Rumors of Thun-Yui Getting Married?

After having dated for a few years, actors, “Thun” Thanakorn and “Yui” Jeeranan were asked with the questions when will the two get hitched. Recently there were rumors that the two were ready to wed next year as there were reports of Yui heading to look for bridal dresses.

“We’re not ready to marry yet because we are having fun with this moment. We don’t want to put a time limit on when we’ll be getting married yet.” Yui said when asked if the rumors of the two marrying soon are true.

“Right now we are business partners and our restaurant is very busy and we want to be stable more than this to be able to buy a house. That’ll be the day when everything will fall into place.” Thun replied.

“A lot of our friends and relatives are supporting us to get married. If you ask if I feel forced by this, I don’t. I’m cheering it myself.” Thun said when asked if those around them have went to a fortune teller to look for an auspicious date.

“My mom has asked when we will marry, but we’re in no rush.” Yui said.

“Like I’ve said, we’re in the stage of working and saving money. There is work that needs to be done and responsibilities to be taken care of. We’re waiting for both of us to be more stable than this. We want the house to finish first. It might finish next year.” (If the house is finished next year will you marry?) “Yes, I want it to be like that first.” Thun said.

As for the wedding rumors both Thun and Yui clarified that they don’t have any specific date in mind, but instead want to make sure everything is stable. Yui has admitted that she has hoped to have a child before, but now she’s not anticipating it and if they were to marry she wants to get pregnant when she can or can’t. Both trust each other in being business partners as they both dubbed it as a “family” business. Thun and Yui both admitted that this is something that they’ve never done before whilst entering the entertainment business, but they both trust each other to make their business work.

Let’s hope next year there will be good news for this couple!

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