Paula & Boyfriend “Edward” goes public

For the launchof her new business ‘Stellar Artist Mangagement’, actress/model “Paula” Taylor takes this opportunity to show off her beau “Edward” for the first time.

The couple has been dating each other for over a year but Paula denies engagement rumours in the media press. She is not engaged to Edward, he is not her partner in the business and she has no intention to work with him. Although she did confess, there’s been photo shoot offers for her to pose with Edward but Paula is not ready for that yet.

“I’m so excited over the launch of my business. Today is the official opening of my company and I’ll have to see how it goes from here. I’ve been operating this business for some time now, just starting out so I am excited, it’s another job for me”

What do you do here?

“If I have the time I will do everything from choosing the artwork to making them. But I really don’t have that much time, I do most of the stuff over the phone”

“My company has everything. Honestly I want to offer celebrities management services if they need someone to take care of them. We’re not just involved in modelling, we can cast people into movies and lakorns too, not just modelling. It’s much more than that”

Are you going to invite Edward into your modelling agency?

“No, we’re on a different career path”

Is he a partner?

“No he’s not, he’s just here for the launch, for moral support”

You’ve been with him for over a year, what are you most impressed about?

“He’s a cute person, smart and we can communicate. He’s always in a good mood”

“We love each other (laughs)” Edward added

“I taught him well (laughs) Says Paula

There’s a rumour that you’re about to get engaged

“No, not yet. I just want to concentrate on my business first. I’m not ready to do anything yet”

Edward is an entrepreneur, has he given you any advice on the business?

“I asked him for advice on the business plan and who does what. He knows the process but I don’t really know any of the background stuff so he was a big help”

Any photo shoot offers for you and Edward?

“Wait, I have to think about it, but we have been getting offers”

Today is the first time you guys came out together for publicity event?

“Yes and he’s very excited. He asked me about what to do because he doesn’t know what to do, he’s a little excited”

Source via Gossipstar

Closer look @ Paula’s Beau;

According to Gossipstar, he’s supposed to be hot stuff, thoughts?

15 responses to “Paula & Boyfriend “Edward” goes public

  1. He kinda reminds me of Heath Ledger in the face. He’s kinda cute though from these pictures at least. Good luck to Paula.

    • I thought he looks like Heath too. Edward is decent looking, not bad at all. Paula is very very cute.

  2. lol, why is he looking at his hands…he looks VERY camera shy!!! he’s not that bad looking.

    • He’s probably bored. He’s not Thai right? So he probably doesn’t really know our religious custom. My bf does that when my mom invite him to the temple with us. He’s white so he would sit there and just pick at his nails lol.

  3. Ngaw he’s soo cute! Lol best of luck to them 🙂 and i loved how he answered ‘and we love each other’ lol so cute!

  4. They look pretty decent together. What does Paula’s new business do though; I don’t quite get the concept.

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