Mart Krisada is stupid in “Plerng Sree Roung”

Lately actor “Mart” Krisada Pornwaeroj is bombarded with criticism. People on the street approach him to call him ‘Ai Ngoh!’ {Stupid}.

At first Mart admits the name calling is quite a shock to him, until he realized they were just giving him feed back for his lakorn “Plerng Sree Roung”.

“The feedback for my lakorn ‘Plerng Sree Roung (laughs) has been good, really good. Wherever I go people approach me all the time to call me ‘aii ngoh’ {stupid}. This lakorn is getting more news each day, just like the plot”

“The first time it went on air, I was told I looked handsome in it, not much critics then. But now that the plot is getting more juicy, people are starting to criticize. In the lakorn, my character is very cruel and irrational. He’s stupid and retarded and he’s always hurting Susie (nang aek) all the time. He’s good one minute and bad the next, like a crazy person”

“When I was portraying his character, I could barely handle him. I knew at that point, people all over town will criticize me, and I was not wrong about it. Just as I expected, people did criticize. All my relatives are annoyed with me, they said I should eat some fish so I could become smarter”

“Some people watch this lakorn and criticize at the same time, but they’re still watching. They say it’s fun to watch and the story moves real fast, it’s not boring. So I guess this is a good lakorn for me. To me, I don’t mind criticism because I feel I’ve succeeded in making people hate me and criticize me because it means, they’re watching it and they’re into it”

“But don’t hate me to the point where you stop watching because the lakorn is getting more fun to watch. In the end, my character will be a very sorry man. Karma will catch up to him, I bet everyone will be satisfied.”

Source via Innnews

29 responses to “Mart Krisada is stupid in “Plerng Sree Roung”

  1. Lové Mart very much and Suzy too but i think Pleung SeeRoong is a good lakorn but make The pra ek too stupid !!! They must change a little The story. ..make pra ek don t slap The nan ek !! It s very bad to let a Man slap a woman !!!

    • Yea, that’s the only thing I majorly dislike about this drama. He’s slapped Susie wayyy to many times. That’s a no-no. ( :

  2. I Love this Lakorn.It was funny when he say”karma will catch up to him,I bet everyone will be satisfied”Ha!

  3. People shouldn’t get ahead of themselves and dislike Mart for his roles lol. That’s just silly. He has done a really good job at being a stupid p’ek 🙂

  4. I can deal with Mart being stupid and irrational (because that’s just how a lot of sadistic pra’eks act and will act), but I think the part that bothers me the most in this drama is Mart being physically abusive towards Susie. Like smacking, pushing, throwing, etc…Other than that, Mart’s character isn’t all that bad. He can be stupid, but just not abusive. lol. I still love Mart. ( :

    • i agree..especially the slapping.

      but i would love to have a “seu ba” (forrest animal) like him 😀 hehehehe.

  5. I think the writer went too far with pra’ek ‘s role…it bothers me when he becomes physical abusive towards Suzy, slapping her on the face is unacceptable.. other than that, this lakorn is good.

  6. i’m sure everyone will be satisfied when karma catch up to him.. LOL..

    But he did portray his role well in here

  7. you guys are shock that p’ek being abusive to n’ek. have you seen off’s old lakorn where he chain n’ek like a dog and abuse her etc. I believe vicky remade that lakorn w/ watz his face forgot his name. I have not seen mart’s lakorn yet but is it anything to that extent like off’s lakorn? i like mart i might give this lakorn a try. luv this article it had me cracking up. ahehe.

    • I don’t think it was Aff. It was Vicky and Boy’s drama! THANKS FOR REMINDING ME! Now that you’ve mentioned it, don’t even get me started! That drama was just beyond crazy! How Boy beated the crap out of Vicky, it was just cruel! There was so many times where I thought the girl had died because she got beat up so bad. And yet she forgave him at the end like it was nothing. I think it’s called Fai Ruk Arsoon. It was a very violent drama.

  8. I think Khun Mart can further improve his acting skill and by the way the director should come with a better plot for him… a good director will know how to bring out the best fm his actors

  9. aww i love p’mart he’s too cute.
    i’ve fallen for him since ma ka kahnom.
    i love his dimples soo much he’s adorible.
    he’ll be my only pra’ek ^^
    chun rak nai p’mart or Smart either way^^
    i am also enjoying plerng seeroong much 🙂

  10. I don’t understand why anyone could ever hate such an amazing actor like Mart Krisada. I though he did an incredible job at play the character that he was supposed to in the movie. Rather calling him horrible names they should be admiring how talent he is.

  11. funny….i think thai like thier p’ek stupid n never trusting the n’ek, n n’ek always denying her true feelings….

  12. i was talking to mum about this lakorn, i was like “in other lakorns the pra eks atleast have a little good in them and feel sorry for the narng eks when doing something wrong, but this! whoa! all the slaps and throwings in other lakorns is they do it they only do it once or twice and then feel bad, but this! im starting to think his the bad guy” ive seen lots of stupid and crazy pra eks but this! is beyond stupid, even when he saw her bleeding he still threw her on the ground!

    but personally i love mart, his adorable! as he said, its very bad that his character does that but i still watch it!, just to see his face when he knows rhe truth.

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