Yui pulls out from “Douy Rang Athitarn”, doesn’t want to be inferior to Pancake

Channel 7 is under havoc due to the remake of old lakorn “Douy Rang Athitarn version 2010”.

Formerly the leading casts were set to be “Poh” Nuttawuth Skidjai & “Pinky” Savika Chaidech. But in the last minute the leading roles were switched to favorite couple “Pancake” Khemanid Jamikorn & “Weir” Sukollawat Kanarot.

Apparently rumor has it that Weir hardly wants to be apart of this production because he’s not too keen on portraying the role of a much older man. He felt, the viewers will find his character to be unrealistic.

The feedback from the internet proved – Weir’s thoughts were true. Netizens felt Weir is not suitable for the role when compared to the successful older version of “Duoy Rang Athitarn” which starred “Tui” Saranyoo Wonggrajang and “Kob” Suvanant Kongying.

And the most recent problem to be encountered on the set is the newest rumor to say “Yui” Jiranan Monajam who was cast as Pancake’s sister has pulled out from the lakorn. Despite having her name in the official poster of the TV drama series, Yui did a no show to the Opening Press Conference. The staff from Kantana said, she was unable to attend as Yui was busy working on her other lakorns.

However, a reliable source confirmed to Daradaily that Yui has pulled out from this project because she felt her character was too plain and any newcomer could pull off this role. There’s no need for an experienced actress such as herself to portray this character. Another gossip also claimed, Yui simply doesn’t want to take on a role that is inferior to Pancake.

At this stage Kantana Production can not confirm whether Yui will definitely be in this lakorn or not. They just clarified to say they haven’t heard about the rumor that Yui plans to pull out. Kantana said, at this rate – they are not certain whether or not there will be anymore changes to the casting because the lakorn has only just begun filming.

Source via Daradaily

35 responses to “Yui pulls out from “Douy Rang Athitarn”, doesn’t want to be inferior to Pancake

  1. ^totally agree. But she’s very lucky to get a lot of lakorns that’s all I’ll say and she always pulls in the rating so yeah. Just I’m not a fan.

  2. I’m glad Yui is pulling out. She needs to make a stand and show ch7 bosses that they just can’t do what ever with her. As for Weir and Pan I don’t think they’re suitable for the role. I too want Por and Pinky back. I wonder if this is the reason behind all the rumors of Por leaving ch7.

    • You know, I hope Por does leave because I’m sure he can do so much better with a different channel. Ch7 always has the same nang’eks, same pra’eks over and over again. To me, it seems like ch7 puts the young people ahead of the older/more experienced people and making the older ones feel inferior to the young ones.

  3. Should be Pancake that drops instead of Yui…Pan don’t fit the role in this lakorn. Kobs version will still be the best..i guess we can’t blame Yui, i do too beleive that any new comer can pull off the sister role.

  4. i agree with most of you here i want poh and pinky back , i never seen them play in a lakorn together! plus pancake and weir i dont know, i mean if he’s gonna play an older man in the lakorn definitely not, because i think he looks to young! as for kob i love her but still i think they should had stick to the orginal people from the begining pinky and poh!!!! i really really want to see them in a lakorn together PINKY AND POH 😀

  5. Seriously… they need to find someone older… Weir looks to young for the role… Pinky and Poh would do it… but Pancake and Weir… I don’t know…

    if yui dropped out that is good… the sister’s role is plain…

  6. there’s another rumor that yui had to drop this because ch.7 offered her the leading nang’ek role in another lakorn instead so she opted for that. a perfectly logical decision imo.

    • If that is the case, i wouldn’t blame her!. I’d rather yui take a leading role than a supporting role..

  7. I’m glad Yui is dropping out. I’m upset that they changed the roles from Pinky and Por to Pan and Weir. Why??? That’s just stupid. Weir himself knows that he’s not suited for the role, and yet they’re still gonna make him do it?? But we all know ch7 IS OBSESSED WITH HIGH RATINGS so I think the only reason why they’re changing it to Weir and Pan is because of their big fan base. I don’t know why, but Pan and Weir just don’t have chemistry onscreen to me. It makes no sense. They’re just blah or indifferent to me.

  8. Oh yeah, i’m definately watching this, i might be the only one here who likes weir and pancake together!

    • no i like pancake and weir together! but just not onscreen together!! i agree with xox!!! but hopefully they decide to change the people back to pinky and poh im still rooting for that to happen LOL!!! But i do tend to watch ch.7 more though!

  9. I think they should have stick with poh & pinky i mean yes pancake & is everyone favorite couple but really its everyone favorite off screen couple, just because ppl craze them as bf&gf doesnt mean der sutiable & able to potray these roles…& if weir doesnt want to be apoart of this porduction den drop out y cont. oh but wait pancake in der… y ruin a good lakorn cuz people like them as bf&gf personal business shouldn’t mix with work

  10. since everyone so far above me beside one person already said what i had in mind, i will not include it. lol i just wanted to say that the ch7 bosses are PATHETIC!! their too carried away with the ratings and their fan base. Just because of that doesnt mean that they can portray those characters!!! how pathetic. this pisses me off. Why didnt they give it to poh and pinky??? their PERFECT for this role. *roles eyes* mannn, no wayy can vier or veir and pancake outbeat the original in my opinion. kob and tui were perfect for the movie however, vier and pank?? she is TOOO girlie and he is TOO tiny. *sigh* i saw the preview and im not at all excited. good for yui, if im her i wouldnt blame her for leaving ch7. ibet shes tired of accepting nang rai roles or Supporting roles.if she and poh and kob moves to ch3, then im satisfied. 😀

  11. I am not a Por’s fan but he should have been cast in this lakorn. Pancake is alright. So there is a big lose, since Weir looks nothing like a 40 year old man.

  12. CH7 is dumb. Poh and Pinky were perfect!!

    why change the cast from Perfect to Lame/Boring?!

    even though Pan n Weir are couples.. I dont want to see them onscreen together period! To me, Weir seems uncomfortable acting with his girlfriend. Bad move Ch7!!

  13. pancake is sooooo overrated. maybe is a good thing yui pulled out b/c her acting would have outshine pancake. yui deserve more n’ek roles. `–`

  14. I love this drama very much , i still have this drama version with Kob & saranyou, to me this remake must star by Por & pinky or Wier & Pinky .I already know Pinky is the best for this drama ,NOT Jui or Pancake !!!!!

  15. I really loved this lakorn with Kob…no offense, but Pancake will ruin it, she’s not the right character to play it…plus, Weir was right, he’s also unsuited for it, they need to do a re-cast for the main leads if Pancake and Weir were their choices.

  16. i’m happy with yui to move to ch3. If she still stay in ch7, she has to be na rae again. I want to see her to be nang ae.

  17. so is this movies gonna come out soon
    and if yui is out of the movie then who gonna replace her
    is it pinky??
    i hope so.=))

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