Pinky Cries She Didn’t Steal Tanya’s Husband!

“Pinky” Sawika cries with tears in her eyes over rumors of her stealing “Peck” Sanchai, the husband of “Tanya” Tanyares Ramnarong. Pinky says the just know each other and she usually doesn’t have adulterous rumors. She’s upset that even when she is out of the country there are plenty of rumors about her even when it’s not true. “Peck” has passed an apology to her that the situation is damaging towards Pinky has gotten out of control.

Having become the talk of the town when rumors of the sharped eye Nang Aek, “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech is romantically involved with “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul the husband of senior(รุ่นพี่) actress, “Tanya” Tanyares Rannarong. There are rumors that the two are close to each other and chat via Blackberry even when Pinky is working in India.

After the rumors had caused a ruckus, Pinky‘s personal caretaker, “Toey” Parada came out to speak of the situation and the pressure that it has put on Pinky that it even led her to cry! She has never thought that she would ever had to deal with such damaging rumors like this.

“It’s not true at all with Peck. None of it is true. They are just two people who know each other like everyone out there. She does have his pin for his blackberry like anyone else who are in the group from the circle of friends. They are not personally close to each other and there is no adultery going on for sure. Pinky did see Peck at a good health event. They greeted each other and chatted for a bit and cleared everything up with each other a bit, but after the rumors came out again she didn’t know how it can be cleared again because none of it was true. We’ve talked about it and Pinky is serious over this news and why has it turned out to be something big like this. There is nothing going on at all and Peck has came to apologized and told me to pass it onto Pinky that he’s the problem for the damaging rumors.”

“After Pinky has read about her news over the internet she wanted me to come and clarify it for her. Pinky‘s mom even confirmed that there is nothing going on between her and Peck at all. They are not close to each other and when the rumors came out it made people look at her badly because no matter what it’s the girl who it ends up damaging. In India, Pinky has not contacted with Peck at all. They do not talk or chat with each other. They are just two people who know each other like anyone else out there but don’t know why it ended up being her and Peck with these damaging rumors.”

[Source: SiamDara]

27 responses to “Pinky Cries She Didn’t Steal Tanya’s Husband!

  1. Poor Pinky. I’m sure there is nothing. Didn’t Tanya even say there was nothing? Aish, rumors never fade out quickly.

  2. oh poor pinky, i know how it feels. if that is me, i will say, “if i hear this again, i will get to the bottom of it and take legal against who else make up this”. they aren’t small problem, things like this can damage your image BIG time.

  3. Pinky is such a pretty girl and can have any man she wants, so I doubt she be after someone who’s already spoken for…She seems like the type that have morals and a good head on their shoulder and I don’t think her mom would condone such a thing. If I was her, I’d probably sue and/or get to the bottom of it. Everything is heresay, unless they, the morons aka paps, can prove it, it don’t mean chit. It must be slow or because Kwan or the usuals doesn’t have scandals that they can to prey on someone else lol. But this is damaging so I can see why her camp is on edge…

  4. My bad it wasn’t the paps, but I guess gossipers, or who even stirring up mess they shouldn’t be…I stand corrected lol

    BTW, anyone from souther cali that felt the quake on easter sunday?

    • haha K.M. i cant agree with you more on that!!! OMGOSH i felt that earthquake im a san diegan so when that earthquake hit i was just like WTF!!! haha it was a 6.9 in san diego but in mexico i heard it was 7.2!! but im glad nobody was injured 🙂

      • Yay, a fell San Diegan!!!! Glad you and your fam was okay. It was scary. I was standing in the doorway, holding on to the doors. So crazy, been here all my life and never felt anything like it. Did you go to the celebration at the Market creek? I didn’t get a chance to go this year 😦

  5. Poor Pinky! I can’t believe this. People need to stop making up stuff. It’s hard for her to deal with this rumor which working in India. Be strong Pinky. You can pull thru this.

    • that is not true. not with this kind of rumor. once it hit you, you will know of how it feels. it damages your image BIG time. people will be talking about you and pointing their finger at you. only if you can take that then you dont have to worry about it.

  6. Poor Pinky! Stupid rumors why can’t peoples just let it go all three of them came out saying it’s not true why is there still rumors going around now crazy! Love Pinky

  7. If the rumors are really false than I think It’s about time Pinky take legal actions. Obivously this is not going to go away on its own. This is very damaging to Pinky and she needs to step up and make the tabloids stop printing these news.

  8. Awws poor p’pinky,gosh these rumors r so shitty,P’Pinky is a talent pretty girl y would she want to steal others man,when she can get one easily,btw hes ugly and too old for her so yeah stupid rumors.P’Pinky su su na ka

  9. yeah poor pinky…feel srry for her with all these if she were to have an affair it wouldn’t be tanya husband, the dude looks old…and two she’s not that type of girl to steal someone else husband…stupid people like to start rumor.

  10. TANYA IS A SENIOR ACTRESS? ididnt know that!! she look MUCh younger than nampeung though… and anne.. *Sigh* poor tanya and pinky, especially pinky.

    • senior actress and in parenthesis it says “roon pee” she is a senior to pinky. not a senior as old.

  11. like i said before.. there’s no news to gossip about so they bring back old ones… lame lame lame…

  12. she just posted on her webboard and she didn’t deny the rumors or outright admit to them, but some of the stuff she said does make you think that there is some truth to this. if it weren’t true at all she would’ve denied it stronger. plus if there weren’t any truth in this tanya would’ve also denied it again like she did last time. it’s a shame. i really liked pinky.

  13. Who’s Tanya’s husband? Is he rich or famous? I’ve seen them on a show but I don’t know what he does or who he is.. anyone?

  14. That is sooo NOT TRUE!!! A girl like Pinky would steal someones husband?? Those newsreporters prob. started asking her realli dumb questions until she had a headache. I think its all of those newsreporters trying to make money.

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