Cream “A celebrity is just a human being”

Some time ago actress “Cream” Premsinee was busted for putting up her middle finger to a woman at a department store when the woman came forward with images from the security camera. But back then, Cream dismissed the accusation and lied by saying, she didn’t give the woman her middle finger – she was just drawing her hand back from paying at the parking booth.

Since then the actress has been heavily criticized for her inappropriate conduct. At her latest appearance she was asked again about her thoughts on the incident.

“I don’t want to talk about her those photos anymore, it’s over now. Let’s just say everyone has a reason for their conduct”

“Being in my position, I get watched more by other other people and I want this to end. People who knows me will know what I’m like, I think that’s enough for me. Honestly this is totally small, it’s nonesense. I haven’t killed anyone, I haven’t sold any drugs so I feel it’s nothing. It’s no big deal”

“If you ask if I should control my temper more, I want to tell everyone that everyone has to control their temper. A celebrity is just a human being. I stay within my limits. I don’t interfere with anyone or hurt anybody because I was never raised that way”

“When bad things happen I have to protect myself. I feel what I did was just to show that I love myself and I didn’t hurt anyone and that’s enough. I don’t want people to think anyone can treat a celebrity that way. Being a celeb is a disadvantaged, we can’t do anything because we’re a public figure but I want people to understand that a celeb is also a human being”

“We feel love, anger, lust just like everybody else. I didn’t hurt anyone but if people want to think whatever they want then that’s okay. I feel the case is over now, I don’t want to bring it back and talk about it again because I’ve talked about it already”

“Have I been impacted by the photographs. No I haven’t”

“The executives have spoken to me about this a little bit but everyone knows this is nonesense, it’s just a fight at a parking lot, nothing major. I’ve been in the industry for 12 years. When people ask me a question, I’ll answer it. I’m a straigh forward/honest person and I want everyone to understand”

Source via Manager

Old Post;

Cream “I didn’t give her the middle finger”

13 responses to “Cream “A celebrity is just a human being”

  1. not to be mean but WHO THE HELL Is she?!? hahaha but i guess its really imature of her to do that! i mean c’mon where all adults here!

    • She was in Silamanee
      with Kob & Paul.
      That’s the only one i know & seen of hers.
      I think she’s cute though.
      It’s passed…no need to bring back the past.
      Like she said, at least it was anything major..
      there are more worse ones out there…

  2. hahaha oh what is that really the girl that played in silmanee!!! oh never mind i know who you talkin bout now hehehe :p

  3. Yeah, hate how the media digs up buried issues or non-issues.

    How on earth did that woman get her hands on surveillance footage?

  4. its still news though. 🙂 does she really think we’re that stupid? her middle finger is ALL the way up >.> . she needs some advice from the veterans in the biz

  5. Lying straightfaced is not being an honest person Cream so STFU. Seriously. You’re not A-Lister for the media to be hounding back and forth. You did the wrong thing, human or not, celebrity or not, so live with it. But the fact that you were shameless enough to lie in public and get caught, now you’re blaming everyone for it, pointing fingers at XYZ for crap?? This girl has no shame.

  6. gosh i don’t know her personally but i definitely dislike her. yeah we are all human but that’s not my concern or problem, it’s the fact that she was denying at first and now she says she’s human and claims that she is a straightforward person… way to go.

  7. Media’s acting like they’ve never flicked someone off before…it’s not a big deal at all, like she said it’s not like she killed someone. That lady that made a big deal about it got her 5 seconds of fame now just let the issue go, my god!

  8. Wait is Cream from Silamanee as Pulpat’s wife, and she was from Tooka Ta Reun Rabam as N’rai, i think she is!!

  9. It’s not a big deal, BUT she lied about it.
    She should have just came out in the first place.
    Just because she is a celebrity she thought she could get away with it.
    Spreading lies about the other person. Pretending to be all innocent.
    Lucky, the other person had the proof.
    This shows what kind of personality she has.
    Which is very ugly.

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