Aump announced her break up with Hiso Note

At the beginning of this year, Mor Krit Confirm predicted that Aump Patcharapa will break up with Socialite boyfriend “Note” Vises Rangsisingpipat in May this year, surprisingly – Mor Krit is right…for once!

Manager online reported that Aump announced her break up from Note to the media at her latest function. The actress revealed, she has been distant from him for more than a month now. And as for her reason for break up – she said, she could no longer put up with his unfaithfulness.

“I admit I have been distant from him for a while now. Almost a month, it’s over the usual problems, other girls. But we are still good friends”

“It’s not strange that I know when he’s with someone else, because he has a lot of other women and it’s always over the same thing. There is nothing more to it than that”

“He is definitely handsome and has many options (Lor Luak dai). Right now we are just friends and we don’t talk to each other anymore. Right now I’m happy and I don’t want to talk too much about this because it’s not good for me. This time I don’t want to talk too much and I’m not angry or fighting with him. It’s just over the same old thing. He is a good person, maybe the only fault he has is that he’s handsome and has many options”

“He is not trying to make up with me because we haven’t spoken to each other. Honestly I don’t want to talk about this but there were news that he went out to eat with another girl. So I don’t want anything to do with it, I don’t want people to ask me about it because honestly I don’t know who that girl is because he has a lot of girls. Please let him leave on good terms. He came into my life quietly so I would like him to leave quietly as well. Don’t link my name with him anymore”

“If he tried to ask for an opportunity, well I don’t want to talk about it anymore. As for my expectations for future men, I don’t want much. I don’t want promises or words, I just want him to have eyes only for me”

“In the future I want an older man, not too old. But anyone can come in now. I have been talking to some people but not much”

“Was it tiring being with Note?  well what do you reckon? (laughs)”

33 responses to “Aump announced her break up with Hiso Note

  1. It was a good choice of P’Aump. She’s way too good for a guy like him anyways. I believe she’s been through too much just to keep up with the relationship. I know she will find someone else who love her twice as much. Suuuu su naka!

  2. Handsome??? Honestly! Maybe in her eyes he is.Girls & Aump are all offering themselves to him coz he is rich.Would she even go out with him if he was just an average guy?

    She says she wants him to leave quietly…hello… you’re broadcasting the whole break up in public???

    • I sooo agree with you! Handsome?! Aump has such bad taste in men! Since she has been with this guy Note she has been making a fool of herself!

      She wants him to leave quietly but like you said broadcast it to the whole world!
      Aump she is something else. I don’t think she is that bright. If it wasn’t for acting I don’t think she would be that successful in other occupation.

  3. He is not even handsome. lol
    Can’t believe it took her that long to end it.
    Aump can do a lot better.

  4. He’s rich but doesn’t mean Aum is poor, i don’t believe she is with him becus of money she can live on her own wealth for the rest of her life if she spend wisely not over the top and she work all the time, his money wouldn’t make her any merrier anyways, she probably liked him for other reasons like normal one of us. Good they part unfaithful men, if they go on longer she’ll only hurt herself, can not change unfaithful men even if they go through to marriage, look at Noon & Tanya for example.

  5. omg he ugly ass hell. that face has no handsome in it but the money is handsome though. LOL thank god she broken up with him. i was getting tired of there bull sh**ty pooping news LMAO!!! k well thats good that she realize how ugly he is inside and out. She deserve better and i believe a woman like Aump would be possessive and i don’t think its a bad thing. Its her ex that made her become possessive, so im glad. women should be more possessive of their property and pride. i am too!

  6. About damn time she dumped him. Not worth keeping a man especially if you have to constantly fighting to keep him especially he so dishonest and on top fudge ugly! He may be rich but money cannot buy happiness.
    This so called hi-so socialite are becoming like these celebrities in Hollywood sleeping with people in the same group of circle! Yuck! Pretty soon they all going to be related!

    If I was Noon and Tanya at this point I hit them for alimony! Big time! Take Tiger Woods and his ex for example ladies,she divorced him and left with millions.

  7. why do some people keep on stating that aump is only with that dude note because he’s rich!! aump clearly does not need a man to take care of her. She’s independent!! i remember in one of her interview!! she clearly stated that she will not depends on a man for money!! she will work hard for her own money!! As for the note guy!! Whatever with him!! he’s not handsome one bit!!

  8. The money is what makes him handsome. Yes, if he was an average guy, holding down an average job walking down the street and wants to get to know her, she wouldn’t even bat an eye his way.

    Aump may have money of her own, but it does not mean that she doesn’t want more and the lifestyle that goes with it, Noon for example (Enough said).

    She wants a guy that only has eyes for her? Well, good luck. Guys no matter how faithful they are, they will look. It just that some only look with the eyes while others look at touch. And she comes across to me, if her BF do so much as to look, she goes all crazy on him.

    At least she ends it even if it was due time long ago.

  9. The whole point of being with a hiso guy is so that they don’t have to lift a finger and can spend how ever much they want. Just because she makes her own money and have a lot now doesn’t mean she doesn’t want more and to be living like a Goddess later on if she marries one of these hiso.

  10. I’m glad that P’Aump can ultimately get over this guy. He is just a cheater and will never stop cheat regardless of how beautiful his girlfriend or future wife. She can do way better. So far, only Chompoo are doing good with her boyfriend and no bad news yet. Choompoo good luck and hopefully he is the right person.

  11. It took her long enough. She’ll just find another guy in due’s time. Like she said in one of her interviews, there’s never a moment where she is without a boyfriend.

  12. I always wonder why the well-known nang’eks like Aum Patcharapa, Ann Thongprasom, Chompoo Araya, Bua Chompoo Ford, Janie Thienposuwan (just to name a few) have such bad taste in men. They tend to date not-so-good-looking guys! I guess I will never understand that…(but at least Aom Phiyada got her a handsome one) 😉

    • I think Ann’s man is ok. She isn’t young herself so it’s normal for her to have a man that is older and more mature looking. Maybe he looked better when he was younger but Ann never brought him into the entertainments attention. I think he is a decent guy.

    • Totally agree with you. Me too I wonder why those beautiful woman dating with ugly hiso man except Aom Phiyada. Ann boyfriend seem a good man and he look so kind toward Ann. At least we never heard anything bad about them compare to other like Tanya, Noon, Aum man …those mans are bad inside and outside.

    • It’s not about the physical features. In this case, Note is not just only unattractive but he has a reputation with many girls. Although Ann’s man is not good looking, we can say that she’s one lucky gal, at least he doesn’t… well from what the media can put their nose into, there’s no nasty rumors.

  13. I knew this was coming but i didnt know it would be this soon. I bet kae and all the girls she had probs with are laughing their butt off rite now. So much for thinking shes all that and can hold the guy. Truth is guys will get tired of her being overly possesive, player or no. Nobody wants to have a mom they want a gf. She did say on woody that the more u make the more u want so the money is in there for her no doubt.

  14. Ooh poor Aump. In this fashion photo shoot, Aump eyes look watery and tearing.It’s okay Aump, you will soon meet with your soul mate. Don’t rush into relationship and try not to date only well-known wealthy men. It’s okay to date men who are rich and handsome because sometimes handsome man is not a player at all. Usually the ugly and wealthy men are known as players.

  15. Oh and i’d place aum in the not so bright catergory w pinky lol she damaged more reputation over a loser like note…soo not worth it. Then again i dont know what good rep she had. All she is known for is her fake booby anyway haha

  16. damn i saw her bf before todd and he is uggggly, a lil uglier than note lmao i think she meant to say that note is handsome cuz of the moola btw right picture of aum is ugly too. what if note was the one who dumped aum haha..she would never be the one to admit she got dumped. note’s not the only one who has probs. aum’s got probs herself cuz she wants a boytoy that’s it. she only wants a guy to please her you gotta be kidding

    • Todd was way hot before he met Aump! He was a famous newcoming heartthrob. He was hot, rich, ladies loved him. He had a long running series and was in lakorns until he met Aump! She made his life hell & hid their 5 year relationship from the public. After Todd dated her he left what was a promising career for her. So to call him ugly is outright an insult!! To even compare or day Todd was uglier than this autistic tofu is an insult & I as a Todd fan will not take it!

  17. I think Cindy Sirinya & Paula Buttery are the only ones with good looking husbands.Don’t really like Aump.Saw her on some show a long time ago and she mentioned that she spends thousands of bahts on shopping in one day.Not sure if she still does but no need to tell the whole world.Look at all those poor poverty stricken people out there! Shame on her.Don’t know what people see in her…..oh that’s right…her BOOBS!

  18. okay you ppl are stupid, just because you think she looks better you are on her side???how superficial.I would like to know how each and everyone of you look I bet you look uglier than him.Looks aren’t everything.This is so Asian.Always calling ppl ugly.Look in the damn mirror before you judge how others look and you’ll see ugly.

    • Get over it. If you were ever hit on by some ugly guy don’t tell us you would turn him down? If he was a normal blue collared fugly guy, don’t tell us you’re not a bit shallow or narcisstic like the rest of us. If he was sone fat bald dude but rich would you then turn him down?

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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