Tanya is willing to forgive Pinky but advises her to ‘think before she acts’

Finally “Tanya” Tanyares Engtrakul is ready to speak to the media press to fully clarify her break up rumours after catching her husband “Peck” Sanchai red handed while he romantically chats to leading actress “Pinky” Savika on BB.

In the begining stages of the rumour, there were news saying “Pinky & Peck” flirted with each other on the plane. Pinky denied the claims saying they met each other on the plane by coincidence and Tanya also came forward to defend her husband. However, the rumour didn’t stop there and more news regarding Pinky & Peck’s encounters continued – the most recent claims published by a major newspaper revealed, actress Pinky was caught kissing Tanya’s husband in the lift at a hotel in Rachawetee. The pair were caught red handed on security camera.

Later there were claims saying Pinky has changed her BB status to “P Love P” and sometimes “Secretly in love with P’S”. Most people assumed the letter “P” & “S” is most liklely to represent Peck Sanchai’s initial.

After Tanya caught her husband in action, she threatened for a divorce and Pinky wrote a message to say she didn’t mean to destroy anyone’s family. The actress apologized to Tanya for the trouble and advised her not to stress. Meanwhile Peck gave an interview without denying anything regarding Pinky. He simply said, he is not a public person so stop writing about him.

Here is Tanya’s latest interview;

“About the topic that is currently in the news right now, I would like to turn back to the first incident where I came out to say the news isn’t true. I have to tell you that that was what I truly believed and I didn’t think it could be possible. That’s why as a good wife I came out to defend my husband. At the time I didn’t even think it was real, although I am not saying that the rumour is true. I don’t want to talk about it. Since I am in this position I can’t say too much, it’s not good. I am a mother and I must do my job as a mother to the best of my ability (shaking voice) I have to protect my family so let’s just say I don’t want to talk about it. Being in my position is not good to say and I don’t want to lie, therefore I will only say as much as I can say”

So it’s true pretty much?

“Hmm…let’s just say I won’t be stepping forward to defend her like last time”

“Did someone show me evidence? I don’t want to talk about it. Like I said, it’s not good to say but I know what I know, as for the other part, you should ask the other person. If you asked if she ever called me to apologize, I think it’s better to ask her about it. As for me, would I be willing to forgive her? Usually I’m an easy going person and I don’t hold grudges on people for long. I do get angry but I get over it easily and I don’t hate anyone”

“Ever since I got married I’ve encountered a lot of problems like this but I’ve never feel tired from gossip. I never use to believe gossip and gossip never used to impact my life, I’ve never been upset or sad by it. The only time I get upset is when I find out about something myself. Did I find this one out myself? I don’t want to say (laughs) I don’t want to say why I’m confident that I know is true. I don’t want to drill into the details. But something has happened to change my opinion. Will I be trying to find out more evidence? I don’t know. But from what I’ve discovered, I don’t want to know anymore. I’ve had enough”

“Let’s just say I want to continue to do my job job because the more I know, the more it hurts. I don’t want to talk about the evidence. But the evidence has hurt me, I’ve been upset but life goes on. I have to be strong”

Tanya revealed she has given Peck the ultimatum and feels everything should end well because her husband has chosen his family over the other side.

“I have spoken to P’Peck already, I hope all this will end (laughs) of course I have to give him an ultimatum. As a couple we would like to keep the details about our conversation personal. I don’t want to talk about the third party, it’s better to ask the other party yourself (laughs) before there were news saying we have sorted things out on the phone, I don’t want to talk about that (laughs) in my position, I have to do what I have to do”

“If you ask how did Peck took it when he had to choose, well as a father and a legally wedded husband, of course family would have to come first. With me, no matter what happens, my daughter and my family would always come first. I believe it’s the same for him as well”

Tanya said she won’t be filing for a divorce because she doesn’t want to hurt her daughter

“I had no intention to divorce, I believe all couples will fight with each other but you can sit down and talk rationally with each other. Getting a divorce is not easy. I have a daughter and I need to let our family move forward, this is not big enough for us to have to hurt our daughter too”

“I don’t want to talk about the third person and other details. I can’t answer for her so you’re better off asking her yourself. The other side said she didn’t do anything, she said she’s been falsely blamed and I can’t answer for her. Time will be the judge”

Tanya passes a message through the media press to Pinky to say the actress should think thoroughly before she acts

“Do I want to pass on a message to the other side? Well (silence) honestly before anyone should do anything, they should think about it thoroughly because your action could impact so many people. It’s not worth it. I’m not mad at her, I’m just upset, I was mad for a little bit and then it dissapeared. I’m just more upset”

“As for whether or not I could work with her in the future, yes I could. I don’t hold grudges for long, when it’s over, it’s over. I’m willing to forgive”

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68 responses to “Tanya is willing to forgive Pinky but advises her to ‘think before she acts’

  1. oh, wow…Last time I read about this the wife was defending Pinky saying it wasn’t true.Well, I guess she found out later. Still, from her answers she’s civilized and determined to make her marriage work.I laud her for that.

    As for Pinky,she’s gorgeous and young so she can find a HOT single man out there..

  2. I don’t know about Peck. Once a cheater. Always a cheater. I have been in Tanya position. Tanya will forgive, but she won’t forget about this. Peck will calm down for now. But he will do it again.

  3. What a shame. Pinky is one beautiful and talented young lady. To be part of this saga and with a married man (with family no less) is just plain stupidity.

    As much as I like Pinky, I am definitely on Tanya’s side. I have two things to say:
    (1) Where there is smoke, there is fire!
    (2) A leopard does not change its spots!

    My verdict would be: Pinky is guilty and Peck is a player. Tanya should move on … quickly too!

      • me third. now it makes sense.. why she cried, if you didnt do it then your NOT AT FAULT. why let their insults get to you unless you know its true?

        pinky pinky…im very disappointed in you. 😦 To be honest, whether thiss is true or not i still feel like she is at fault. Security camera as proof too? thats too much why deny?? my respect towards her was just about to blossom after that one other incident. now it just fell to the ground.

        a mistress, i’ve seen it happen as a child and i hope tanyas baby wont have to go through with this mess in the future. A mistress is either out to break a family or torture them for time being. OUT of everything why this? if im tanya i would never forget this over time. poor girl. i have to agree with some below that pinky loves attention. She surrr did get it. i want to her hear response now

        • btw “But something has happened to change my opinion. Will I be trying to find out more evidence? I don’t know. But from what I’ve discovered, I don’t want to know anymore. I’ve had enough” I think that already answer c-indys question. :\

  4. Wow that is low of Pinky, no matter how rich, or handsome or whatever you think of a guy, think because he is married, i used to think this was just a nasty rumor to accuse Pinky but wow………………………. Tanya should get a divorce like that saying goes “once a cheater always a cheater”

  5. no wonder pinky has been stressing about it! ultimately, if pinky didn’t do anything wrong in the first place, she wouldn’t have cried or stressed about it… obviously, she did that’s why she cried about it.

  6. I knew it was true. So I hope fans aren’t so blind to defend Pinky now. Now I wonder if Songkran dad still thinks Pinky is the better person.

  7. Wow, Tanya was defending Pinky in the beginning but now she knows the truth. Pinky is young and can have any guy because she’s gorgeous, why would she go with a married man with a kid? I just don’t understand. But I hope this conflict is over now and everyone moves on. In the end Peck is a player and Pinky is guilty.

  8. Well now Pinky is trying to defend herself by saying that people should ask her for the truth first and that this news is stressing her so much that she wants to leave the industry permanently. So I don’t get it, is she still denying the rumor?

    • wow… i didn’t know pinky said that! obviously, she’s at fault if she says she’ll leave the industry permanently… she’s been in it for so long she should know that rumors/news are always bound to happen. so, for her to say that she’d leave the industry, she much be so embarassed of her wrongdoing

  9. man what’s up with pinky? obviously this girl ain’t right in the head. she’s pretty she don’t need to get anybody’s hubby and he’s ugly too. maybe since she couldn’t get songkran she got all stupid.

    i think tanya should divorce the guy too cuz a cheater will always be a cheater!

  10. It is surprising how Pinky, a young, rising, gorgeous woman can just easily want to snatch away someone’s husband but perhaps she’s never been all there because honestly, she’s quite dumb at times.

    I think Pinky fans should stop defending her now. Tanya doesn’t fully want to reveal detais and evidence if she doesn’t have to, she’s warning Pinky to stop or else, she may, and that will damage Pinky even more. It’s no longer a rumor, all parties don’t deny it because they can’t, Tanya has proof. Peck and Pinky know that if they deny it, Tanya can pull it out any time and that would throw Pinky straight into the trash can.

    As for Pinky threatening to leave the ET industry, well, most likely, with this scandal, I don’t even know if she’ll have to quit the show business when I think the executives at both channels aren’t even welcoming her in.

    • i agree with u! i also think it’s good of tanya to not reveal any more because she’s thinking of pinky’s image and reputation… very selfless of her. go tanya!

  11. Tanya husband Peck is so ugly, he is ugly on the outside and VERY ugly on the inside to do this to her and their family. Elders would say, if the person is ugly on the outside then their inside must be really good. But in this case he is both. I don’t understand Pinky either, from her past relationships… one would learn from mistakes, and to get with a married man and break their family up is a sin! I do not like her and Peck is one ugly man. It’s a shame, why did he even married if this was the plan anyways. Once a player ALWAYS a player!

  12. WOW Pinky is a home recker! and Peck is a cheater will always be a cheater. Tanya need to move on, there is no excuse of staying in a marriage because of her daughther. That is the biggest mistake!

  13. I agree with everyone. Peck is ugly, and once a cheater alway a cheater. But I can’t believe Pinky is that type of person. Wish she would come out and defend herself, or something.

  14. WoW! I can’t believe this news is true. As a fan of Pinky I am really disappointed in her. Why would she get involved with a married man. I think Pinky should really come out and clarify/apologize for her action. I also think she really needs to grow up and stop all this careless acts. She’s still young and beautiful she can have any guys she wants. There’s no need for her to do something like this. I guess Ajarn Luck was right, cuz he predicted her future for 2010 and he told Pinky not to get involved with a married man or any men cuz men in general will bring her bad luck.

    I applaud Tanya for being the civilized person. But I guess she’s used too her husband cheating ways. And I don’t think Tanya will ever leave her husband. I mean even when they were still dating even then her husband still cheats on her. And after they got married he’s still did again this is before Pinky’s saga. What can they say, once a cheater always a cheaters.

  15. woowowowoowwo, once a men is married. You better becareful how you act around him. it will destory her image if what she is doing is truely wrong. I HATE BITCHES THAT HURT OTHER FAMILY. I always like tanya . I dont know what this little girl pinky. its wrong to go into someone family and chit chat wit the husband and gettin caught kissing? tanya, you better threaten the dicrove and move on..

    • yea !! where is da pic????? can’t just judge someone when u don’t even know da whole story!!!!! we just need to wait till Pinky done with her movie. I am not a fan of Pinky but I think we should hear from both side!!!!!

      • pinky always used to say stuff like ‘ i dont care, since i didnt do it i dont have to worry about it’ but now she’s worrying so much about it, to the point of crying and saying she might leave the industry. and its not like tanya and her husband is gonna show the evidence to the whole world, big things like this even reporters need permission before showing it.

  16. I think Pinky is that type of girl that loves to get attention from every guys especially the attention coming from a married man is more thrilling..I know some girls are like that, and these are pretty girls too.

    I’m sure Pinky must’ve crossed the line, otherwise the news wouldn’t be this big causing Tanya to speak out like this. Tanya’s husband has a lot of female friends that are celebrities but they don’t make neg news like this one, because those girls are just good friends and they respect Tanya.

    • “I think Pinky is that type of girl that loves to get attention from every guys especially the attention coming from a married man is more thrilling..I know some girls are like that, and these are pretty girls too.”

      Leela, those words are so true. I said it down below too. Its like a sense of enjoyment, thril, or validation to some.

  17. So sad on all levels. If it proves to be true, which looks like it, shame on Pinky. But I still like to see proof. LOL
    I like Tanya and I can see why she’s trying to hold down her marriage, but c’mon what kind of message is she sending to her daughter? That your husband can cheat (repeatedly) and you can still forgive him because you need to stay married for the sake of the kid. Its ideal to have your parents stay married and living in the same house, but why does she have to put up with his chit and go through the pain.

    But really I’m not the one to throw stones. I ain’t gonna front. I’ve been on both sides before, being the other woman and being the girlfriend that’s getting cheated on. Even now, I have been tempted, esp when the chemistry and sexual tension is there. But I grew up and learned to restrain myself. LOL You don’t want to mess with people’s home. Karma will get ya!

    If its true. I hope Pinky learned from this, maybe because she’s beautiful (no one denies that) that she feels she’s entitled to do whatever she wants. But she will quickly learn once the shoe is on the other feet. IDK when it comes to love and relationship Pinky seems kinda dense and immature.

    Sorry for my rants, I feel like I’m typing an essay for English 205 or something lol

  18. Maybe Tanya is just saying that the marriage is alright until after everything dies down and then she’ll leave him. Pinky is a young actress and I don’t think a married woman who’s older would want to feel like someone younger has taken their man away from them. Maybe she wants to show Pinky that she was just someone her husband could play around with but at the end of the day, he’ll choose Tanya and their child. I don’t know. I’m just guessing here.

  19. I think Tanya is staying in the relationship because she’s not selfish. The fact that she thought about her daughter first shows that she has high maternal instincts. Like Tanya said, divorces are nasty! For a kid to have to go through a broken home is not ideal and Tanya, as a mother would not like her daughter to have to deal with that. I’m not saying I agree with her choice but I can see where she’s coming from. Most of us are from the West, so we are headstrong about cheaters but Tanya is from the East so her viewpoints are different from us. I hope she gets through this and I wish the best for her and her little daughter. As for her husband and Pinky…karma will get them in the end. Sometimes it doesn’t come soon enough but it sure does come. Su su na ja P’Tanya! =)

  20. I think I’m going to believe Tanya and say that Pinky was being a little home-wrecker! Why?

    When this first happened, Tanya came out and defended Pinky and her husband. If they didn’t give her reasons to believe otherwise, she would of came forward and defended them like she did last time. Tanya probably felt something fishy going on between them or caught them red-handedly. I’m not going to believe what the gossip columns wrote about what happened, but I do believe that something inappropriate happened between Pinky and Tanya’s husband.

    I don’t know how Tanya could even being civilized right now because if it was me, I would of probably said some really mean things about Pinky and trust me they’re not going to be very nice.

    As much as I agree with most of you about Tanya kicking her husband to the curb, we have to understand that she’s a married and she has a child with this cheater. It’s not a decision that can easily be made. I’m pretty sure that if she didn’t love him, she would of used this as an excuse for divorce.

    As for Pinky, shame on you, girl! Sometimes even a pretty face doesn’t exempt you from doing shameful things!

  21. God, If I were to be Tanya right now, Pinky would be hurt…Very bad, and Peck too! Like really, Peck isn’t good looking so why would pinky want that…She makes her own money, she’s crazy grogeous….She can choose any hot and rich single guy but she chooses him…Like really Pinky, what the hell are you thinking!!! I feel for Tanya, to have to be in the position, I am glad she’s being strong. I would leave if I was cheated on, but I understand why she wants to stay, for one thing she has a child, a broken home is something you would never want to go through and it really hurts you bad if you have gone through that situation, I applaud her for being selfless because of not wanting her child to suffer. Most wouldn’t understand why she is staying but believe me, those who do have lots of reasons. And like another reader said, she’s from the east where divorces are somewhat looked down upon, it’s not the same in America where women can leave and won’t get crap for leaving. Anyways, hope Tanya is doing fine and staying strong despite her worthless husband. As for Pinky, god I am seriously dissappointed, this is gonna make me think twice wherever I see her. Now I see she is not so innocent, I really liked her before. She should have really thought before doing all of this that damaged Tanya. For anyone defending her, get over it, it takes two to tango, and she definitely got involved knowing he was married, it’s just sad, she should hurry and try to clear everything up. I just hope she won’t play the victim role which most of the mistresses in America do. Talking about all the bullshit that they were really in love and it was him that did her wrong, saying he would leave his wife and that he loved her…Like really, what would they expect from a married man but his money, they should know that if you get involved with a married man, you will get hurt and hated. Cheer up Tanya!!!

  22. I have a lot of things to say lol

    Maybe Tanya doesn’t meet Peck’s sexual needs? Or he could be a Tiger Wood’s follower? He doesn’t love her? He wants a son but Tanya cannot bear him a child so they had to seek surrogate mother in the first place but got a daughter? He probably pampered Pinky when Songkran broke her heart lol and as he can see she’s an idiot, he knew Pinky would fall for him?

    If Pinky did have a fling with Peck, I believe Ch7 will still have their door open for Pinky, they don’t care much except for ratings and Pinky does give them good bucks… maybe not as much as Pancake and Aum P but still garner lots of points for them. They probably released her to Bollywood because they knew about the relationship and they wanted it to stop? Maybe Pinky scored big time and he is unable to let her go, he chased her to India and news/evidence broke out to Tanya? They were not careful and caught kissing in the lift because she’s an idiot for allowing it to happen? They will probably not give her any works for awhile but when time is right, they will bring her back to the big screen.

    Tanya’s interview, she says she doesn’t want to talk about it yet she rants on lol… I do pity her, I would be upset too, she defended her husband and Pinky. She said she doesn’t believe in rumors/gossip until she saw the evidence and I think that made her extremely upset and disappointed. Her trust in Pinky has disappeared. And of course his too but she was probably aware of that he cheated on her before but she was probably delusional until she saw the evidence? Or it could all just be a very big fat misunderstanding? Maybe something was wrong with the lift and they accidentally bumped into each other and their lips touched lol she said she didn’t want to dig into further details and if she did continue what happen if it was really an accident? I talked and text to my cousins’ and friends’ husbands and by the way how in the world do they do that Peck and Pinky were flirting via text?

    Tanya probably wants Pinky to realize she is just her husband’s toy. Her marriage could possibly work out. His parent are probably gonna cut him off their inheritance so he will probably freak out and try to work things out? And maybe if he still has some humanity in him to think about his daughter? I understand where Tanya is coming from and I respect that she is considering her daughter. But if he doesn’t stop, the person she is hurting is her daughter. But who knows maybe they will survive this. You may never know.

    Anyways, nothing has been confirmed with upfront evidence[s]. But if pictures and the surveillance tape does come out to be true, the person I am most disappointed in would be Pinky.

  23. I think it would be hard for Pinky to stay with Ch. 7, one, Khun Daeng doesn’t like scandals especially nasty ones like this. Two, when her contract was up in the air about ending, she kept stalling on her decision, making it seem like she didn’t want to be Ch. 7 anymore and Khun Daeng doesn’t like going in circles. You either choose Ch. 7 right away or go somewhere else. Even before this scandal, Khun Daeng was already pushing Pinky the other way because Pinky’s story kept changing. And now that the scandal broke out, Pinky runs to Ch. 7? They may but will they really? There’s a slight chance Pinky may disappear for a while.

    • Thinking about it, Pinky can kiss goodbye to the Thai Entertainment. I wonder if Bollywood producer/director pull her out of the Bollywood film? Judging Cartoon Intira, haven’t seen her since Mia Luang and that’s when her scandal broke out, if I remember correctly.

    • I heard rumors that Tanya’s friends asked ch3 boss to not get pinky in if she moved out of ch7. I don’t know if it’s true or not but pinky’s got bad rep now. I think she should disappear for a while.

      • thats very possible because someone step up to this dude of ch3.That person said something about “dont hire her after her contract w/ channel 7 ends!”

  24. Can Pinky actually really have any guys she wants? I don’t think so. I mean Aum dumped her, Songkran dumped her, Mike or was it Golf? only wants to be friends with her. Vee and Arnut were both just flirting with her back in the days. So where are all the guys lining up for her to choose from?

    • lol…true. She may be pretty, but that doesn’t mean she can get any guys she wants. If that’s the case, she wouldn’t be caught with another woman’s man.

  25. If we were i Hollywood and Pinky makes money for channel 7, then they will most likely keep her BECAUSE money talks…

    Tanya is stupid for staying with a cheater and yes what kind of example is this for her kid. She really need to sit down and write down all of her pros and cons. I think she will have more cons then pros… I don’t feel bad for her at all, this is her choice, another thing that elders say is that… ” In the end NOBODY will be there to wipe your tears except you” and I hold this to be true.

    • true… pinky makes money for ch7, but what about now? if the situation gets worse, who would want to keep pinky?

      but i agree with u about tanya staying with her husband. i think it’s very selfish of her. some people say that it’s unselfish of her because she’s thinking about her kid, but really… it’s selfish because SHE still wants to be with him. if it were for her kid, she would divorce him because it’s better for her and her child. why would she stay with a cheater and be unhappy? why would she raise her child in an environment where both parents are unhappy? if she’s really thinking of her kid, she would want the best for her child… and sometimes the best is divorce. sure, it’ll be a broken household, but she’ll be better off.

      • Maybe it’s because she’s been through so much with this bastard that she’s determine to make it work even if it kills her. She’s taking her vows very seriously. Good times and bad times, sadly it’s more bad then good. I mean how many miscarriage had she had with this jerk?

        As for her not saying anything, that is the smartest thing ever. She said much without saying anything and that gained her a lot of sympanthy. I mean look at Nantida. There were pictures in that case and she still side with her husband and refuse to say anything made the whole country pity her. If it wasn’t for Yo being so thick face and having that supermodel personality, she too would had been booted from the model industry already. I don’t think Pinky’s face is that thick though. So imagine if Tanya came out and full on bash and trash Pinky? Pinky would have a chance to defend herself in a way that will make the country hate Tanya cus she’s picking on a girl who still need to grow up. Pinky’s mom can play the victim and say that it was Peck’s doing and because she was so heartbroken from other relationship she didnt know better.

        I wonder if Pinky will come for that concert in Los Angeles now, can we boo her? lol

        • If Tanya were to come out full force, with evidence, photos and videos, Pinky can never defend herself. Not even her Mom’s excuse of how she’s young and was heartbroken. Pinky can never regain what she has lost, her reputation, her clean image, her leading roles. That’s just reality. The Thai society is still very strict and traditional towards these types of things. Pinky shot herself, her career, and the last good thoughts people had of her.

          If Pinky was innocent, she would have flew back to Thailand to hold a press conference to defend herself but it has been like 2+ days now, which means, she probably doesn’t have any face to face anyone at the moment.

          As for her Bollywood movie, I don’t think it’ll go anywhere. Indians are very patriotic, if you can’t speak the language, most likely, you won’t ever have a chance to succeed in their industry. Bollywood actually emphasizes a lot on acting, Pinky is still weak at it. Unless, Pinky is just making this whole movie thing up or she’s filming a low budget one then I suppose she’ll film but it’ll still go nowhere.

          • Pinky is probably afraid of saying anything because she’s afraid Tanya may pull out the evidence and that would really create chaos for her. Pinky is probably going to talk through Reps or never come back until the scandal has died down. Remember, Tanya is telling Pinky to stop, stay away or else…so Pinky is afraid of that or else….

          • i agree if shes innocent she would have flew back despite her bollywood movie. speaking of the concert…. i wonder if people are going to boo her? i would DEF. if i was to go.. if she comes i think she has thick skin.. to act as if nothings wrong.. wtheck?

          • i wouldn’t say that she is “thick skinned” just for coming to the US to do her concert. that’s has nothing to do with what happened between her and tanya, that’s her job.

  26. Geesh, I hear so many different sides to this story. I don’t even know who to believe. Everybody has something different to say. Even Tanya and her husband aren’t on the same page. I’m not even gonna put my input on this situation. I have enough stuff goin’ on in my life. lol.

    • “I’m not even gonna put my input on this situation. I have enough stuff goin’ on in my life. lol.”

      You say that all the time but yet you comment all the time as well. lol

      • I do comment all the time, because I like to keep in touch, but to actually get all into it and stuff, I’m not as active as I used to be (you should know, since you seem to keep up with me so much). Because alot of times, I put in alot more of my thoughts, but now, I just keep things simple and short..

        • LOL I’m just saying that’s all. You don’t have to get all defensive about it lol. Plus it’s not that i so want to keep up with you so much but it’s just that you say the same thing over and over yet you can’t help but comment. I just find it funny that’s all. I’m not bashing you or anything. I mean why say you have too much goin on in your life to comment yet made a comment anyways even if it’s not stating your opinion about the issue. It’s either you want to comment or you don’t. There’s no grey area about it but whatever floats your boat. I hope you free up some time to continue to comment, I do enjoy reading people’s opinion.

  27. why r there so many similar scandals like tiger woods one, so sick of it. I dnt evev know what to believe now. I really don’t underdtand this. Ahhh i need more evidence to believe this!

    • – pinky crying, when she always use to tell everyone that ‘if she didnt do it she doesnt care’
      – saying that she might leave the industry
      -tanya use to defent pinky, but apparently ‘something’ happened to make her change her mind
      -pinky use to be so strong towards rumours but now shes breaking, i wonder why?

      thats enough evidence for me.

  28. that’s sad if it turns out to be true.
    I like tanya. ;(
    don’t care much for pinky though…. was never a fan anyway.

  29. Since the first time I heard about this rumor, I went with Tanya. Turned out, my feeling was correct. The husband was a sorry cheater and the actress was a shame. I’m losing respect to Pinky now.

    My version:

    Peck: “People, please stop it. It is damaging. I’m not a public figure so please respect my privacy. Let me handle my own cheating matter. Please, stop it. It’s damaging to my wife’s life, and it’s damaging to both me and Pinky. Please! I still want to see her again.”

    [Pinky cried and got stressed, not because of people blaming her for something she didn’t do, but because she is afraid people will know that the rumor was not a rumor, but a fact.]

    Sorry for being too harsh. This scandal is just too ugly I can’t even smile when I read it.

    Anyway, Pinky’s no longer with Aum?

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  31. I totally lost all my respect for Pinky now, whenever i see her lakorns i now think twice before watching it, i don’t like her anymore, i prefer Pancake and Kwan now!!!!!!

  32. you know… i use to like pinky, then i didnt like her because of the songran thing, yeah… i was cheering aff. but after watching some of her lakorns and having a whole heap of people defending her i thought, maybe im a bit biased and i started to like her again (thats when my aff fever died down a little) i stilll liked aff better though but i didnt dislike pinky anymore cause i started to sway to her side after hearing so many people defend her so it started to sound true. but now im never gonna like her again- theres just too much things that lead me to beleive that theres something fishy going on. you could say that if tanya didnt come out to say this i wouldnt of beleived it cause tanya herself protected pinky. its such a shame, just when i was starting to like her, now its gone back to -0 again.

  33. Pinky has always looked like that kind of gal to me! She think she’s cute so she can get anybody she wants. Was never a fan of hers and never will. What a shame, and totally lost respect for her.

  34. i don’t want to defence anyone but i was just thinking…..if the news was true how come i never saw any prove!i’m getting tired of people talking this and that but it turn out there is not prove!

  35. i mean like they have been talking a lot and long too about this news but there has never been any pic or prove that this news is very true

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