Is Zee The Real Reason Dew and Miss Maxim Sister, Spoii Fought?

Being the hot topic amongst netizens are the leaked pictures of 2 beautiful girls and 1 handsome tom. “Dew” Arisara the current girlfriend of singer, “Golf” Pichaya with her handsome ex girlfriend, “Zee” Matanawee Keenan (the half British and Indonesian tomboy) getting close to “Spoii” (the University star) who happens to be the younger sister of Miss Maxim, “Maple” Patchuda Panpipat.That recently gave an interview out not so long ago that her younger sister was beaten up by actress, “Dew” Arisara and her entourage in front of a pub. Maple was reported that she did not know if it was over a guy or a friend, but since pictures are piling up and netizens are digging the dirt, we finally know it’s not over Golf! It also makes everyone wonder if it was really over Zee, but Golf has said that Zee is nothing but just a friend to Dew and he doesn’t care about her lesbian past!

Zee and Spoii

Zee and Dew

[Source: Khanpak]

17 responses to “Is Zee The Real Reason Dew and Miss Maxim Sister, Spoii Fought?

  1. well the Zee and Golf look alike. either way what is so special about that person for you to want to physically harm someone. Obviously not much since they’re not together anymore.

    Also I think the pics say it all so for people to say that they are just friends are blind.

  2. Fighting over a girl…That’s a first. Anyways, Dew is with golf, and I assume spoii is with zee…So lets just leave it alone. Zee’s not bad looking, find her adorable actually, and I am straight. lol. But anyways, I bet there will be more drama to come soon.

    • You know Ima bump your post and get in your butt, check the last thread about the two heffas. Assumption is a muthaf…lollmao I’m joking. But forreal though, I agree, she is a cute tom. Heck I think she looks better then some men. No homo. But its been years, everyone should get off the bitter train and move on. Miss Maxim and Spoii should have adressed the issue when it happened…bringing up ol chit a year later makes it seem like your just trying to get press time.

      PS: But I a do agree about grown women fighting over a man. I saw it earlier today at the mall in the parking lot.

  3. OMG!! Zee is a girl! when I first saw zee pix.. i thought wow he cute dude… i didn’t know he is a she… man, zee look like dude 4 real. No wonder the girls falls for zee, she cute. I got nothin against zee 4 being a lesbian… 😛

  4. Why is “Golf” even mentioned in this, there fight was before she even started dating him.

    Hopefully no more drama because the past is the past miss maxim she should of kept quiet and move on did her sister Spoii even want the public to know she was the one that Dew fought? so lame.

  5. Damn,this got me thinking! First,I was like what!
    Golf’s a GIRL but then after reading the comments
    and stuffs it turn that,that Zee guy is actually a GIRL!
    So,If I’m getting this right then Okay.I’m on the same
    page as ya.But,Yeah,why is Golf even Mention when
    it’s not even about him only about his girlfriend.

    • why is golf’s name mentioned? dew is not famous enough to be mentioned on her own. i’ve seen ppl who reply in various topics like ‘who is that?’ well to make it easier on ppl who reply like that reporters stop stupid ppl from asking that. plus even though it’s not about him but if u read enough articles they always try to link the person’s ex, current, ex baby daddy, enemy, friend, momma, baby momma all to that person.

  6. I think Dew is ugly. She’s not just physically ugly but she’s deep down ugly too. I know that’s a little harsh since I don’t know her but you can pretty much tell by all these leaked drama. I do wonder why and how Golf is so addicted to her. My sister said it’s probably cus she gave it up to him and she was probably his first.

  7. Well, the real is Dew was Zee’s ex
    and im pretty sure after that Zee was going out with Spoii as well.. but that was loooooong time ago
    coz last 2-3 years. Spoii’s still going out with other guy
    for a long relationship.

    I can tell that Dew had many lasbos lovers
    and they’re famous as Net-Idols..while Spoii & Ado were going out.. plus Spoii and Dew are absolutely enemies

    No wonder why…

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