“Kwan” Ausamanee Is All Grown Up!

The more older she gets the more beautiful she becomes for Channel 7 actress, “Kwan” Ausamanee Waitayanon. Having entered the entertainment business at such a young age and sustaining in the industry until now and having at least 20 years of experience in acting under her belt.

Kwan see’s the entertainment industry as her family. Since she could remember, she spent most of her days eating and sleeping on lakorn sets and even though she has finished school, she holds a special bond with it that she hasn’t left the industry and she can’t live without it. Kwan has said that in this lifetime, she will never turn her back on the industry. As for her lakorn work, Kwan has had so many that it’s hard to count. Her fans are so into her role that ratings for her lakorn, ‘Fah Jarod Sai’ went straight to the roof. It led to Dara VDO to pair up Kwan and Tui (Teerapat) in another lakorn together, ‘Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawat’.

Often times with Kwan’s blunt behavior has many viewers see her acting as harsh which is mostly the cause of all the rumors of her not getting along with fellow co-stars. Kwan has said that she’s not a diva with an attitude problem and a trouble maker like others think, but she feels like most things doesn’t need to be said much as it’s similar as making an excuse.

Her beauty has her becoming the target of many men. From older men to younger men who are trying to hit on her. Normally for someone her age, it’s only natural that there is bound to be dating and love. From singers, sons of socialites, handsome men in uniform .. but none can ever make it past her mother and the reason being..both are still too young and their way of thinking aren’t mature yet. Sometimes if Kwan doesn’t get her way, she will throw a fit towards her mom because she wants to learn on her own.

As for her love life, Kwan is seeing “Aii” who is studying abroad and the son of a head police officer. He’s always around protecting her being her personal bodyguard with no secrecy of hiding their romance. It’s out there for everyone to see that they’re dating one another!

As for her relationship with “Aii”, Kwan says it’s normal and both are taking to each other, but it’s not to the point of calling him her boyfriend yet. In no way are both of them distant from one another. Kwan and Aii both have known each other for at least 10 years already and both families are friends with each other. Both have their own jobs to deal with as Kwan is in the industry and Aii is outside of the industry thus making both not want to open much about their relationship. Aii doesn’t want to be in the media and Kwan wants to be known for her work and not her scandal. If one day Kwan does decide to marry, she wants her future husband to be proud of her and not because this girl has a lot of rumors with guys.

She doesn’t deny that in the past there were so many news of her and different guys, but now, that she’s grown, her thinking is different. She believes that love has to take time and getting to know one another for a long time. If he is the one then he’s the one.

[Source via Thairath; Tip from Malika via FB]

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