Mike Pirath Loves It!

Uh oh, when pictures of Mike Pirath at an event for St. Louis 61st year Anniversary in Chachengsao made way to our hands, we couldn’t help but want to share it with our viewers on the blog!

Oh Mike, we know you’re open up about your sexuality, but please don’t let Sor 7 article be true about you and your active sex life! It might not be a thang and some chicken wangs to GM fans, but wearing that t-shirt at a school (Christian to be exact) is never OK for our books!

[Images via NearPisanu & GMThailand]

33 responses to “Mike Pirath Loves It!

  1. To be honest I didn’t even notice the shirt. I thought it was a messed up McDonalds siggy lol. But after I read the blog and went back to look at the pic then I figured it wasn’t a messed up McDonalds siggy lol.

  2. ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    i c it. i also thought it was a mcD. sign.
    this should be in the facebook quiz “do you have a dirty mind???”

      • You know the Kappa logo with two girls sitting back to back? Well, that’s what I thought at first (with the two bodies edited out only leaving the legs).

        I took a quick glance at the time and that was what I remembered. I remembered the logo. So don’t try to see it…LOL!

  3. i thought it was a Mcdonalds sign..lol..until i read the article..
    it’s really stupid of him to wear that in a school event…

    dude, what were u thinking?? never mind…don’t answer that….

  4. i don’t like his T-shirt
    it seems he has abit of those dirty t-shirts, that i saw in a couple of photos
    i guess mike is changing
    i like him back then

  5. At first glance, I also thought it was just a jacked up McDonalds M. I didn’t realized how jacked up it actually was til I read the article and looked at it again. tsk tsk~ Him and his hormones.

    I think they do dress themselves? Golf AND Mike needs a stylist. They dress horribly to these random little events. I volunteer. haha.

  6. I didn’t even notice the shirt. I thought it McD symbol..Maybe, Mike also didn’t notice that …haha~maybe,the student also didn’t notice that .maybe,maybe and maybe..=p

  7. that was pretty stupid of him to wear that shirt at a school but I think he’s trying to be casual what do they mean by open up by sexuality

  8. I agree the tee is quite offensive for ladies :/
    But still, i’m loving him 😀
    What for people sell the tee if it’s not meant for wearing?
    So, it’s just how people look at it.
    Anw, there’s lot’s of this type of tee where people are selling around, including the i-pood tee.lol.

  9. That shirt is so inappropriate, how could Mike wear it? It’s degrading to women and a majority of GM fans are women. Yeah, ok we get it Mike, you love women and you have an active sex life. A long time ago I used to feel sorry for Mike because it looked like he lived in the shadow of his brother and now I feel like he’s trying to one up Golf by flaunting his sex life for all to see that he’s got the ladies. To me though Golf still wins because although he’s been around too, he’s now in a steady relationship. Sorry Mike, but I’m not lovin’ you.

  10. Mike, I like you but sometimes you should think more before you act; not everyone has the same humor as you, alright? And that shirt is not AT ALL funny.

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