Golf’s Mom Revealed How her son Broke Her Heart


“Golf” Pichaya Nithipaisarnkul recently announced his romance with “Dew” Arissara was approved by his mother. But his statement broke his mother’s heart as everything he claimed to be ‘happy ending’ are pretty much lies.

In actual fact – Golf’s mom “Prasai Nithipaisarnkul’ is not happy with Golf’s girlfriend. And In retaliation, Golf packed up his bags and left home. Golf’s mother revealed, her son’s conduct had made her feel like the bad guy who’s driven her own son away from her.

“Yes, he seemed uncomfortable to be living at home and he wanted to be by himself so I had to let him go. And the truth is I have not seen my son for half a year now. Ok in the past, I haven’t been interfering with his life, I’ve let him go because when I gave him my good intentions, he doesn’t return the same good intention to me, so I had no choice but to let go”

“I’m not offended but I’m hurt because I’m not the one who started it. But he made it seemed like, I don’t like his girlfriend and the truth is, it’s not that I don’t like his girlfriend but I don’t like the way they behave together. It’s not right that they blame me for this”

Because you’re his mother, you still worry about him?

“Of course I worry about him, all mothers care about their children. But all the good feelings that I’ve had for him, it’s all gone now. He took it all away”

Do you think Golf has dedicated too much love into this romance?

“On this I refuse to answer, I rather leave it for everyone else to judge him from what he has done to me. Mike has been trying to comfort me by saying ‘it’s okay mom, you still have me’. But what can I say, every time Dew gives out an interview, what right does she have to say that because I have many children, it shouldn’t matter if Golf does something to make me upset, because Golf is only just one of my many sons. I didn’t like what she said, she had no right to say that. Yes it’s true, I do have many children. But I love all of my kids, I’m not giving interviews to say my son’s affections have been robbed from me. I haven’t done anything wrong. Before Golf left to go overseas he came to tell me that he was leaving home at the end of the month. I was shocked when he told me, I walked away from him, I was so upset, what did I do wrong? If leaving is going to make him happy then that’s good but he doesn’t need to leave. He told me his girlfriend is a good person, I can confirm that he said. He made it sound like, his girlfriend is a good person but his mother is not”

Golf said before he didn’t use to be honest, but now that he is older and more independent, he is brave enough to tell the truth

“Is he telling the truth now? Has he told anyone he left home? Did he tell you guys that he’s living in a condo now? According to Golf he still comes home every day right? But he hasn’t been”

“What I’m not happy with is the fact that he still talks about me to the press. I told his father that the moment he leaves home, whatever he does with his life will be his business. I don’t want him to give interviews about me anymore. He doesn’t owe me anything to have to mention me in his life (very upset tone)”


Sound like you want to cut him off or do you want him back?

“As a mother, I don’t think any mom would want to be cut off from their child. It’s only the child who’s capable of wanting to be cut off from their mother. In my mind, I never want to cut him off from being my son. I’m just upset by his actions and I want him to know (teary) Golf can talk to the media because he’s a celebrity but I can’t do the same. Golf can talk about me but I can’t talk back”

You’re hurt because he chose his girlfriend over you?

“I don’t think of it like that because at the end of the day, one day he will get married and have his own life, but that time hasn’t come yet. When it does, I would be happy to accept, I’m always ready to accept that my son would get married and move out one day, but that time hasn’t come yet. And this is not my fault”

Everything that you have said to Golf he had interpreted your words the wrong way. He made it seem like it was your fault

“Yes (cries) he’s been coming out and praising that girl, saying how good and nice she is. He said he has been with her for a long time because she’s good. I don’t understand why he is doing this (cries) If someone is a good person, no one needs to come out and confirm why this person is a good person because people would already know. But in the past, what has this girl done?”

Are you afraid that your interview about Golf today would damage your son’s reputation?

“I understand that he has a reputation to uphold. But I feel really bad right now because he is out and about talking about his girlfriend and how good she is. He is making me look like an evil mother. He makes me sound like a bad mom, someone really evil. When I go out to meet my friends, they all ask me about Golf and I always tell them that I don’t hate Dew”

“I don’t hate anybody but if she has done something to me. Of course, I will talk about it. I have to say what is right. I never asked Golf to break up with Dew, he can be with her but he needs to keep his relationship at a medium level. He shouldn’t be out and about defending her, he shouldn’t be calling other people’s names just because they got into a fight with his girl. His girlfriend was clapping for him for the name calling, saying yay he did good…but did he really? Does any mother want to see their sons do stuff like that?”

“Golf said he’s not going down. Do you think I have enough reasons to be displeased with this girl? She has made my son walk out of my life, she made him walk in the wrong path. If you were his mother, what would you do?”

Source via TV Pool

38 responses to “Golf’s Mom Revealed How her son Broke Her Heart

  1. Golf will see it soon. I think he just need time to think by himself. He should also take a break from Dew to find himself again. To think about what he really wants in life. Golf’s mom is pretty strong actually to be dealing with this situation.

  2. The mother is right. Golf have been acting a little too overboard when he’s with his girlfriend. And he shouldn’t be calling others names when they got on the wrong side with his girlfriend. I like his mom!! She is very rational. I don’t know why Golf doesn’t see how much his mother cares for him.

  3. I can understand where his mom is coming from but some parents is judgemental towards their in law, even when they didn’t do anything wrong. So I guess we will never know who’s right and wrong here.

  4. If I were her son,,,I will do the same. She has to understand that his son is big enough and was fall inlove with a woman she cannot control everything just because she is a mother she has to respect the decision of his son and give time and space to think it over and over…No one will do bad things to the Mother it just that he was fell in love with a woman.Her son is very brave he fights his love even if it is difficult for him to decide.I salute for you Golf your to brave!!!

      • lol 😀
        it is true. parents always said, “wait until your turn to be a parent and you’ll know” 😀

      • yeah I’m still single do I have to wait to become a mother before I will comment? I’m just expressing myself because sometimes being a Mother always say you have to do this,do that and the son or daughter wants their freedom..Mother always think positve to their children that they know what is good or bad for them,,but there’s always a limit for that…Sometimes they have to understand the feelings of their children AND BEING A MOTHER YOU WILL NOT TELL TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT MY SON DOING THIS TO ME JUST BECAUSE OF A WOMAN.IN MY OWN OPINION ANYWAY!!!


        If her feelings were hurt, she should have private discussion on matter or write letters to him; to pubically come out to press & make your son look bad, knowingly this would hurt his career, so you and your friends can have easy & comfortable talk? What a selffish and self-observing mother! Mother like this who need an eneny.

    • wow really, it’s not the fact that she can’t let go of her son, bcus let me tell you, her oldest son got married, & she doesn’t seem to mind letting him go, he married twice by the way.
      & think about seriously WOULD NOT do this to your mom! running away for a guy or gal..really? Nothing good ever comes out of dropping/leaving anything for a boyfriend/girlfriend that isn’t even for sure yet. I never liked Dew, even before the fighting video came out, just something about her seemed so FAKE & BITCHY. And I wasn’t wrong. But you know, when they do end up breaking up & when Golf finally sees it, he’ll be back to his parents, hopefully. Hopefully he’s not scared to lose face to his parents bcus it’s your parents & you shouldn’t be. Golf really has been acting crazy..Mike has been so angry on his twitter..I dont understand whats going on with them lately, it makes me sad bcus they seemed so happy a few years ago. I feel like they won’t be making another golf-mike album..

  5. I don’t think Golf’s mom hate Dew. She just don’t like how her son is supporting/encouraging Dew to continue with her mistakes.

  6. As if speaking out to the media and saying bad things about your son won’t make him hate you more!

  7. A mother can only influence her son with her love and good intentions but his girlfriend can influence him with her body and favors. Hands down the winner goes to the girlfriend. However Karma loves vengeance, one day she will have kids and her kids will do the same to her. Its the cycle of being a woman whose job is to one day be a mother as well. They said that when you make your mother cry, your kid will make you cry twice fold.

  8. No one can understand a mother’s love unless they have a child of their own. She carried him in her belly for 9 months. She taught and fed him. Raise him to be an adult. In the end he totally threw her away. His mother feeling hurt is understandable. Golf hasn’t visited her or spoke to her for so long. She needed to find a way to get the message to him and has the right to tell her side of the story. Not caring how your mother feels shows his ugliness. Whatever she has done good or bad she is still his mother. A mother will think of their child every single day. Worrying about how they are, what they are doing. A mother’s life is very stressful. When she is gone he will regret it. Golf is stupid period.

  9. Wow sure seems like golf is whipped by his girlfriend!!! Maybe golf has always been protected by his parents never really being able to discover the real world out there, maybe that’s why his taking the advantage now to do whatever he wants now. I don’t know, but I still feel sorry for his mother though. Golf could do so much better with that girl his with now.

  10. What kind of mom is she, telling everything to the media, at least keep it in the family, or at least just say it like golf did-like everything is fine, no wonder why golf “run” away any way I do agree that golf is too much into dew

  11. Oh yeah golf got so much cuter especially in take me to ur bed, and compare to the picture above he might have did something to his face

  12. i don’t know but i think it is just WRONG! when drew said that goft is only one of his mom many children. parents always love every kids that they have no matter what or how they looks like. even when they cut-tie with you, when you die they’ll still be crying… I can’t even imagine how hurt was his mom when she heard those comment from his girlfriend.

  13. His mother has every right to speak to the media in defending herself. Like she said, he is a celebrity and can talk to the press any time and she doesn’t have a whole lot of chances to do that.

    Dew is so bad news for him. A mother’s job is never ending no matter how old the kids are. It is in the nature of a mother to be worried and think about her kids all the time. He could go and live on his own and discover who he is in the process but it doesn’t mean that he can hurt those that love him along the line. He needes to open his eyes and see his girlfriend for what she’s worth.

  14. I don’t think she is against their relationship. I believe she does not like the influence Dew has on her son and her son encouragement toward Dew’s behavior. Golf has a good mother. I know that a child wants freedom but your parents will always be your parents. They just want what is best for their child despite what your age is.

  15. Sad for his mother. I don’t think any mother would want their son’s doing crazy stuff like that just for their girlfriends. Blood is thicker than water but i guess from what we are hearing/reading it seems like Golf doesn’t care. Karma will be a pain.

  16. I don’t like the way Golf acts to his mom. I understand his mom too. She doesn’t hate Dew but she doesn’t want Golf to be involved with Dew’s behavior. And Mike is a really nice person.:)

  17. I feel for Golf’s mom but don’t agree that going to the media is the best way to solve the problems. As a parent your number on priority is to protect your child from harm. Her actions here paints a different picture for me. In my opinion not only did she not protect Golf but she herself picked up the knife and cut him wide open for the whole world to see. Golf is a public figure. Airing his dirty laundry for the whole world to see is inly going to hurt him now and possibly his future. Family conflicts needs to be dealt with behinde close door. I get it that she is upset, sad and possibly disappointed in Golf but this is not the way to go at it. Now before all of you start yelling at me and saying I don’t understand what a mom feels. I myself is a mom. To be exact, a mom of two. A 16 and a 5 year old so trust me when I say I know what she’s going through.

  18. some ppl say keep your private matters to yourself.
    However, I think golf’s mom is brave enough to admit sth is wrong with her son publicly. Golf is a public figure , so as his mom too albeit in a smaller range.
    Come on, give the mother a break.. with all the constant questions thrown at her everyday… definitely she needs to clarify this matter once and for all.
    golf can talk to the media anytime, but how is it for her?
    dew and golf have insulted her publicly.
    golf is free to do as he pleases but also with responsiblity. so what if he suffer a little hurt now.. he is still young .. and the sooner you realize your mistake, the better it is.. dont u think so?
    dealing behind close doors not gonna work if golf is avoiding his mother, where there’s no chances for them to talk it over.
    i think his mom is trying to give him a wake up call, since i do think he is a little bit arrogant once being a star.

  19. One day he will realize that his mother only wanted to protect him but for that day to come, she has to let him go and find his road by himself.

  20. Dew, ive never really liked her. Ever since that slapping video to the name calling, eh it just makes me want to roll my eyes whenever i see/hear her name.I understand where mom is coming from and i would hope that Dew can step back a bit and let Golf and his mom work it out. She doesnt have to step completely out of the picture but a bit would be nice. If im mom i would feel the same towards dew maybe even hatred 😛 Dew is an adult but her actions says otherwise.

  21. golf is going to be giving a press conference along with his parents today “in thailand” at 7pm?! is “toom” 7pm?!

  22. I m happy his mom didn’t like dew cuz I like him and Kwan which I don t think it will happen again since they broke up

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