Cherry Denies Wedding; Quoted, “Not Ready Yet”

Actress/Model, “Cherry” Khemupsorn Sirisukha had always been one not to reveal too much information regarding her boyfriend from outside the Entertainment Business, but suddenly out of nowhere there were rumors saying that Cherry will be tying the knot soon.

When there was an opportunity to interview the actress, Daily News for the press conference of “Activia Yogurt“, Cherry clarified regarding the question in a hurry saying,

“Truthfully there have been many ripples of this sort of rumor. It started off from last year and slowly rippled it’s way, but it’s not true at all and it’s still a rumor. I haven’t seen the news, but I will hear it from those who are close to me. They would tell me about the rumors or ask me about them, but really those who are close to me would come and tell me that there are this type of news about you.”

But what if there was a friend that you don’t keep in contact with much, but have seen the news and ask you why they don’t know about this?

“I would tell them not to worry because if I was to marry, they would know about it before the news. I also don’t understand why there are rumors like this because I don’t have any signs or preparations for marriage at all. It’s like I’m by myself, but there are news saying I’m getting married, but those who are actually getting married have no news on them at all. I just don’t understand it. As for marriage it’ll be a long way from now. Right now I’m not even thinking about it or wanting to settle down at all. Preparations aren’t even built in excitement at all (laughs.) Right now, I’m just practicing take care of my niece/nephew first.”

8 responses to “Cherry Denies Wedding; Quoted, “Not Ready Yet”

  1. Cherry looks cute on the picture above.
    Personally I don’t see her getting married anytime soon. She looks too independent to be settling down soon.
    Reporters probably bets each other of who will be the first to report news of her wedding, so they just made it up, and hope they might be lucky and got the news right and perfect timing 😛 LOL.

  2. i hope she found someone that is matchable for her. But please dont let her get married soon still want to keep her for a long time.

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