Pinky claims she’s not a mistress; “The news is trying to make me guilty”

Actress “Pinky” Savika Chaidech has been branded as a home wrecker after rumours broke out that she’s been having a fling with Tanya’s husband, “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul.

When Tanya discovered that the rumours about her husband and Pinky were true, the married couple were on the verge of break up. But in the end they manage to sort it out. However, at the end of the ordeal, Tanya came forward to advise Pinky ‘to think before she acts’ without fearing the lawsuit that Pinky’s mom threatened to throw at her if she doesn’t stop talking about her daughter.

As for Pinky, after her return from India, the actress has remained tight lipped and refuses to attend public functions up until yesterday when she appeared as a presenter for HiSkin. At this event, Pinky clarifies all allegations.

“Firstly my pay rate (for Indian movie) is not a million, it’s more than a million (laughs) Now that I’m back I want to make more money and this is the first job that I’ve accepted and I didn’t accept any other jobs before this one. Later there won’t be anymore jobs because I’m going back to India, but I have to go to America first, and then to Las Vegas too. In the beginning I wanted to go to New  York for the concert first. Go with P’Bird’s group and if we go out we’ll probably stay in the LA area. Yesterday was my last day for rehearsal. I’ve been rehearsing for 4-5 weeks now, every single day”

“As for the news (sigh) what can I say, I have clarified this before to some newspapers and she has also given out a lot of news. In the beginning I didn’t get a chance to speak because I didn’t have any event work. Right now I have this one job because they asked me a long time ago”

“P’Peck and I are not in any kind of relationship. Before this, he was a close brother. We go to places together, we go out to eat together but from now on I won’t be talking to him anymore. I think this is a big deal and I never thought of him as being anything more than a friend. He was just a brother to me. People say they saw me go to places with him, like to Chiengmai or whereever they said, but honestly, we went with a lot of people. And if he wanted to go somewhere he would probably go with his wife, it’s got nothing to do with me, I don’t go anywhere with him”

You kissed him in the lift and he bought you an audi

“Whoever said I kissed him I didn’t even know that. I didn’t give out this news, I’m sincere about this, I know what I’m doing and as for the car. I want to say that my dad bought me that audi, Peck didn’t buy that for me. I have my own money. I can buy my own things, I have a job and the car is not that expensive, it’s not 10 million baht so I can pay for it myself. And my dad paid for that so therefore if you want to know anything about the car, go ask my dad. I have hands, I have feet, I am capable of making my own money. It’s not like I don’t work. I work everyday”

“As for using P’Peck for an upgrade on flights from economy to first class to India and for my concert with P’Bird. Oii, I didn’t upgrade anything. The indian crew bought the plane tickets for my Indian trip and Grammy bought the other tickets and they always buy business class. There’s no upgrade, P’Peck had nothing to do with this”

Pinky says she’s confused over the rumour that she asked Tanya to take care of Peck

“Who told you that? The media? In that case, go and ask the person who said it. Who could it be? But of course I would have to ask her to take care of him. They have to take care of each other because I’m here (laughs) and I’m single. I have a place where I belong, every where I go there’s a place for me so therefore she needs to take good care of her husband. I have no right to interfere with them because I’m a sister to him and he’s my gang leader. If you ask if I asked her to take care of him, they already take care of eachother and they’re already happy”

“Since I got back to Thailand, I haven’t seen any of them. Like I said, this is my first appearance since I got back and I intend to only give this one interview. Don’t ask me about this again if anything else should happen, I’ve answered everything, it’s over now. And in the future if I have any more rumours with anyone, I’m not interested because I know that I’m single and whatever I do is not wrong, I can go anywhere I want, It can’t be wrong”

Pinky demands to end her relationship with “Peck-Tanya” and refuses to talk about this topic anymore

“This is over now. I think it should’ve been over a while ago. Since I was in India. I called them, 3 way. Me, P’Peck and P’Tanya. We spoke to each other in the beginning of the rumour and I apologized to her then. We needed to sort things out and I sorted everything and ended it, but more news leaked and now I don’t know what else to sort out. I’m just going to let the news die on its own”

“If you ask if I’ve ended my relationship with P’Peck and P’Tanya, well I don’t talk to them anymore. I’ve stopped talking to them but the problem still continues. Even though I don’t see them anymore the rumours are still going. It’s like the news is trying to make me guilty, no matter what, I am this and that. So like I said, write whatever you want, I am not anything”

Tanya’s friends gave you a nickname as “E Pink Kon Rueng Mueng” (based on a lakorn – picture above) and the public are calling you “The Mistress”

“Thank you, that sounds cute. Is it too harsh? I don’t know, probably, but thanks anyway to whomever who gave me that name. Thanks (laughs)”

“As for the people who accused me of being a mistress, I am not one. I am a single lady and I don’t want to talk about this. I’m beyond the anger phase. From now on, I just want to work and please don’t interfere with me anymore, don’t talk anymore, don’t give out anymore news because I don’t want to interfere with anyone. I want to stay still from now on”

Tanya wrote in her twitter something along the line of  ‘You honestly did it and you still have the nerve to give a press con?!’

“Honestly, this is not a press conference. I’m just coming out to clarify my part. I’m not accusing anyone of anything. There is nothing for me to say anymore. I’m not interfering with anyone anymore and I will not be talking about this for the 2nd 3rd 4th time. I want this to be over, if anyone asks me about it again, I won’t talk about it so therefore she has nothing else to worry about. It’s over. As for my mother’s threat of wanting to sue, that’s up to my mom and dad, I don’t know anything about it”

Your contract with channel 7 is about to end?

“I still have an Indian movie to finish, as for my contract with channel 7 (laughs) I still have two months left, you’ll have to wait and see. But at the end of the year I still have a play and a lakorn. I have one more lakorn with channel 7 that I have to come back and star in after my movie in India. But I don’t know the title of the lakorn yet”

“If you ask if I plan to move channel, can you wait a bit (smiles) right now if you want to know whether it’s going to be channel 3 or channel 7 you will have to wait in two more months. Honestly I’ve been getting offers but there’s been so many in the news like 3-4 of them, I don’t know about it yet. But if I get those roles I would probably take it. As for whether or not I will be a free agent like P’Poh Nattawuth, I don’t know. Let’s wait and see. I can’t predict the future yet”

Source via Manager (click to view interview clip)

85 responses to “Pinky claims she’s not a mistress; “The news is trying to make me guilty”

  1. “They have to take care of each other because I’m here (laughs) and I’m single. I have a place where I belong, every where I go there’s a place for me so therefore she needs to take good care of her husband.”

    “I’m not interested because I know that I’m single and whatever I do is not wrong, I can go anywhere I want, It can’t be wrong””

    these quotes made me narrow my eyebrows when i read them.

    • and this:

      “But of course I would have to ask her to take care of him. They have to take care of each other because I’m here (laughs) and I’m single.”

      LOL what authority does Pinky have to tell Tanya to take care of her own husband?

  2. i honestly hope she doesnt move to ch3. i dont want to see her with any of my favs…plus, they have way too many actresses over there so she’ll be overshadow by them anyways. why would she want to move or be a free agent when ch7 have always gave her work otherwise she wouldnt be this popular..

    • I’m hoping the same thing here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Ch.3 doesn’t need her and Ch.7 has done many things for her..
      She’ll end up living in other actresses’ shadows if she moves to Ch.3!!!

  3. I like the fact that she uses her single status as a confirmation that she’s not a mistress. *sigh* she seems more stuck up now that she just returned from her OVER-a-million bucks indian movie. It’d be sad if that movie doesn’t do well in the box office, because then she’d have nothing to bargain ppl with.

    • Yeah I don’t like that. I doubt she’s making over a million, seems unbelievable, maybe a five or six digit, they wouldn’t pay her that much, isn’t she like…Unknown to Bollywood movies, correct me if I’m wrong. By the way she’s talking, it’s like she’s saying “Yeah I’m the shit, you Thai stars ain’t got nothing on me. I’m makin more than a million.” Believe me pinky, make all the money you want, but you’re definitely not one hell of an actress. Please just stay with ch7, I just can’t see her playing with Ken, Aum, Rome, Andrew, or tik…They’re too precious to me lol. It just seems right for her to stay in ch7. As for the mistress allegations, I don’t even care anymore, I’ve already stated in earlier post that I think she’s guilty, I’m not backtracking now because I still believe she’s guilty, just my perspective, oh yeah, I disliked the way she treated this like a laughing matter, they’re calling you a mistress and you chuckle at it? A dumb move right there, I’d strongly deny it if I was her because her image is heading towards the wrong way, like seriously, her image isn’t pretty anymore.

  4. pinky really disappoint me. i can’t believe what is behind that pretty face! pee tee sanit? please, close with a married man? everything she said basically proved that she’s the third person.

    and as for tanya, i understand her but she’s another stereotypical wife/girlfriend like in lakorns instead of going at the husband/boyfriend, they lash at the other girl like hello! go at your unfaithful husband first!

    • She probably did lash out at him else they wouldn’t be living in separate houses. He has been in the news with lots and lots of girls and they all call him pee tee sanit but Pinky is the only one who got called a mistress. She said there were other people who goes out with them, well they must all be her friends cus his friends are the same clan as Tanya’s friends.

      • i think i remember vaguely seeing a picture of him and ploy cherman together or maybe it was ploy with someone else don’t remember anymore. mistress or no mistress they’re all the same to me. i wonder what the sequence of events are starting from the time she broke up with aum to talking with songkran and this ugly peck guy lol

        • Yeah it was him and Ploy. They’re all in the same group. Ploy, Tanya, and Khem Rujira but now Ploy is hanging out with the younger crowd lol.

  5. I don’t believe her shit, i don’t like her anymore, i too hope she won’t go to ch3 i wouldn’t like her with Aum,Rome,Ken and etc, i believe she’s the third hand or Tanya wouldn’t be going ape shit about everything!

  6. OMG please don’t go to ch 3…I don’t want her at all near my Ken! T__T lol I honestly havent watched any of her lakorns since she became a n’ek, only when she was a kid, and I don’t wanna start either…so please, stay loyal to ch 7 😀

  7. TANYA you are a true witch !!! you want to make a bad reputation to Pinky !!! inclu your friends !! ALL are WITCH , JEALOUS ,HYPÖCRITE and SHIT you dared to give Pinky a nickname as “E Pink Kon Rueng Mueng” !!! You have no shame !! You are ALL old witch that husbands are sick that why they want to look elsewhere !!! i don’t believe anything about the shit news made from Tanya and Friends = WITCH ,BITCH ,PROSTITUTE and this is my 2 warning to Tanya ” you know why you can’t have child,because you often make bad to people behind them that is your punishment !!!!

    • hi my name is tanya so are you calling me a true witch? how did you know about my trueself when i never met you?

      sorry i’m jealous of pinky because she’s stupid and she likes to steal other ppl’s husband. i hope one day someone steal your husband and you would know how it feels. i’m not a prostitute because i make a decent living and i have a husband who is rich and a child to look after. i don’t go walking around the streets standing there selling my body for money. why would i need money when my man is rich? you might want to say that to your precious pinky because it seems like she likes to go after that. i mean look at my husband…he’s not handsome but has money and yet pinky wanted him. so what was it that pinky wanted if it wasn’t money?

    • i feel like she is just saying it to annoy us. lol oh well. it felt weird reading her comment but if thats how she feels, then watever…

      i was like “is she just saying that to get on our nerves again? Or is she like what C-indy says?” the entire time reading her comment

      • No kulyia, I really do think she has issue. She might even be bi-polar. I know that’s a little harsh but how else can you explain it? She went off on Noon and Todd’s wedding lol. That’s not something a sane person would do. I mean we all have our negative comments regarding some issues but this is beyond that. kookoo. hahaha.

        • Haha. Lydia strikes again!!! Lydia=Crazy ass girl! If she classifies Tanya to be in that group, then so is she, she’s even crazier than all of the descriptions she used to describe Tanya and her friends. Just ignore her…She’s a moron, an idiot…Hell, she’s just psychotic.

        • you too you’re there that why you saw my comment , why not me? it’s written somewhere forbidden to comment ??Mind your own business !! in my comment i talk about star s, i didn’t name one of your !! SHUT UP !!!

      • Yeah she’s definitely crazy…Also with bad grammer, I’d like to see her post proofreaded a little if she’s gonna keep
        this going, I just can’t stand her period. P.S. Lydia, she already has a child, it may not have been through the normal way, but she’s got one nonetheless, one that she’s gonna love whole-heartedly, something you probably don’t know how to do since you’re a witch! A bad witch, an evil witch, a conniving witch, an evil prostitue witch who’s going to get punished, this is my last
        warning to you! Lol, just playing! For a minute there, I sounded like Lydia, didn’t I? Haha. Lol. ;p

        • it’s normal my english is not very well ;because i m french !!French is my mother tongue !! i am sure you ALL understand what i wrote in english that why ALL of you think me crazy ahaha . I am sure for a French ,my english is a little better than one of your,because it’s not just english ,i understand and speak chinese and thai also.

          • Yeah! That does explain everything! And everybody, her english is better than mine because she knows Chinese and Thai which has no connection with English whatsoever. And people don’t think you’re crazy, they know you’re crazy. And you tell everybody to shut up because you have a right to speak your mind, don’t you think that is a bit contradicting, when we say you’re crazy, we’re also speaking what’s on our mind, so we also have a right! Everything that comes out of your mouth is nonsense, it’s as if I’m talking to a damn child, so frustrating!

      • it’s written somewhere forbidden to comment ??Mind your own business !! in my comment i talk about star s, i didn’t name one of your !! SHUT UP !!! i think you are crazy than me because in my comment i don’t talk about YOU ! CRAZY girl ! ahahha

          • Comme tu aimes bien me traiter de folle et de te vanter en anglais ,ben moi je te réponds en ma langue française et je ne vais plus me gêner pour te traiter de SALOPE !! occupes toi de tes oignons !!

          • Translation: How you treat me like a fool and boast in English, well I’ll answer in my French and I’m not going to bother me to call you a BITCH! occupied your own business!

          • Thank for the translation. But honestly, it doesn’t matter what language she writes in, she’s still crazy. I treat you like a fool because you act like one, maybe if you act a little more mature instead of calling people bitch, prostitute, witch without reasons then maybe I’ll actually treat a little better, but everyone knows you’re gonna continue this crazy behavior, so it wouldn’t matter, you’ll still a crazy girl.

      • i think it’s your parents who dropped you when you were little or something , because i commented about stars not about YOU ,crazy girl !!!

  8. Tanya please leak those evidences or else I think I might actually believe Pinky. I’m kidding. I don’t know if Pinky knows that she is pushing herself down to hell even more (no not the hell where you go instead of heaven-it’s just a descriptive word that I chose to use) Her interview makes her even more guilty. Avoiding the problem is almost as avoiding the truth well at least in her case, that’s how I see it as. How can she joke about something like this? From reading this interview I interpret as “ahahaha, I’m single now. I am avoiding them [Peck and Tanya] because I want the rumors that are true to die down.” Shall I continue lol

    It doesn’t lightened up the mood in this type of situation to crack jokes. If Ch3 does accept Pinky, I would be very disappointed. I don’t think she can act, well I take that back, she’s pretty good at being a b*tch. Ah I know that was pretty harsh but I meant a b*tch in lakorns lol no no no she had never done a nang rai role before bur some of her nang ek role, she’s kind of badass girl. She does bring in that b*tchy vibe.

    Wow I was all over the place.

    • Maybe ch3 should give her a lakorn, a sappy one where the nang’ek is weak and they can give the nang’rai role to Tanya. Total b*tch slap! lol That would be satisfying to a lot of people.

      • Or they could give Tanya a badass nang’ek role, you know, the one where she beats the crap out of the nang’rai all the time,
        pinky could take on a nang’rai role, I believe she’ll be able to pull it off very well.

  9. Oh I just want to add, I will be commenting a lot on this post. It’s not that I don’t have a life, I think I am going to love this thread thanks to Lydia. Ahahaha. Some people just amuse me with their nonsense. Even if Pinky is not a mistress to Peck, it doesn’t mean Tanya a witch. If she was to be a witch lol Pinky would have turned into an ugly rat.

  10. Sigh…All the drama. I feel like I’m watching a ch7 lakorn…All we need now is a gun so the bad girl can shoot the main girl, I don’t care what roles you place the girls in, good or bad, it’s still like a lakorn excluding the gun lol. J/K. God forbid if one of these girls get a gun which is unlikely. Ithought this was all over but then this comes out. And how would the media know if Tanya gave her those names, find it weird, but oh well, I’m pretty sure Pinky said a few bad words towards Tanya behind her back. Pinky goodluck to you, also Tanya too, by the way, your husband is ugly and a piece of trash, Pinky please do not leave ch7 for ch3, I like ch3 the way it is right now, I beg you, you won’t fit in, most of the real life drama should stay on ch7’s side, please!!!!!

  11. YES i’d be very disapointed if ch3 got her. I don’t believe one word she says, ever since her true lying self came out around that time she was “talking” to songkran. She NEEEEEDS to stay with channel 7 with all the other bitches. haha a little harsh, but true (:

  12. “I’m not interested because I know that I’m single and whatever I do is not wrong, I can go anywhere I want, It can’t be wrong””

    This quote explains it all. Of course she single, why wouldn’t she go for a married man, since she did say what she do isn’t wrong. You don’t have to be in love to do something wrong. I had a friend, but she stab me in the back and dated my uncle who is married. I helped her through so much stuff that nobody was willing to help her. And when I found the truth, her attitude and response were almost the same as Pinky. Very disappointed indeed. Dont deny when the truth already spoken.

  13. Wow!! I am leaning toward Tanya more. Pinky should know. Where ever you go with a married man? Even if you are innocent. Pinky should know this is coming. Comment sense! If she was going out with Peck with a group of people. Then post that evidence on her website something to prove she innocent. But I don’t thing there are any photo. Mainly b.s talk to me. As for Tanya. She need to divorce Peck. Once a cheater. Always a cheater. And plus there are no trust left between them. As for Pinky…even if you are single. You don’t need to use that in very sentence you said. No point. Photo or. Alliby. If non of those. Then you are guilty.

  14. Pinky’s interview is quite annoying. She’s too arrogant and believes that her “brother” relationship with Peck is innocent. Uh, honey, you just admitted that you go to places with him, whether it’s in a big group or not. Pinky just went boy crazy this year, she probably doesn’t even realize 90% of the things she just said.

    I hope Tanya publishes the proof.

  15. I hope Tanya publishes the proof. That would confirm everything and put it in its place.

  16. ill be so mad if ch3 accept pinky to be in their channel too. i cant stand seeing her with any of my favs. expecially ken! im be sooo pissed off. she’ll surely be overshadow by most of their actresses too. she stands out @ ch7 cuz they have mostly newbies.

  17. man you can just hella tell the girl’s trying play it off with her little chuckle acting like she’s not guilty, she seems to repeat and don’t have a strong statement or whatever but, this girl isn’t too smart. After all she done, she still have the face to tell Tanya and her husband to take care of each other. Yeah its true she single but it doesn’t mean whatever she do is not wrong. i never liked her anyways. her acting sucks bigggg time! i’ve only watch a part of her lakorn with Aof and i gotta say this bitch can’t act. like the part when she was kidnap or so and spray something at the bad guy, comparing it to other actress like Aff, she’s nothing. this bitch sucks!

  18. She sounds really cocky when she said she is making more than what the news have written. Anyways, I believe Tanya. She has a family already and why would she do that to kill her own families reputation? Especially her little daughter who will eventually find all this out later in the future.

  19. i-ya-yi!!! what is she trying to do? stick on your ground girl, if you really wanna deny the whole thing. “i’m single” who care if you are single…. sigh* she needs to be smart than that…

  20. Fun, made me lol’ed @rat and spit water at my comp . I like Pink. Corrections, I used to, but now the more that I see her true colors and the more she speaks, the more disgusted I am with her actions and her words. Her ego is waaaay bigger than the size of her.

    Karma is a bitch and she will be creepin’ up on you before you even know it. Good luck with the whole bollywood ish…millions of dollar still can’t buy intelligence and class…

  21. PS I hope this bollywood project is legit and she’s getting paid forreals because I would hate to see her ending up like her dilusional friend, Nathan Oman (spell check) *or whatever his name is* bawahaha. Tanya and her friends would be laughing their azzes off.

  22. Both Pinky and Tanya are stupid! Pinky for messing with a married man and what’s worst is Tanya staying with her man. Accusation after accusation, Tanya in the end is still with her man hahahahaha Tanya could leak all the evidence she has but after all this dies down, she is still the one with a horn on top of her head.

  23. is this interview on youtube??
    Gosh I cant stand her
    “by the way I don’t make a million… I MAKE MORE THAN THAT HEHEHE” stupid bitch

    • omg ididnt read that part!! “Now that I’m back I want to make more money and this is the first job that I’ve accepted and I didn’t accept any other jobs before this one” omgoodness someone slap her please! cocky attitude when such situation she is in!

  24. OHHH!! Lydia strikes back! LOL I think Lydia is really invested in the whole Tanya and Pinky debacle. CRAZY GIRL, calm the hell down!! Seriously, I’m pretty sure most of us on this blog believe that Pinky is pretty guilty since Tanya is pretty much singling her out. Anyway, MOST of us believe that Pinky’s guilty, but we don’t go around calling her bad names like she’s a bitch, a witch, a whatever that Lydia labels Tanya. Sure, we will say that Pinky’s head seems to be filled with conceit about herself, but I don’t see the reason of calling her a bitch. Even if she’s a bitch we at least point out our reasons for thinking she’s a bitch and we do it logically and coherently unlike Lydia. Lydia, why don’t YOU explain why Tanya’s a bitch, witch, and etc instead of just name calling. You sound like those stupid tween girls that are crazy and obsessed!

    Like I stated before, I hope Tanya leaks out damaging information about Pinky. She seems to think she’s the shit! Her head seems too full of it! Sorry, I dislike conceited people! Reading her interview just makes me think less and lower of her. If she’s not the third hand, then just state that you’re not the damn third hand and not the mistress. There’s no wrong to defend oneself, but no need to act all immature about it!

      • Hate to break it to you, she is also a person who says what she thinks. If you like Pinky, I could careless. But to defend her and call Tanya names because you like Pinky is kind of lol.

      • Oh, crazy girl!! LOL Like fun stated, I am also a person who speaks what’s on my mind. I’m not telling you to stfu, I’m asking you to at least back up your name calling. There’s a difference between telling someone to stfu and asking them to back up their claims. I don’t care if you’re desperately in love with Pinky or if you’re her number one fan, all I’m saying is that your childish ways of name calling are unnecessary and uncalled for. If you’re going to keep doing it, then at least provide those of us on the blog with your reasons why and who knows, maybe we’ll stop thinking you’re such a crazy person or we’ll just accept you as a crazy person!!

  25. pls. you better not go to ch 3.i will paid you a million shit for you to get out. so, you wont be near my ken.. lol hahahha…

  26. Pinky sounds really cocky in this interview. She is trying to deny the rumors but everything that comes out of her mouth is the complete opposite. I just wish Tanya would go public with what ever evidence she has so everyone could see who is really at fault. At this point I don’t know who to believe. The angry wife or the rumored mistress.

  27. Just my two cents: If Pinky had nothing to do with the rumors, she should just have stayed silent. Silence is golden sometimes my dear 🙂

  28. If Tanya really wants to still be with Peck, why is she still holding grudges and trying to start stuff?? If she’s that unhappy, then leave her husband already.

    • Actually Tanya is not holding any grudge. She probably had lectured Peck and gave a warning to Pinky. If she really did hold a grudge, she would have leaked those evidence day 1. I think she is just disappointed in Pinky. I know it takes two to tangle but if you look at the bigger picture, Pinky knows Peck is married. She would have said no to Peck and distance herself from him.

      • I agree with you fun. Maybe Tanya had to use the media to get Pinky to back out. Weren’t there rumors that Peck asked Tanya if he could come to the states with Pinky? So maybe she used diplomacy but Pinky and Peck still wouldn’t stop so she had to use the media.

        • In my opinion, Tanya shows her quality as a mature, married woman and as a mother of a child. She’s not immature or childish and doesn’t have attitude to bash everyone or anyone just because she doesn’t like what certain people do or say. But there’s limit to how much pain a woman could take. And she used media because the pain already went beyond the limit.

          I really wished Tanya just leak all the evidences to media. I don’t know about this not-even-worth-talking Peck, but at least we won’t have to hear some actress keeps playing dumb and innocent about everything and boasting about herself (more than million? Yeah, right… there are many people who made more than trillion and they didn’t even say anything about it. Oh, how irony is a beautiful thing).

    • because Tanya can’t find anyone else to put up with her, its takes the same kind to stay together and play together, all of them included – birds of a feather flock together

  29. Even though she went bollywood there are so many hot bollywood actress who can move their body way better than her. She cannot beat the Bollywood actress who can act way better, dance and everything in general…

    She is just making everything worst. Something serious is a joke to her but something isn’t serious enough she cry..

  30. Wow, looks like Pinky has alot of antis here. I’m not saying I believe one or the other. I’m just thinking about what I see… Pinky is one of the most popular nang ek out there and she knows it. She knows she can get anyone she wants, so why would she settle for a married man with a kid. Seriously, I think she knows better than that. I think its just gotten over dramatic and a big misunderstanding. If I was a hot star and young… I would not even look twice at a married man, I would choose someone young, good looking and has a good future ahead of him. Just doesn’t make sense.

  31. Whoot!! I just saw news on Pinky sending a kissy picture to Tanya’s husband. Tanya showed it to the reporters too! Can’t wait for dirtii laundry to post news about it.

  32. Ok hi guys I’ve read all your comments first of all I’d like to say I personally know pinky not as an actress but as a real person I understand that her fans want to see the best in her but come on she’s been in the business since she was little she’s good at being fake I am dating one of her ex bfs and she still calls him even when we’ve been tgthr for two years and she’s even wished me luck with him she called him from friggin india and I’m wondering if I should go to the news abt it! She pretends to be all innocent when she likes to make problems she pretended she was really drunk one night and held onto my friends bf while the gf was standing right there! I don’t know her that well but from the impression she gave me face to face She needs constant attention I’m not suprised by the rumours at all she’s cheated on one of her bfs with many guys she is lost in herself and the pressure of being 25 and always being with ur mother

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