Louis Scott has a girlfriend

Louis Scott has been reluctant to admit his relationship to sexy actress “Noon” Ramida for quite some time until recently, Noon herself came out to confessed she’s dating him.

Now it’s Louis’s turn to be asked again about his relationship to Noon. And this time around, he shyly admits, yes ‘him & Noon’ are an item.

“If she admitted then I will too. The truth is I don’t know how it started but I started developing good feelings for her. Before we were only in the early stages of seeing each other so I didn’t want to rush in to announce to everyone that we’re boyfriend and girlfriend because reporters would ask us questions which could inturn jeopardize our relationship. At the time our relationship wasn’t really serious and I wanted to take things slow”

“At this stage I’ve made up my mind and I realize that the fact that I want to see her all the time and do things with her all the time shows that she’s the right one. Are we romantic with each other? Sometimes, which is normal and as for whether or not we will accept work together as a couple, I’m not sure about it, what kind of work are you referring to?”

What makes you believe she’s the right one?

“It started as friendship and then it gradually developed on from there. And she’s the kind of person who’s eager to please, she also thinks about me and usually after work when I’m really tired she won’t ask me to take her out or ask too many questions. She’ll let me tell her whatever I want to tell her myself. She gives me space and when I want quiet time, she understands and doesn’t get upset”

Between you and Noon, who’s more the jealous type?

“I think Noon”

In the past, Noon has done a lot sexy bikini photoshoots, now that you’re dating her – will you be imposing any boundaries on her fashion work?

“We have talked about it, I told her, don’t let it get too much. Check the photographer too. I have to give her a little bit of an opinion but it’s really up to her. If you ask if I get possessive about it, well of course I do”

Source via Rakdara

16 responses to “Louis Scott has a girlfriend

  1. i liked louis old girlfriend. she was cute! but its all up to louis! they both are good looking so good for them. 🙂
    i like his answers! hehe! 😀

  2. He’s growing on me as an actor. I just didn’t like some of the supporting role he played, until Mae ka kanom wan with Cherry and Mart.

    Noon R, I used to think was very beautiful and classy, I havent followed her work for a while, but that picture of her is not flattering. Looks like a spread in those men magazines.

    But to stay on topic, I like his answers and I hope they last. Wish them the best.

  3. omg.. so it was louis scott all along dating her.. omg.. i didnt even know he broke up with his other gf.. i thought they were still together.. >_<.. i liked them together.. but oh well.. T_T..
    anyways… i still love louis regardless since… i have loved him since wildests days with tae back then.. raptor too…

    • Loogthoung Han Song (sorry for spelling) and another with Num and Tong, that’s all I can think of. She’s also a singer, I guess =)

    • yUp yUp i heard about 8 years!! lol or longer but i never thought they were that cute together! just my opinion although she was a very sweet girl!

  4. Whaaat? I didn’t know he broke up with Eilidh. I’ve gotten use to them being together. They look cute together. I didn’t like when they use to link him with Taya. I’m just not a fan of hers. And lord, this new girl look too trashy for him..ewww.

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