Film’s real girlfriend speaks out

Former Grammy singer and identified girlfriend of “Film” Rathapoom Tohkongsub comes out to speak. “Fai” Bussarin Mahotarn reveals that she is really sad and disappointed about the situation because they’ve been together for 8 years. She also adds that she never mentioned this before because Film was still acting normal and being good to her the whole time. But no matter what, she says that she forgives him and will stand next to him until the situation ends.

“I’m shocked kaa. I heard about the news the same time that you guys did. I was shocked because I didn’t expect something like this to happen. Film has been a really good friend to me this whole time. We always call each other. You can say that we are really close friends. We always talk and confide in each other because I’ve known Film since I was still working at Grammy. I’m also friends with Peck Pelitchok, too. The news that said Peck and I are boyfriend and girlfriend is not true at all. We are just close friends, but I am closer to Film than Peck. We always talk and know each others’ important situations.”

Was there anything suspicious going on when he played in the lakorn “Pee Sahrt Saan Gohn”?

“Not at all. He’s always been good to me and everything was normal.”

“I still had the opportunity to talk to Film despite everything that is going on kaa. He called me and told me what was going on. It made me sad and I admit that I am sad. The way I see it is that we’ve been good friends this whole time, but at the same time I’m also happy that he admitted to doing it.”

Do you forgive him?

“I forgive him kaa. We still talk and I still give him support. He’s really stressed right now because he’s good to me kaa. He will always be a good person to me or else I wouldn’t have been friends with him for 8 years.”

Is he flirtatious?

“About being flirtatious, I think that it’s normal for guys to be. We have to look at it the right way. I am still on his side, he doesn’t have to be scared. After everything is done, then we’ll talk. As for the girl’s side, I don’t know her personally. I just know who she is and what’s her name.”

What about the gossip saying that Film called you to tell you not to give out an interview?

“It’s not true kaa. I haven’t even watched the news much. I didn’t even know when he made a press conference. I didn’t even watch the details of it kaa.”

Source: Daradaily

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27 responses to “Film’s real girlfriend speaks out

  1. Hahahahaha I kinda like all ya’lls Film articles. More and more dirt comes out. So far, he has a sugar daddy, he’s a daddy, he’s a cheater, he’s a liar, and his good close friend is Da Hae (whom he says agreed to be in an MV w/ him……………….which we are still waiting for hahahahaha). Film, you are #1 Asia Supah Stah! I bet you picked out your nickname “film” just to give yourself more luck huh?

  2. muahahaha now! this just got juicier!! oh, the guy’s a douche bag for sure!! i don’t see how he surely can’t deny and make up some stuff to cover his ass now!! unless he completely denies ever being with for the last year or two. hahaha this is good stuff!! lol hmmm…. a girlfriend for 8 years and another girl on the side that gave birth to his not confirmed child yet. haha

    ahahah Muddie Murda: “#1 Asia SUPAH STAH” forsure!! lol

  3. From reading news about her, I don’t think she’s his real girlfriend. I’ve never seen any news of them “together” or him officially saying that they are… I think the girl just wants attention because from her 2 articles, it doesn’t seem like anything is bothering her. She seems so nonchalant with “being” with Film.

    If I were with someone and they tried to keep me hush hush like they didn’t want anyone to know, I’d be so suspicious.

  4. This keeps getting even more complicated, i though Film was courting Janie, he never mentioned this girl before, what the….

  5. Film is a cheater and a liar. Film should just come clean and get the DNA test over because it’s making him look stupid. I guess Fai really loves Film enough to stand by him after he betrayed her. Good luck to her for wanting a man like him.

  6. By having this news come now is Making Annie look bad. She is trying to say that he is seeing her, but yet had a fling with Annie. If she was his true girlfriend than why did he say all those things about Janie at Ratree Samosorn?Wouldn’t he be more considerate about her feelings. Where was she when the news came out that he was linked with Bee Namthip and some Japanese girl?

    • Bee Namthip? please Film reaching for Asia Numba 1 Supa Stah is one thing but reaching for Bee Namthip is another too…LOL don’t make me laugh

  7. I don’t think this is Film’s girlfriend either. It is just her own words. Just want to get some spotlight in the whole matters.

  8. I’m sure Janie already gave him Booty, remember all these n’eks and p’eks are just like normal people that have hormones. So when something like this happen, the only one that should be sorry is the baby, because that baby is innocent.

  9. How can this girl say her an film are really close and talk about everything and than say she didn’t even know film was going to hold a press conference about the whole situation with Annie. some close friend ha?

  10. If Film was already with this gal then why did Film say he was scared to court Janie cause he didn’t want to ruin their friendship, the truth would be he couldn’t court Janie cause he already had others. OMG the drama, the confusion.

  11. wow some more film news? i think they’re trying to make him famous by putting him in the spotlight. and this girl is another attention seeker! why did she have to go on about her being close to film than some peck guy like nobody cares.

  12. I put my bias aside, but did you guys really read the article? Nowhere in the interview did she say he was her boyfriend? They are close friends as she claimed and have known each other for 8 long years. But I wonder why she came out to speak? This is like super random, is she using this time to boost up her name? What an attention whore she is!!!

  13. remember a few years back how film made it seemed like something was up between him and lee da hae! let alone hed already had a gf this many yrs! lol…hes full of bs!

  14. After watching the news and interview of Annie, I think she loves Film but I felt sorry for her that she happen to love the wrong person and took advantage of her love for him to the point of having some deep and meaningful relation, he is stupid to taken advantage of her when he knows that he is not ready for a relationship, I believe that the baby is really Film because the baby is a copy of Film, I think all he cares about is his fame and status, if he is really is a man, who cares about the fame, it’s doesn’t last long, it comes and goes but a baby or ur own flesh and blood is what u have create it, u have make a mistake of creating it but u can redem your mistake by annoucing that you will take responsibility for him, even though it was a long relationship as least try to help or try to get along for the child sake or reconcile to see if u still have that feelings for the child sake to see where the future will leads u both. Work or being a an actor people will never take that away from you but dump the fame bit so u can take care for what u create it. what u create is a human being, him has feelings and its needs ur love and attention. u just don’t walk away. If he thinks he can court Janie or any other N’ek, he should be ashame of himself, first of I don’t think Janie is that nice of a person, she just a fake person. If he has any decency, he should reconcile with his baby’s mother, she seems a nice, sweet and loving person, If I was a guy I would think twice before walking away from something so precious as a loving, caring woman and also 1 very beautiful as Annie and a beautiful, adorable, cute human being u help to create such as a baby.Any woman if she does love him, she wouldn’t let him or do that for him, Film should be ashame for letting her go in exchange for fame and a fake actress like Janie or any woman.

  15. WHAT THE FUUUCK. okay now I think she’s leeching off his fame -_- ha no matter what she’ll forgive him, she crazy. but this is a shock I never knew he had a gf.

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