Gybzy – Not born with it?

Old photographs of sexy star “Gybzy” Wanida Temtanaporn leaked on the internet.


Obviously the intention of the leaker is to stir speculation that part of Gybzy’s current good looks & sex appeal is due to plastic surgery and not natural beauty.

However, whether or not Gybzy has been under the knife is not confirmed. But from the pictures, there’s a significant change in her appearance from childhood to present…

24 responses to “Gybzy – Not born with it?

  1. Ha HA. Well, it doesnt matter if confirmed or not but the nose is fake….and probably other things too.

    But why make a big fuss about it? There are not many Thai hiso noses of girls left that are real.

  2. No offense to her fans or people who like her so don’t be replying to me and say that i’m a bitch or i’m blind this is just my lil opinion!

    I find her ugly, really ugly

  3. Agree, def , eyelid surgery and nose job, a very good nose job. It looks better compre to quite a few thai celebs I’ve see. She is alright.

  4. I don’t think she got a nose job because her nose still looks the same, but definitely the eyes.

  5. oh well. it’s not like many celebrities out there doesn’t go under the knife anyways…

    she’s still beautiful 😀

  6. Well people do change a lot from early teenage to late teenage and especially into adolescent. Not to mention makeup also play a big role in it as well. I mean you guys should go get your picture at age 10 (that is if you’re over 18 hehe) and compare it to your picture today then tell me there’s no difference.

  7. i don’t think make-up plays a huge part in it. i’m a make-up artist and i’ve seen gybzy’s face without make-up. she fixed her nose and eyes. her before and after picture is 2 different people.

  8. she def. got her nose and eyes done. but, I think that she was pretty even without going under the knife. the surgery wasn’t necessary at all.

  9. i’ve noticed that whenever theres a topic like this, where theres pros & cons… theres always gotta be a person or two to say stuff like, its their business to do whatever they want, leave them alone or theres nothing wrong with it & many many more. but just because we say, “oh, i think shes had some surgery done” doesnt mean we think its bad. maybe its cause we want to have a say on whether we think she did or not. lol. seriously… CHILLAX

  10. I can’t really say much since one of the picture she has a mountain of makeup on. People do grow and change. Therefore I am neutral.

  11. why was she scouted when she was an ordinary girl?
    such a girl like picture will be never scouted.
    i think bad looking pictures were selected with malicious intent.

  12. Before or after….it didnn’t matter. I am equally attracted to both. You wanna know why? I was actually working on the set with wanida on her maybelline shoot in hong kong and guess what? She is beautiful, sweet to literally everyone on set. No premi-donna moves, she was genuine and kind TO ALL. This is one lady with the looks AND talent to make it to the top. Keep an eye out for this diva…becaue trust me….she will rock your world!

  13. I think she’s pretty esp. when she smiles.
    It would be about bad lighting for the (#1) old photo that makes her look kinda different.

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