Captain Throws Down His Best To Become The Extreme Bad Guy

Captain returns to the t.v. screen as bad guy once again in the lakorn, “Malai Saam Chai“.

Skilled actor, “Captain” Puthanate Hongmanop  revealed,

“The character in this lakorn is so evil. He’s not evil as to go and kill someone, but he is evil because he has a spoilt attitude. He’s self centered because he’s the only son of ‘Jao Phraya’. He’s wealthy and there will be others who will spoil him since he was a child. So, when he get’s older his personality has become a spoiled brat where no one can refuse him anything. If he does something and it makes him happy than he’ll do it without thinking if what he does is either right or wrong. Not even if he hurts other’s feelings.”

“I can guarantee that the viewers will be agitated with “Yot”. The reason why I came back to take on the evil role because the script was really good. I’ll get to play from when the character is yout I was young to when he’s old. The story follows the Nang Aek when her life turns around to where she has 3 husbands. At first when I found out that I was going to take on the character I felt pressured and had to make a full commitment to give my all because I had come to accept the bad guy role. Whatever force I had, I had to put all my force into it. I want to leave a message, I want a lot of people to watch the lakorn, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Naewna]

Teaser for ‘Malai Saam Chai’

14 responses to “Captain Throws Down His Best To Become The Extreme Bad Guy

    • Captain Phutanate Hongmanop & Kong Saharat Sangkapricha & Son Songpaisarn

      it is said that she married all three of them! Vill is also in this lakorn!

  1. are you serious?! he’s just coming back and finally playing with aom again but as the bad guy. i want captain and aom to play again as the main couple. love them together besides aom with tik. somehow the tser doesn’t interest me 😦 but i’ll give it a try 🙂

  2. I’m sure this is going to be a goooood lakorn! I’ve been waiting for it. And the teaser is just fabulous. It’s too bad he’s the “bad” guy of the three husbands. I’ve been waiting for an Aom and Captain reunion. ❤
    I'm going to love it nonetheless.

  3. Just the teaser alone already make me mad at Yot! The way he mistreat Aom’s character is so STUPID! And man, for sure, i’m going to hate PANG in here. Kong seems to be a very nice husband –

  4. I love P’Captain! He is an exceptional actor with amazing talent. I love that he is not afraid to take on a rai role. He is good at what he does. He is very sweet and kind in real life though. To see him play a bad guy is fun.

  5. Interesting trailer! It says so much without saying anything lol. Aom looks so pretty and really young in here so she doesn’t look that much older than Son. Hopefully Son improved his robotic acting…ughh.

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