Hugo Signed to Jay-Z’s Record Label, Roc Nation

Hugo Chulachak reveals that his wife Hannah Tudsanawalai is 6 months pregnant. They are keeping their lips sealed on the sex of the baby. They both have chosen a name for the child, but it might change later when closer to the due date in November. Hugo is ecstatic to be working alongside, Hip Hop mogul, Jay-Z. His first album went international and ecstatic that his album was well received.

At this very moment there will probably be people who are jealous of Hugo Chulachak Chakrabongse because not only is his music going beautifully, but he is signed under Jay-Z‘s record label called, Roc Nation. That Hugo released his first album internationally.

Which his style of music is influenced by the 70’s genre and his 2 released singles are “off the charts.”

[If you’re a True Blood fan like we are, we can imagine this song being played in one of the episodes.]

With ‘99 Problems” receiving immense feedbacks and the song has been playing in over 800 McDonald’s franchise. As for his song, ‘Bread and Butter‘ which was used for Victoria’s Secret swimsuit campaign.

As for his family life it’s at the happiest.When Hugo was at his press conference for his album, ‘Old Tyme Religion’ at Dusit Thani in Bangkok Thailand. Thairath reporters didn’t miss a chance to ask about every questions they wanted answered.

“Right now Hannah is in the UK because I won’t allow her to get on an airplane anymore. How do I take care of her? Well sometimes in the mornings I will go buy her pumellos.  Whatever weird cravings she has, I go get it for her, but she’s very healthy and strong. She has had some morning sickness, but when it reached the 4th month, it lessened. Right now she’s going into the 6th month and I’m guessing she’ll be due in November around the 23rd. The reason why I won’t hurry and release a single in Thailand is because I want to wait until Hannah has the baby first. She would probably be angry if I was forced to have her stay in the UK and I’m over here in Thailand doing my music while she’s over there by herself. I’ll feel sorry for her.”

Did you have intentions on giving birth in the UK already?

“That’s right because my family is in the UK. If she was to give birth in America it would be too far for Hannah’s family to fly over there. Her mother has friends who are in the UK and our family is there so they can help watch/take care of her. She will probably like it better than New York since it was too crowded and there were only 2 of us. Us Thai’s like to stay in groups.”

How’s it like going to different venues with Jay-Z?

“It’s not difficult at all. It was difficult when I wasn’t signed to a record label (smiles). So, now that I’m with a record label it’s changed the atmosphere to make good music. The owner of the record label will let his artists do their music the way they want to do it. It’s like what we’ve always been doing. It doesn’t matter where we are because it’s like doing it in Thailand or anywhere else. I’m an easy going person, but I can also be stubborn and distinct. I have been doing music for 10 years already. So, I’m ready.”

You can buy Hugo’s 2 singles, ‘99 Problems‘ and ‘Bread and Butter‘ off iTunes now.

Hugo’s Facebook

12 responses to “Hugo Signed to Jay-Z’s Record Label, Roc Nation

  1. ayayayayyayayaya…hugo is sooooo OMG.congrats to him and his music plus family.he is hitting internationally.i think i need to support him.

  2. I heard his new singles a few weeks ago, i’m proud of him! its just so strange watching him in lakorns and then seeing him work with jay z….he also wrote a song for beyonce off her recent album…he’s very talented and i can see him become huge here..i’ve heard some of his music in a american tv show, totally forgot the name of the show though, best of luck to him!

  3. i found it hilarious how hugo is all of a sudden popping back into my life lmao.. i mean i’ve always been a fan of his eversince but like currently my sis has become a fan of his overnight after listening to his one song “bread & butter” lol..

    anyways.. i’m very happy for hugo. i wish him more success and happiness with his wife and child.. ^_^…

  4. oh wooooow I saw ppl putting 99 problems is awesome all over my twitter, I had no idea what it was, until now. wowwow congrats hugo, I still remember his lakorn with kob about pad kra pow haha

  5. Omg…I remember a local news station in Los Angeles interviewing him, but I didn’t realize it was him. I just remember them showing parts of the MV and I thought it was very different. I didn’t know it was him. He is sure going big!

  6. that song sucks. and its offensive. when did it start being ok for people to start referring girls as bitches? i hate songs like that.

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