Weir is not cheating on Pancake “I can’t survive anywhere else”


Recently “Weir” Sukollawat Kanarot found himself caught in romance related rumour with co-star “Jakajun” Akumsiri Suwanasouk. At a function yesterday, the actor dismissed talks about him going on dinner dates with Jakajun. He claimed she is just a friend from the lakorn set and nothing more..

Is Pancake angry about this news?

“No, of course she’s not angry. Honestly she knows that there’s no way I would have time to go out for dinner with anyone. Because I’m with Pancake most of the time”

“We’re not interested in small rumours, we’d rather spend our time making each other happy”

So Pancake’s fans can rest assure that you’re a faithful man?

“Ooiii….don’t worry about me, I won’t be going anyway (laughs) I can’t survive anywhere else and where else can I go?”

“Lately we’ve been working constantly and whenever we have time we call each other and take care of each other. Everything is still okay, there’s no problems, we’re still happy. I’m still in the family and I’m still happy so why should I leave? I’m good here”

So bottom line is you love Pancake?

“You still want me to answer more questions?”

Source via Khaosod News

21 responses to “Weir is not cheating on Pancake “I can’t survive anywhere else”

    • yea but Weir is realli cute and has alot of talents and even without Pancake, he’d still be popular. 🙂

  1. his answer “i can’t survive anywhere else” is like he’s looking at Pancake as a meal ticket or something…

    can’t u just say u love her?? why do these celebs make everything difficult when it’s obvious to a blind man that they’re dating??

    • Because you don’t always have to love someone you’re dating. Love takes time. It’s better to say it when you feel it than say it when you don’t. Hehe just my 2 cents na ja.

      • lol…point taken…it’s just too bad, u know..from what i’ve read they’ve been dating for 2 yrs or so, so love must’ve developed…oh well ;D whatever works for them…:D

  2. Oh look at all the haters green with envy. If it was anyone else saying this, there would be an “awww”. lol How funny.

  3. Even tho I don’t like them together but what he said about not being able to survive without Pan was really sweet. By saying so he is painting a picture of commitment and long lasting love for her. Pan is one lucky girl.

    • i agree with you noi sheesh thats why couple in the industries dont work out because of all the plastering!! hahaha but i think there cute together though!!! And honestly i dont think weir is that type of guy though!

  4. she did boost his reputation up from rookie to a pro, well ish. If it wasnt for her, they wouldnt be filming that lakorn that yui back out on. Good for her. and totally she would outshine pancake even if it was a sister role.

    • actualli they ARE dating. Weir even said so himself that they’ve been dating for 3 years. if u dont beleive me, you can watch Wan wan yung wan you-Wong Wien Hua Jai. 🙂

  5. even tho Weirs dating Pancake, but he can still go dinner with another girl in a friend way. 🙂
    I love these two together. PERIOD! ❤

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