Trans-gender Emmy Wants To Expose Aump's Man, Note!

Rocking the Entertainment world when tranny, “Emmy” Ratchada Krutamas wants to be famous!! It is rumored that Emmy is getting ready to pick up a pen and expose wealthy man, “Note” Wiset Rungsisingpipat, who’s the boyfriend of actress, “Aump”Patcharapa Chaichuea. After the two had a feud once before and it seemed like everything has died down. Where both parties weren’t damage or hurt from the news that much, but suddenly there are rumors that trans-gender, “Emmy” Ratchada, nemisis to “Aump” Patcharapa wants to expose her boyfriend Note! It seems like there must be something hiding in the grove of the bamboo (Thai saying: ไผ่ซะ) now!

[Source via Gossip Star]

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