Aff’s Father is fond of Songkran


15th March at Siam Paragon, actress “Aff”Taksaorn and her father ‘Anusorn Paksoukchareon’ attended ‘The drive with pride event’ together. At the event, Aff’s father spoke openly for the first time about his daughter’s sweetheart Songkran Taechanarong.

Are you less concern about your daughter now that she has Songkran taking care of her?

“I can’t answer this, but let’s just say when my daughter is not with me. I would leave my trust in the hands of whomever she is with at the time. It doesn’t matter which friend she’s out with, I will trust her friend and I’m confident that my daughter is with a good person because she has been known to keep good company ever since she was still at school.”

“And I trust her because we are not always together, so I always ask her friends or reporters to take care of her for me”

How has Songkran tried to bond with you?

“Like most of her other friends. He will approach me like a child paying respect to an adult. Right now, we also have a new relationship with each other, we’re colleagues now because we’ve started a Real Estate business together”

After Aff’s father has finished his sentence, Aff added

“What I see in Songkran is dedication, sincerity and he’s a hard worker. We can always feel these qualities in people and I’ve given a lot of time into this”

Songkran is known to be a player – as a father, are you worried?

“I don’t believe in rumours. I judge him based on what I can see”

Aff, has Songkran ever ask you for hints on ways to impress your dad?

No he hasn’t. Songkran is a genuine person, everything he does is based on honesty and sincerity. He doesn’t have a plan to impress. Next month is going to be his birthday, I haven’t got a present for him yet. I’ve been working 7 days a week, it’s full on because I have filming in the province too. I’m shooting a movie ‘Tumnarn Som Dej Pra Nareasuan Maharach III’ and I’ve been going back and forth between provinces so I haven’t made plans for his birthday yet”

Source via Khaosod

10 responses to “Aff’s Father is fond of Songkran

  1. *tries best to shake negative thoughts away* Well if Aff is happy, i’m happy. I care more so about her upcoming lakorns alot more though.

  2. wow her dad looks so YOUNG!! I think aff will have that youngness in her too. Her dad reminds me of my dad causethat old man will not believe folks until he ask it for himself. and boy if its true, he start yelling! lol hopefully aff dad is not that. Im happy if aff is happy too

  3. Well.. I just wish them the best.. And I agree, her father is still young-ish hehe.. 🙂

    anyways can’t wait for her movie.. Been waiting for the third part since forever!!!!! ❤ king naresuan 🙂

  4. p’aff is so pretty…really really pretty…so envy her..XD
    she’s one of my fave actress,not just becuz she can act but also she concerns on her education too..good girl! goodluck p’aff ^^

  5. of course who wouldnt like rich people. songkran is multi millionaire and who would let him go right.

  6. this activity “drive with pride” is about “supercar Thailand”.
    Her father is the owner of “Porsche”, “Jaguar” .. Etc., so he invited a representative of the customer. I think that the rich are not critical for Songkran AFF and her father.

    • I agree. Just because someone is rich, everyone thinks they’re in it for the money. Aff & her dad are already rich themselves and could do without Songkran, actually it may be better for Aff -career wise- since everyone is so judgmental of Songkran not being good for her… but she still choose to be with him despite the critiques & gossip. That shows me she genuinely is fond of him, and he of her (since he always had a crush on her). I believe their relationship is sincere & real, and it’s annoying when people immediately assume everyone is in it for the money just because someone is rich.

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