Tik Jessadaporn is Married!

Actor “Tik” Jessadaporn Pholdee had a small engagement ceremony with no formal wedding, just a trip to the registry office to sign a marriage certificate with socialite girlfriend “Peach” Sitamon Tangsuwan so they can become lawfully wedded husband and wife. At their engagement, the new couple Tik and Peach talk openly to the media about their 5 year romance.

Tik: This morning we had a Thai engagement ceremony, but there’s no kunmark parade [แห่ขันหมาก] but everything else is like every other engagement. My parents arranged the wedding

The newly married couple reveals after the engagement ceremony they will go straight to Bang Rak registry office to sign a marriage certificate but there will be no wedding reception because the families are tired from the engagement

Tik: There’s no water blessing ceremony, we just asked the elders for their blessings and after that we are going to the registry to sign the papers. But there won’t be a wedding because I know the families are tired from the engagement party already. So there probably won’t be a wedding anytime soon, or maybe there will not be a wedding at all. I think this is enough already and everyone is happy for us

How much is the dowry?

Tik: There is gold, money, but I don’t really know how much because my mother arranged it all. Peach’s wedding ring is a ring that my mother chose for her, how many carats? I don’t know. I have no idea about rings but this ring is a brand new ring

Peach: The ring I got him is a plain white gold ring with a little bit of pattern in it, he can take it off and even if he wears it into the woods it won’t get scratched.

Tik: I asked for that, I said the ring needs to be durable for when I go into the woods

Can you tell us how he propose?

Peach: One day he said to me that he was ready and he wanted to take me to see his parents. It wasn’t anything romantic but he was very determined and I had to keep asking him ‘really?’ and he said yes

Tik: I propose in the beginning of the year, I told her I was ready but I didn’t know whether she was ready or not but I thought she’d be ready too

How did you become impressed with each other?

Tik: In the beginning we just met each other normally, we were friends first before we became boyfriend and girlfriend. We have dated for 5 years now. When we talk to each other we understand each other. Peach is a friendly girl, cute and she’s very considerate of other people’s feelings much more than her own, which makes her eligible to use Pholdee’s surname

Peach: Tik is a nice person, responsible, a family man and very consistent. He was sincere to me from the first day we met up until now he is still the same. When he says he will do something, he will always follow through with it and he hasn’t changed and I’m also impressed with his work in the industry and how much he takes care of his family. That’s why I feel he could probably take care of me

“When I first got to know him, P’Tik seems like an ordinary guy who works as an actor. When I’m with him he is of course Tik Jessadaporn but not the leading actor Tik, he is not romantic like buying flowers or gifts but he’s romantic with his words”

Their promise to each other

Tik: I’m just an ordinary guy, not anything special. But what I have is love and good intention which I plan to use to the best of my ability

Peach: At first I thought a marriage is a new start and I will gain a best friend in life and that’s what I want. I want this man, my greatest friend to share the rest of my life with me

Whose last name are you planning to use?

Peach: I haven’t decided yet but after we’re married I will probably use Tik’s surname

The wedding home

Tik: The wedding home will be my house. Peach will be moving in, she will add colour to the household because my house is full of men, having a female in the house will be a different atmosphere. In my opinion, women are always beautiful in my eyes. Oh..only Nong Peach, she’s the only one

More photos through Source: Manager

34 responses to “Tik Jessadaporn is Married!

    • so true what a GUNSHOT!!
      oO!! i see so that why he didnt do any movie any more!!!
      he could of do like ken .. ken is married but he will never let his actress DOWN!!
      my heart break!!
      and what happen to his haie he look so UG!!

  1. I was wondering where he’s been. Happy he found his partner. I wonder when he will make another lakorn?

    • ohh!! he will never act again!!!
      is it he the best actress and he very funny ..
      beside no lkaorn for him … he done with his job ..

  2. O.M.G. my heart broken in half :(. they married so fast maybe she pregnant or something cause its like a gun shot wedding. Any way im very happy for them .

  3. omg…it have broken my heart too..
    but they make such a cutie couples….
    so happy for tik…but still want him to do come
    back of lakorn…lost all my hope on that…

    • true we lost alot of hope for him!!!
      FROWN!! I WAS WONDERING WERE IS HE??? he married … good luck for them.

  4. aww im so happy for Tik!!…he looks kinda old now here in these pics but he’s still very handsome..lol..and his wife is beautifull!!…congrats to them both!..=D

  5. she’s so beautiful! congrats to them both!! it’s about time he’s married LOL he’s getting old.

  6. She look like a sweet gal.Happy for him thats he’s settled down now.:) glad he’s married and happy

  7. When I saw the heading of Tik married, I quickly thought of her being pregnant. That was quick! She is so pregnant! LOL

  8. aww!!!! i’m so sad. he is my fav actor and now he isn’t available, lol congrats to him anyways

  9. They make a cute couple. And it’s not a gunshot wedding. There were hints that a leading actor will marry soon and people were speculating that it’s Tik.

  10. I’m going to give this one the benefit and say perhaps they’re just low key people,so she’s prolly not pregnant. Tik hasn’t had any major projects lately and he seems to be content when he’s outdoors. So a big wedding doesn’t seem to suit his lifestyle. I mean I didn’t even know he had a gf for 5 years, usually the media are on it fast…good job on keeping it quiet. Anyways, best of luck to the couple.

  11. man why are they so simple? i kinda pictured tik they guy with all the attention but he doesn’t really care about fame anymore. he’s really into his navigator show. wow he’s handsome and down to earth which is nice but if i was the bride i’d definitely want a nicer wedding!

  12. wtf is with these fan being sad and disappointed, even if he’s not married it not like he could be with you guys so I dont see what the different of him being married or single, this go for ken too
    and for those who say peach is lucky, how do you guys know, yeah he’s cute but you guys dont know him

    • wow!! maybe you just don’t know he the best actress doing lakorn and we are not gonna died for him just because he married no way and for ken he had two kid and who care!!! all the fan here are sad cause lately he hasnt show yp so far today he show up with a gf for 5 year and now he’s married if your his fan then you would know if your those HATER!! might just don’t talk back cause you don’t know …. if your not a hater then you would know … but pple are happy for them both couple and it does’nt matter if we don’t met them or not or we dont know about their info…. cause that why they are popular….

  13. I say they make a good match. They look like nice people. He’s handsome. She’s pretty. I’m surprise she’d put up with his “we’re not having a wedding cause everyone’s already tired” attitude. LOL. Just about every girl dreams about their wedding being all lavish and stuff. But she’s a cool gal.

    And I disagree with those who say this is a shot gun wedding. They dated for 5 years. That’s a pretty long time to get to know one another. The only reason this wedding seems rushed is because his lovelife was soooo low profile that none of even knew about it.

    I’m happy for them.

    • I agree tofu. I think it was all planned this way. Tik’s life is so private anyways, that’s why he got the nickname of being the godly pra’ek.

  14. I think he decided to marry after Aom announced her engagement. He annoiunced his a few days before Aom’s engagement. Maybe he’s been in love with Aom since working with her in those two lakorns. He did joke about it that Aom was his wife.

    But that’s just what I think. I would’ve loved that Tik and Aom get together just like the lakorns but that’s just me as a fan of their two lakorns. hehehehe…

    It would’ve been a good love story…
    After Aom announced her engagement to Art, Tik loss hope of them ever being together and he decided to ask Peach to marry him. So sad….

    hehehehe… okay, that’s just my own lakorn I’m writing about them. hehehehe

    Tik is taken for good Y_Y *shocked*

  16. I think The Mgr web didn’t write ‘informal wedding’ but a ‘simple wedding’, engagement and then wedding ceremonies performed in that morning and that’s all, no wedding banquet. The Mgr web didn’t explain or focus on the detail of the ceremony but it featured very cute interview & clip though: http://www.manager.co.th/Entertainment/ViewNews.aspx?NewsID=9520000077485

    The fact is:
    1) Tik & Peach had a formal Wedding on 9 July morning (from 06:09 onwards) just like any traditional Thai wedding. It was a simple yet very sweet, warm and elegant wedding and they have performed all the required (Thai and Chinese) wedding ceremony process such as Parade of auspicious gifts trays, Door ceremony, Dowry/Gift Offering/Bonding ceremony, Tea ceremony, Exchanging Rings and Blessing ceremony before both registered the marriage presided by BangRak Civil Registry Officer all these were performed at The Royal Ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (they did NOT go to the registry office at all, the officer came to the hotel)

    2) The guests were from both families’ closest relatives who were carefully selected and limited to the ones really really closest, the same applied for their closest friends. No photo allowed other than by the appointed photographer (no press allowed as well, press were invited to wait for them at The Embassy Room for the 11:30 press meeting) And that’s why some processes weren’t necessary for they have only 50 something guests attendance. The number of press came that morning were almost 100 pax or twice as much the guest number ha ha

    The wedding mementos included Potpourri Bouquet for the senior guests, “Loving You” notebook for all guests and the press

    3) They had no plan for a bridal feast/ evening party. The send-off ceremony was on the same day at Tik’s residence. Recall Tik’s interview on the 1 July, he said “…we have talked and agreed prior to this long time ago that our marriage is not about holding an elegant wedding party, we’d rather focus on how to live an elegant/neat marriage after the wedding, that’s our big thing. I look at a simple wedding, as long as we arrange the ceremony properly, well witnessed and supported by our parents that’s good enough”

    So, I think they’ve planned to inform their wedding to the press on 8 July just one day prior to the wedding, and they did exactly as planned…. but the news was leaked long time before that, added to the news were some rumors that’s why Tik had to pending his Navigator filming in the jungle and called a press meeting on 1 July to clear the rumor

    All Tik news with photos are now summarized from several sources and featured in the navigatortiktun.com web and I welcome all of you should you interested for more news and photos or everything about this adorable artist

  17. I’m so happy for him. He seems like a down to hear kind of guy. One handsome person is off the market. I still love him lakorns though.

  18. I’m late…. idc if I’m late, I’m jealous, so I had to comment too! Tik, why can’t you wait for me? /got shot/ Okay, fine, maybe I am a lil too young for him, but I’m still jelly. I fell for him after watching Kaew Ta Pee. Tik, may you have a happy marriage life. But seriously though, the girl was so nice. If I were here, I’d kill the groom the moment I heard there’d be no official wedding reception. Seriously,wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime thingy (unless you’re planning for a divorce before the marriage even begin). How can she be cool with that? Tik, seriously….. If I were her, I’d bawl my eyes out.

    Maybe that’s why he fell for her though, because she’s simple and understanding. -sigh- Or maybe too understanding.

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