Aff Has Fun With Her Role in “Wanida”

Performing as the weak girl who sheds many tears in most of her dramas, actress, “Aff” Taksaorn Paksoukcharoen changes her character for the upcoming Channel 3 lakorn, ‘Wanida‘. The actress revealed,

“It’s another role that I’m impressed by because it’s a beautiful and romantic drama that everyone in the family can watch together. My role in this lakorn is different from previous work I have done because “Wanida”  is a cheery and delighted woman, brave, who doesn’t give in to others, fights back, and she’s not a weak Nang Aek who will let others bully her. If someone slaps her she’ll slap them back and she fights back with “Joy” Rinlanee throughout the whole drama. The viewers who watch it will think it’s fun and cheer for the love of the Phra Aek and Nang Aek. and cheer on for “Wanida” when she get’s bullied and wonder when she’ll fight back and how she will fight back. Those who will watch it will smile with it also.”

“This is my first lakorn with Tik (Jessadaporn) and he’s very cute.”

“He is a very simple and easy going person. When he’s in his military uniform, he’s very handsome. He has a lot of fans. Where ever we go a lot of people will come and ask to take pictures with the Phra Aek all the time. The best part about this is that I get to do a lot of activities in this lakorn, like horse-back riding, dancing, playing tennis, and there is elegant/ballroom dancing, there’s even a chance to play the violin. I get to do a lot of things and it’s fun. I believe that those who watch this lakorn will be happy with it, smiling and watching it at the same time.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Naewna]

23 responses to “Aff Has Fun With Her Role in “Wanida”

  1. I smilie and enjoy it at the same time .. they are really cute together for the first episode — even though they did not get along well with their quick encounters.

  2. AWW…just by reading her responses about the drama already makes me smile.LOL. i can’t wait to watch this!

  3. i dont really like aff. idk why. she looks older than her age. and i kindaa think shes love blinded with her boyfrend and she kinda dumb lol i wanna see her in more strong characters instead of all the romance and weakyyy like a nang’ ek that fights hard back and bickers with the pra’ek that wuld be cute 🙂

    • the role call for her to be weak and naive so yup, to say she’s dumb, she’s not .. i don’t’ know her personally but i do know that she’s smart at answering her questions this show that she’s mature and smart .. Dumb is attention seeker ppl who has nothing better to do but find dumb thing to do to get sympathy from other ppl. In fact, she’s smart that’s why she’s not flaunting her romance with songkran once she hear from the public of how they view her love life. she’s smart b/c she keep her life private – only answer when it is necessary. ^^

  4. Forget about the lakorn. By looking at Tik and Aff photo together. I just love it. Real life couple will be nice. But too bad. Tik already marry to someone.

  5. I kinda gave up on Ateam i kinda feel Aff and Tik look better anyways. Their scenes in Wanida are adorable.

  6. omg the first 10 minutes bugged the hell out of me lmao she’s more arrogant in wanida. her rebuttal really irks me ahahaha. just need to pass the first episode and we’ll see from there.

  7. i love these two pairing. i smile everytime it’s their scene even if they’re bickering. this is another lakorn at the moment that i’m attached to besides sao chai hi-tech (om and jui). omg, they’re just so awesome.

  8. I love this version. If you are expecting the old boring Wanida where the nang’ek is weak and traditional then don’t watch this or this isn’t a lakorn for you. If you’re looking for something new with lots of flavor then this is it! Also Aff is just absolutely beautiful in this lakorn. I love her long curly hair.

    I think those who hate this lakorn after so many minutes don’t really hate the lakorn but more that you’re an anti-aff fan. I mean if you already don’t like her, why watch her lakorn? The criticism is pretty unfair. However if you are an aff fan as well as a die hard Mew’s version of Wanida, then yeah lots and lots to compare lol.

    • i don’t hate Aff, if you’re referring to me lol… can’t i voice out what I thought about the first ten minute of the lakorn since that was the only part i saw? it’s either you like or you dislike. most lakorn, the beginning, first episode are always the hardest to pass and this is one of them to me.

      • lol I wasn’t even referring to you specifically. I haven’t even read anyone’s comments in here. We had a Thai student meeting today because it was the first day of class and we talked about lakorns. Some of our club members were criticizing the lakorn, not because the lakorn was bad but because they didn’t like Aff or they are a big fan of Mew and believe no one can remake her lakorn (rolled eyes). So they were who I referred to.

        Also, Aff did say before the lakorn started that her character is supposed to be overly confident or as you say arrogant. While Channel 7 make their remakes boring, Channel 3 spiced it up. They add things here and there to not make it completely like the old one. Some may not like it but I do.

        • To top it of .. 2010 version is directed by Paajaew — he was an assistant director for mew/saranyu’s version. Anyway, I watch mew/saranyu’s version .. there are good and bad in that version as well but like cindy said, i do compare and contrast, however, i don’t judge it either. Since i also love Tikker/Aff — i don’t mind this version.. Although she may come off a bit arrogant but it is the role that she’s given to. she’s just doing her work to breathe WANIDA 2010, independent woman, to life. If i may say, she did a good job as the arrogant lady that’s why most of the fans doesn’t seem to enjoy it. This consider that she did a great job at her given work.

  9. Hehe I think it’s so cute how aff was complimenting how tik is handsome and cute….sigh, I’m jealous lol

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