Ananda Clears Up Rumors Regarding Janie

It seems like actress, Janie Tienpohsuwan is starving for attention when the actress uploaded on her Instagram of her holding the same 2 dolls that her rumored beau, Ananda Everingham were holding on his Instagram. That wasn’t all, Janie had captioned the picture,“The New Chapter of My Life Begins Now…Janie.” Not long after having uploaded the picture, Janie deleted the picture from her Instagram which garnered interests of those on social media if the two were secretly dating.

Ananda cleared the rumors to the media on the 26th of October for the behind the scenes event for ‘Khon Oak Huk’ with a smile on his face saying that there is nothing between him and Janie. Ananda has no interest in the news therefore hasn’t kept up with the rumors. Ananda did not know Janie deleted the picture either since he doesn’t go around checking. He also went on to say that he’s not ready to hit on Janie or anyone else. He is loving his single life and believes that the interview Janesuda (his ex girlfriend) gave was probably a misunderstanding as Jane has no clue either about Ananda and Janie’s relationship (nor did Ananda).

“As for the start of the image, we were in a group for the lakorn set. On the lakorn set we’d take pictures of each other and Janie would put pictures of me on there often also. As for the picture that I’ve uploaded already and Janie uploaded it after, it was a picture that I took for her (the dolls for Thailand tourism) and as for her deleting the picture, it might be because she thought others will misunderstand. Maybe that’s why she deleted the picture. Truthfully, I didn’t notice this kind of thing at all because I’m not following her on IG.

If you’re asking how close we are, I think it’s at the norm since I’ve known her for many years already and we have friends in the same social circle. We go places and talk to each other normally nothing special. As for any progression into dating, I’ve never though to of her more than just a friend. Right now I’m single 100%. I admit there was someone I was talking to, but I’m not ready to have a relationship with anyone. In the past 10 years, I’ve had relationships one after the other. I need a break.

What about the pictures on Instagram that are causing curiosities?

“It’s up to them what they want to think. I like to take pictures from the lakorn set and of views. It’s just up to whatever anyone wants to think. Janie probably liked the picture that’s why she uploaded and captioned it what she did. She’s passed a lot of things in her life, so it’s normal for her to caption it like that.”

[Source via Siamdara]

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