Pancake Fights On! Netizens Attack Saying, “She’s Not Suitable For Tawipop”

Even though she has been criticized heavily by netizens saying she’s not suitable for the role of leading lady in the lakorn remake of, ‘Tawipop‘ and other problems from the past, actress, “Pancake” Khemmanit Jamikorn had to come out and open up after being attacked. The actress said she’s not serious with the situation and she will try her best do the job right. From then on, it’s up to the viewers on how they will view it. She also replies saying she’s not stressing over the fact that viewers are tired of seeing her face every where on Channel 7!

Reporters asked her about the flow of criticisms from netizens saying that she’s not suitable for the role in ‘Tawipop’, the actresses revealed,

“I have played in about 5 remakes already and I’ve been criticized in every role. I’m not serious with it and it’s only normal. If I had the opportunity to watch or like the composition of the writing, it’s the right of the reader or the ones that like the lakorns. Let’s just say that I try my best. Om (Akapan) and I will do our best with this version.”

“I don’t feel compelled, but it’s just that I’m the reader and I felt like I wanted to play the part as well as I imagined the picture. Although, I don’t know what it’ll be like.” (The ancient language is very hard how did you prepare yourself for it?) “I read the script first and see what word should be said or pronounced. The will be the director who tells me the mood is at what level and how I should say it, so I can remember it.”

When asked about her feelings regarding the situation of lakorn fans tired of seeing her face on Channel 7 lakorns, Pancake revealed,

“Unconcerned because there are a lot of  lakorns. When I’m done on the set of  ‘Duay Raeng Atitharn‘ than I’ll go into filming, ‘Tawipop‘. I am only on set for these 2 lakorn. It doesn’t air at the same time, but it’s more of an interval instead.”

[Source via Giggog/Gossip Star]

44 responses to “Pancake Fights On! Netizens Attack Saying, “She’s Not Suitable For Tawipop”

  1. Another Lakorn with Pancake again? I hate it when Nang ek or Prak Ek shows up on the screen too much. It’s like having too much of a good thing until you get sick and tired of it and you never want it again.

    Don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty, but not Nang Ek pretty. She should stick to modeling. She cant’ even act.

  2. i’m sorry but she needs to back out of being on screen. I get tire seeing her on screen one after another. come on get someone new for the lakorn. sorry to her fans but i want to see new faces on screen. she’s pretty and all but i just don’t think she can pull it as nang ek.

  3. 5 remakes already, exactly! she said it herself. well it’s time for you to get off the screen now. you trying your best doesn’t mean the outcome is gonna be the best lol esp when you’re so busy you don’t have much time to study or like you said you don’t know what it’s gonna be like because it’s coming only from your imagination. other’s might be different.

    man don’t even try to cover for yourself girl. seeing you everyday is bad enough but seeing you for more hours each day day? you have got to be kidding me if your lakorns going to air on the same day!

      • it’s not that simple because sometimes most of us watch lakorns because of the storyline or the pra ek !! Would be nice to see my fav. pra ek with someone new!! beside pancake!

  4. i could see why her acting hasnt improved because shes having one lakorn after another lol Ann Siriam was so memorable in Tawipop, so pancake better prepare herself for more criticism once the lakorn goes on air. ch7 is gonna ruin another good remake.

    • Ann Siriam was beautiful and cute in that role, as for Pancake…um…well, she has a good body, but that’s it lol.

  5. i feel sad for pancake….but i’ll suport her to the end!!….
    Go PANCAKE! i’ll cheer for u!!…still loving pancake…!! and these are not her fault, it’s the channel decider fault….

    • Actually, its not just the decider’s fault. its hers as well. if you know you cannot pull your roll off then deny the role than but she doesn’t she accept. so basically its both the decider and her at fault.

      Honestly, she needs to stop accepting remakes because she ruins them. Like i mean ruin them. Usually people can accept the old version and the new one, but in her case. it doesn’t work out that way.

      • to: Lynn_08

        well it’s mostly the deciders fault, and they choose her, and if she deny it then she’ll lose all her future lakorns..and i know that u already know about that khun daeng too, she’s like so, so money wanner so it’s not pancake fault at all….and if it’s u i know u would do the same thing too….

        • Hearing this, if I was to be an actress, I probably won’t choose to be with Ch7. If all they want is money and doesn’t care what their actors want, then just leave…unless Pancake wants money and fame (even though she is not suitable for the role) then that’s her choice…so it seems like she can decide for herself too. If I was her fan and the channel is forcing her to accept something she doesn’t want, I wouldn’t support that channel, I’d rather have her leave than have her be a joke in a role she’s not fit for.

    • tell that to ch7 esp that khun daeng and blame thailand. if they are so tire of watching her, stop watching her and khun daeng will realize how much she is losing. it’s thailand that determines if she should stay in the business. but they are not taking any action!!!

  6. Ok so they’re Complaining about this role not suiting her, but when she plays the role that does suit her, a rich girl , she still gets complaints? Well she is the most famous actress on ch7 and in the top nang’eaks. I think she should get a break but she’s doing her job, blame khun daeng then, not her.
    Oh well go pancake!

    • i reckon… whatever she does is wrong for haters …..i think just give her a break and have some family time …bt anyway im so willing to watch her and om …love them

  7. It’s true. If they appear on screen too much you’ll get tire of it. Play supporting roles for a while and then come back to play na’ek. They should at least do that so you won’t be too tired of the na’eks.

  8. I’m also upset that they gave the pra ek role to Om because his acting is not good enough yet to portray this role. Tawee Pope is a classic and I’m surprised that they went with popularity instead of acting skills for the casting of this lakorn.

  9. i love her and SHE CAN ACT! you guys are just jealous she so popular thats why she getting all this attention and roles. its her job to make lakorns and such and when shes offered a job why would she refuse it? making money. she wont stop because YOU GUYS ARE TIRED OF HER. who cares theres still thousands of fans who love her, if your tired of her then just dont watch her lakorn then u wont be tired of her (my opinion)

  10. ^ She’s popular but I can’t say she’s extremely talented. Honestly, she needs to take constructive criticism (Not the outright hate comments, ones where she can learn from) from the public to learn and improve herself, but whatever suits her, if she think she’s suitable then so be it. We ALL know by now ch7 chooses popularity over talent, if you bring in the ratings, you’ll be on screen constantly. That’s how it is, that’s why I prefer ch3.

  11. it’s good that she finally receive the message lol…..will i guest it’s like someone said she need to stop accepting role and take a break for a while….give other a chance….maybe i start liking her again……but yes i do agree she need to stop doing remake because she mess up all the old lakorn….she always said she will try her best but never see any improvement

  12. right, ch7 doesnt care who is suitable for the role just as long as the stars could bring in big ratings. then again, most of ch7 lakorn always seem to do well in ratings regardless of who they cast in the lakorn. they sure got some loyal fans.

  13. Honestly I don’t think ch7 has anyone that I think would suit the pra’nang roles. I’m not a Pancake fan nor am I a hater but I do think she needs to take a step back a little. Too much of anything can turn into a bad thing. I think if she wants fame and status to last for years to come than she needs to cut back on her exposure. Look at Aump P, she is as hot as Pancake but you don’t see her flaunting it on screen 24/7. She limits her on-screen exposure which in turn will keep her in demand for years to come.

  14. if ch 7 love her sooo much .. why get her a old lakorn ..why not write a new story for her to show her great she is..i sick of see pancake she is not the only acters they have there…

  15. lol… Give the girl a break. I’m also tired of her being in everything, but rather than complaining and whining, I simply ignore her work.

  16. sorry girls and boys but ch7 doesn’t care so much about the ratings: look at TYS and DRA, they were almost a flop when you think how much ch7 promotes those lakorns (like crazy) .
    pancake is khun daeng’s favourite that’s why she has to be in good lakorn.
    talking about ratings, kwan has better ratings than her…

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