ cedA – yes I agree with what you’re saying. I’m kind of confuse with her contradicted response too.
      OK I gotta admit that I feel bad for her for having to go thru this alone and all the embarrassment she has to face. I pity her, but proud of her for having enough guts to face everyone, especially all these reporters.
      But on YT video interviews she said she wanted Film to acknowledge the child as his and his parent to accept the baby as their grandchild, but yet she does not want to do the DNA test now to prove once and for all that Film is the daddy? The way she responded was confusing and seems like she isn’t 100%confident with wanting to know either.
      Also when the man(reporter) asked her why didn’t she used protection, she said she is not a kid anymore and she know what she is doing and she also said she wanted to have a family? HA? lolz she is confusing me with this answer too.
      She and Film didn’t really dated, but they went out and having fun after shooting lakorn together without protection few times, and she wanted to start a family with him already?
      She should have wait until they are officially a couple first to think of having a family. Now her baby is paying the price for her mistaken big time, and there is nothing for her to do to take that back. Which is quite sad for everyone involves. Hope she make a better decision now and take that DNA test so if Film is the proven to be the father then he can help her take responsibility for the baby too. Good luck to all of them and hope everyone do what is best for this child.
      Lastly the baby is sooooo cute and if she doesn’t want it, she can contact me, I’ll take the baby no question ask. 🙂

      • Here let me help with your confusion.

        She said that she want Film and is family to believe that the child is his when she offered to take a paternity test when she was 4 months pregnant. Film said no and Annie said she understood why. She believe he was scared and afraid that the media would find out or that maybe he was afraid that she would blackmail him with it. After she offered at 4 months pregnant and he refuse, he disappeared. So that was when she came to a reality and conclusion that he wants nothing to do with her. So because he disappeared for so many months she realized that she will have to be a single mom. She probably decided that ok if he doesn’t want the child then fine, he doesn’t want it. However now that the news is out, he’s stating that he’s waiting for a dna test to prove that the child is his. So she now believe that it’s not because he really wants to be responsible for the child or be a father for the child but because society believe it’s his responsibility. If that is the case, she doesn’t want that. She doesn’t want his forced responsibility.

        As for the protection, she explained why they didn’t used it. She believed herself in love with him and he asked her to trust him. She is like all girls who want a family, who doesn’t want a fatherless child. She believed herself in love so when he said trust him, she trust him.

        Hope that helps.

  15. Personally I still want them to do a DNA test. I’m not buying the whole story. If she wants to protect Film she should have did the test and both of them to come out and talk the same one story together. But all I see is she taking the poor baby on TV and does all the talk. She gave birth doesn’t mean she didn’t do anything wrong and Film is the one to blame.

    If girls don’t know how to protect themselves, this is what could happen. They both made a mistake. Don’t just blame one or another.

    • yeah, she should of gotten a DNA test done, but the problem is, she needs the guy’s DNA too! she’ll prove that the child is hers, but not the guy. last time i checked, you need an egg from the female and sperm from the male to make a baby. each set of chromosomes from from the mom and dad. unless, the human race have evolved so drastically that a female can now alone give birth to a baby. i’m just saying….

  16. As my opinion,
    The baby so cute !!!!
    Well, i think that she did the right thing to refuse de DNA’s Test since she gave him a way when she was 3 or 4 month pregnant for the test, he refused or didn’t give her any answay and dissapear like that.

    I’m fan of Film’s too,

    It’s not right that he should ask the paternity’s test, he forced himself to do it because everyone know about this problem as for the girl’s side, if she accept to do it, is like she is like woman who love to sleep with every guy around that why she have to confirm the test.

    I’m with her opinion, hope that she still keep her choice for not doing DnA’s Test.

  17. Ok my question is…….shouldn’t he know if the child is his anyways because before having a baby, you have to go through something first………… ????? And she should know….. Um confused.

  18. All I have to say is “Wow, the baby does kinda look like Film…and that was before I scrolled down to see Film’s baby picture.”

  19. for some crazy reason i’ve never liked this film guy !! i’m not sure why and i think i know why now. To me he is really shady. I feel bad for annie. I truly hate these type of men who doesn’t take responsibilites for his action!!

  20. and not only that he won’t take dna test a while ago and now he wants a dna test?? What?? that doesn’t make sense one bit. A man that doesn’t go visit his fling/gf/or whatever during labor and left her all alone is just plain irresponsible !! and freaken selfish! i seriously hate that type of men with passion!!

  21. Why does everybody kept saying they feel sorry for the baby? I mean seriously some of you guys are saying it like Annie don’t want her kid and Film don’t want him either. His mommy Annie loves him and is willing to take care of him. So what if Film is the baby father or not. I use to be a fan of him but he makes me sick now. I bet Annie can take care of the baby on her own without Film.

  22. I bet film have something to do with this, Anyway annie is only thinking about herself, Just get a dna damn it. I bet they pay her to not take the dna but after hearing her talk film seem like an asshole and the one that is lying

  23. After watching the news and interview of Annie, I think she loves Film but I felt sorry for her that she happen to love the wrong person and took advantage of her love for him to the point of having some deep and meaningful relation, he is stupid to taken advantage of her when he knows that he is not ready for a relationship, I believe that the baby is really Film because the baby is a copy of Film, I think all he cares about is his fame and status, if he is really is a man, who cares about the fame, it’s doesn’t last long, it comes and goes but a baby or ur own flesh and blood is what u have create it, u have make a mistake of creating it but u can redem your mistake by annoucing that you will take responsibility for him, even though it was a long relationship as least try to help or try to get along for the child sake or reconcile to see if u still have that feelings for the child sake to see where the future will leads u both. Work or being a an actor people will never take that away from you but dump the fame bit so u can take care for what u create it. what u create is a human being, him has feelings and its needs ur love and attention. u just don’t walk away. If he thinks he can court Janie or any other N’ek, he should be ashame of himself, first of I don’t think Janie is that nice of a person, she just a fake person. If he has any decency, he should reconcile with his baby’s mother, she seems a nice, sweet and loving person, If I was a guy I would think twice before walking away from something so precious as a loving, caring woman and also 1 very beautiful as Annie and a beautiful, adorable, cute human being u help to create such as a baby.Any woman if she does love him, she wouldn’t let him or do that for him, Film should be ashame for letting her go in exchange for fame and a fake actress like Janie or any woman.

  24. THAT BABY IS HANDSOME!!!!! BIG PEARLY EYES SOOO BEATIFUL! i mean ugly, warding off badd spirits! i believe her seriously. just her interview and everything is so true, i mean if she wanted attention and money she wouldve came out while she was pregos. atleast shes saying who kares to film she gonna raise the baby alone. thats not a person who wants money or fame. she is innocent.

  25. Gosh this whole thing is so dramatic. Why don’t they just go and get a DNA test done already…Even though getting the DNA test done will make Annie look like a slut who sleeps around..Its for their own good..To finally put an conclusion to all this messed!! If the result comes out that film is not the father of her child..then this prove that Film is innocent..Its going to give Annie an bad image if the result is like this…But if the result shows that Film is the father of her child..then this will prove that Annie was not lying and she does truly loves him! Film in the other hand will have to man up and take responsibilities as of confirming that he is the father and if Annie really wished that Film and his family do not get involve with her son’s life..then it such be permitted..

    But this whole thing is so complicated and confusing..I’m so unsure of who to believe…but I agree that both of them are to be blame…

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