Just Chili In An Old Cup;Janesuda Doesn’t Care Ananda Roasting Janie

At the 39th annual sport event for Satit Udomseksa School for Alumnis, Janie Tienpohsuwan and Ananda Everingham both were spotted at the event and questions are raising, when did the two start their little fling? Criticisms also came into play when it was said, Janie’s playing the back burner and snatching up her best friend, Janesuda‘s ex boyfriend.

At the same time, Janie is also posting on social media with her male friend in L.A. which seems like a diversion of the truth.

“I have no clue about any of this. I just returned to Thailand last night and I’ve had people come and tell me, but I have no clue about anything. I don’t know what’s going on, but if they are seeing each other than that shouldn’t be a problem. As for them posing with similar like dolls, I did not know about that. Right now, she (Janie) is in L.A. and I haven’t talked to her since. When she went to L.A., I was in New York, so we haven’t been able to talk. It’s nothing serious. There’s no problem.” Jane replied when asked how she felt about her best friend dating her ex boyfriend.

Janie looks like she’s in love.

“This is something I can’t speak for her, but if she is, love is a beautiful thing. It’s also a strength that will help us move forward and in hope to do good things in the future. If they both really like each other and are influenced by one another in a good way than I am happy for them.”

[Source via Teenee and Naewna]

3 responses to “Just Chili In An Old Cup;Janesuda Doesn’t Care Ananda Roasting Janie

    • Marla, I agree sometimes naming a perfume after an ingredient can be a recipe for dinmipopstaent — on top of which, Coeur de Vétiver Sacré had a very confusing name for a French speaker: I keep calling it Sacré-coeur de Vétiver (like the church in Montmartre). Thank you for mentioning Etat Libre d'Orange. Another personable brand owner, by the way! I do think the trend is moving away from the solinote.

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