Chan Tan San on ‘Woody Born to Talk’

Chan Tan San; From an ugly duckling to a handsome man. Being one of the hottest model and well known named on the internet. Hailing from Vietnam and being known as a model with god-like features in Asia for his plastic wonders, Chan Tan San opens up on ‘Woody Born to Talk‘ on how he wasn’t satisfied with his appearance and the mockery that came from being ugly.

CTS (Chan Tan San) believed that he was born with an ugly face and had dreams of wanting to be a model until he thought of having plastic surgery. He thought about his move to do plastic surgery for nearly 3 years and had it done on him while he was at the age of 15. He first started off with his nose and than his eyes. He later did his chin, but as for the nice body physique he has, that’s not plastic. CTS asked money from his mother and if you think of it in dollars it’s about aprox. 3,209 USD. Both his mother and father sided with him when he wanted to get the plastic surgery done because it’s not something that is wrong.

Until now, CTS is satisfied and happy with his appearance. If in the future he starts to age, CTS said he will proabably might do more to enhance the features. Chan Tan San said that him deciding to do plastic surgery was a way to make him feel good and have high self esteem, but those who do decide to do it in the future has to know when enough is. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make yourself look good, beautiful or handsome, but if you love yourself, you have to know enough and stop thinking of doing plastic surgery.

Woody ended the show by saying, “Plastic surgery is becoming a common thing, but if you want to be the best, the surgery of the heart looks better. The bigger, the better.

Now we know the truth from the supposedly rumors that started off last year about Chan Tan San.

[Source via Giggog]

12 responses to “Chan Tan San on ‘Woody Born to Talk’

  1. He’s still ugly and very homo looking. Bohooo sent this comment to him so he can axe off more of his face. Micheal Jackson wanted to be.

    • Totally agree. I cannot agree either taking plastic surgery or appreance is everything. But I admire that he is honest.

  2. it’s good that he is confident and like himself now, although his face is all plastic.

    But kinda sad how far some people go just to have the look that they want, which it might ruin your life….wish him the best!!

  3. A flower is still flower is still a flower. No, not in this case. If you have a naturally beautiful flower, that is one thing. If you have one of those plastic flowers that has been cut from, well, plastic, dipped and dyed into color, press and played with by manufacturers and god knows who else until it looks just like the naturally beautiful flower, sorry but its still fake. Him getting plastic surgery to feel better about himself is one thing but for those people admiring it and finding it attractive, it is no different than admiring the fake flower. I am so weirded out by him.

  4. he’s still ugly. He looks so weird even after the surgery. I was watching the show & woody made him sound like he’d look like a god & then they showed his face & i was like EW. so I just turned it off.

  5. I myself would probably never have none medical needed plastic surgery but admire him for being honest and open about having done plastic surgery. I can’t stand it when people try to pass plastic surgery off as natural beauty. If you’re goning to bold enough to have it done than have the balls to admit it and not give some lame a** excuse about weight loss.

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