“Mai” Davika Garners Attention for Plastic Surgery

[After picture of Mai]

Before and after pictures of actress, “Mai” Davika are garnering a lot of attention  especially her face area as she’s been accused of going under the knife.

With a long history of her manager, “A” Supachai, (who is also manager to the top stars such as Mario Maurer, Nadej Kukimiya, and Aump Patcharapa ,just to name a few) it’s not a suprise if Mai did go under the knife as Manager “A” likes to make rounds to South Korea every so often with his clients and have their features enhanced. We’ll just have to wait and see if Mai will deny her appearance, but we can say she’s still beautiful before and after. Let’s just hope she doesn’t go overboard like a certain actress who keeps denying her plastic enhancements!

[Before picture of Mai]

Source: Sanook! Forums

57 responses to ““Mai” Davika Garners Attention for Plastic Surgery

  1. She was gorgeous before! Beauty queen gorgeous. Now she looks like a little teen. Still pretty though, but she was breathtaking gorgeous before. lol

  2. i don’t understand why most of celebrities want plastic surgery .. they already beautiful with natural beauty …

  3. I don’t see the change on her face at all. The way she styles might give her a diff. look or she might grow up little more. Most Asain look very young, so when we mature we look more mature.

  4. I don’t see much difference plus she’s still growing and maturing. A woman’s face isn’t fully developed until they reach 25-26 so if minor differences, it’s natural.

  5. In the front her nose in some pix looks round but in some they’re pointy. Her lips also on the top looks flat and thin but in some they have a curve and full.

  6. if shes doing then she better stop now when she still beautiful. shes pretty before or after.

  7. hahaha no way is there plastic surgery. her manager probably go do it for himself and have them accompanied him along the trip, thats all.

    • Actually some actor came out to say he went with A Supachai to get a nose job. The actor got a new job. Don’t quote me on this one but I think it might be Porshe Sarun.

  8. I’m so confuse with all Thai celeb regarding plastic surgery or some sort of enhancement treatment. I think the only Thai celeb who doesn’t have any treatment done with her face are Chompoo, Benz, etc. I don’t know what are they thinking of but getting enhancement and going under the knife are just demonstrating their in secure and lack of confidence. What wrong with natural beauty? Sound like the new generations of Thai celeb are pretty insecure about themselves.

  9. I don’t see any changes with her face at all… People are assuming that she had plastic surgery because she is so pretty.. I still don’t see any changes in the before or after pictures other than the make-up and the angles of the pictures… Just because she’s beautiful doesn’t mean she had plastic surgery unlike that actress who keeps on denying it even if the evidence is obvious… Mai is beautiful and I don’t see the changes, some people got something wrong with their eyes…

  10. Only her nose are different,but then again it can be cus of the way the pic was taken.I have a flat nose,but sometime when pics is taken sideway or different way my nose look pointly and not flat lol. NOSE!

  11. she’s a gorgeous girl. i do think she went under the knife, but nothing so drastic. it does look like she got a nose job though. it’s pointier and not as flat as some of the other ones. might be the angle of where the picture was taken, who knows.

  12. she’s so beautiful….gosh lucky her for having the beautiful face…so envious…i wish she doesn’t go under the knife….

  13. Well we don’t know if she really did or not. But in the second picture she looks just like Taew. They’re both pretty cute.

  14. Wait isn’t she half Asian and white? I wouldn’t expect a halfie to get plastic surgery, I mean they are usually born with the most desired features !

    • Nicole Scherzinger got plastic surgery too…Ashlee Simpson too and many more..well..i thought white or black,they are beautiful in different way..

  15. I don’t see that much difference in her face structure. I think its camera angle, makeup and maybe shes lost a bit of weight in the top picture. Just my thoughts though.

  16. I do see a massive differences but I can’t say so if she went under the knife. There are too many factors that can contribute to the differences.

  17. Honestly, I can’t really see any major difference with her face. The picture of her facing the front, her nose is more rounder (which is pretty obvious with anyone in that angle).

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  19. it looks really good, very natural.ppl don’t understand that plastic surgery improves your look not dramatically changes it, unless you are Rome, I think he went too high on the nose bridge.He has a wide nose so it didn’t look right but hers looks natural.

  20. and yes she did go under the knife look at how flatter her nose is on the very first pic.Subtle change ppl just so the nose can have a slightly higher bridge not overdramatic.

  21. She looks exactly the same to me. Mai is gorgeous and beautiful! She wouldn’t want to wreack her natural beauty. She once said it was fom working a lot and that is believable. Look at Min. After working, her face just got skinnier and skinnier. She probably doesn’t get enough sleep. School, then lakorns, events, photoshoots etc.
    Love Mai<3 or at the moment, Dok Kaew!

  22. She beautiful and gorgeous. She a great actress, I prefer her over all the newbie actresses before her. I really want to see her in a lakorn with Mark.

  23. I don’t think she had done any plastic surgery. Maybe all she has done is one of them chemical peel . Which helps rid old dead skin by taking off the epidermis layer of the skin. Once the peel is complete, one will see a fresh and tighter looking skin. She just maybe have a really good regime to keep herself looking beautiful. Applying different techniques on putting makeup does the trick too. I’m just saying. 😛

    Doesn’t always of to be plastic sugery. She looks the same.

    • getting skinnier does not make your nose taller.Your nose does not get taller on its own.It’s not makeup.It’s surgery.It’s subtle.some ppl want it subtle.Trust me on this.They stick a little plastic thing in there to fix the bridge only and the rest sames the same, some ppl have wide noses and they narrow that too but nost ppl just fix the bridge part.No makeup can make your nose taller either.

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  25. no difference, she’s always pretty, she has a bright future ahead with her talent and look, I hope they keep promoting her

  26. Alot of celebrities in the Entertainment Industries do plastic surgery and its absolutely normal for them. I mean gosh…their career is based on their looks too not just acting wise. We will never really know who does and doesnt have surgery because they are not going to come out and tell us lolz.. Watch Woody talk show on yotube..the head of entertainment lady will tell u almost every thai celebrities got plastic surgery.

  27. To me Mai looks he same. The only differences are visible depending on the angle of each pic and how much makeup she wear. Don’t see much difference. Mai is so pretty, very natural.

  28. I don’t get it. what is wrong with plastic surgery??…They wnat to look beautiful, so what??..let them be. shoot, they ahve the money so why not let them do that then.Geez. I don’t know. As long as she doesnot over do it then it should be fine, isn’t this why surgeron are made? to enhance the beauty of others.??

  29. Um. I can’t tell much difference in which one is the before & after picture so I’ll say no she hasn’t done it as of yet!

  30. I think Mai is a beautiful girl. But I finally figured out what she had done to her face. I was watching an old lakorn versus a recent lakorn of hers. Nose: Her nose used to be more square looking, like in her childhood pics. Look at the bottom left photo, that’s her old nose. She also had a minor slope on each side of the tip.But now it’s more rounded at the tip and does not look square like and the slopes are gone. Like her bareface pic. Cheeks/jawline: In the very first pic, you can see that her cheeks stick out more than her chin. I think she had botox to her jawlines/cheeks to give her face a more oval shape at the bottom. Notice that her face is more of a V shape in the other newer photos.

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