Tah BMIX Reappears…


It’s been a long time since “Tah” Krit Pongpun, former RS Promotion boyband member of BMIX made an appearance in the biz.

The latest, Gossipstar Papparazzi captured images of Tah and his girlfriend appearing at an event together publicly for the first time.

Is Tah planning to make a comeback? Who knows…but Gossipstar reckons he looks much more handsome now. What do you think?


BMIX back then

if you were alive in the D2B era then you would know BMIX. They were popular then, right up until Dodge BMIX’s personal photos  with girlfriend Tangmo Pattarathida leaked on the internet.

After that, Dodge was banned from BMIX, and the band pretty much faded ever since..

Video “Chun Yoo Dtrong Nee Laew”, this one is pretty much Tah’s solo – Credits to Futifu youtube

4 responses to “Tah BMIX Reappears…

  1. he looks the same to me. he should go into acting, out of all the b-mix boys he was the best at acting. i remember he played the villain in that one lakorn with bogie and donut and he was really good.

  2. lol he looks the same to me….i never thought he was cute though but boy do i miss dodge…he was the cutest!

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