Arjarn Luck Funtong – Celebrity Prediction 2010

At the beginning of every fresh new year. Famous celebrity pyschic will come out to ‘predict’ the future of our Thai celebs. Last year Arjarn Luck made the following prediction: Arjarn Luck Funtong 2009.

Now let’s hear it for 2010! *yawns*

“Bird” Thongchai McIntyre

Time is not an obstacle to deteriorate P’Bird Thongchai. 2010 will be his golden year and he will succeed greatly in 2010-2011. Bird will gain bigger success than he did in the past, April will be a stand out month for him. As for his health, he is a healthy person so he will be free from illnesses and accidents. In 2010 Bird will maintain his title as the ‘favourite celebrity in everyone’s hearts’.

Amita Tata Young

This year there will be a drastic change for Tata, many things will happen. She will become famous from a scandal. Tata will be linked to a divorced foreigner. She could become pregnant and this man will make her scandalous for the rest of the year. Tata will be involved in activities which will involve overseas travelling. Tata’s destiny is some what like P’Bird Thongchai, her fame is immortal. Tata’s soul mate will be an older man, a family man with similar personality to her father. He will also have a strange habit.

“Aump” Patcharapa Chaichuer

Aump will find it hard to find a soul mate but 2010 is a good year for her. She will be 100 times better off, her luck this year will be strong and very stable. Aump is destined to be with a very wealthy man and her soul mate is not younger than her. The man she will end up with is a divorced man, she will hold a secret relationship with him without marriage in the beginning. Aump is better off in a secret romance. Her soul mate will help her business and she may have met him before but she never got with him. Because of her destiny she will find it hard to get married, her luck is similar to those with long lasting stardom, usually people in that category don’t end up settling down. They remain single. In two years time, Aump may become a very rich woman, she may have a chance to make the list as one of the richest in the country.

“Aom” Piyada Akarasaeranee

According to Aom’s destiny, she will find it hard to get married, but once she’s married, she will stay with her man until her death. Usually Aom finds it hard to be with someone because she’s very independant and she’s bored easily but she has found her soul mate now. Her destiny says, once she’s married she will become wealthy and succssful. Aom is destined to have long lasting fame, her love life will standout and if she has children, she will become more wealthy and more love by her husband. However, during pregnancy she needs to be careful. She could lose her baby easily. 2010 is a good year for her, she could become pregnant from Jan-April. If she does, it would be very good for her. The only thing she should be concern about is accidents. Aom’s luck will not deteriorate in the next 10 years, but after that, her luck will decline.

“Aum” Athichart Choomnanon

In the past 2-3 years, it seems like Aum is going to be very famous but he gets pushed back by newcomers. This year, Aum will make a come back, a powerful and successful one. His fame will come back to him, wealth will come back to him. Next year will be his golden year. As for love, Aum is destined to marry a divorced woman, funtong! His soul mate will not be younger than him, which is similar to Nat Myria. Love will go well for him, work will go well and money will be flowing in. Aum will be bombarded with love news, after April, he will receive lots of work. Next year will be a strong year for him.

“Pinky” Savika Chaidech

Pinky is destined to be famous and successful. But she needs to beware of accidents. In the next 2 years there will be a change in her life and it will make her more successful but at the same time, she will have a scandal involving a man – which will be a continuation from 2009. When a man comes into her life, she needs to make sure he’s not married, because if he is, he will bring her bad luck. Men will make her scandalous, she needs to be careful, beware of accidental pregnancy. Pinky’s soulmate is someone educated, from a good family, someone with power. He will not be from the industry and he will be older than her.

According to her destiny, she will be better off moving to a different company. Her destiny is like Chompoo Araya, going international will also bring her luck. But she won’t go far, she will stick to Asia.

“Ken” Theradeth Wongpuapan

Ken’s destiny is like Bird Thonchai, he is love by many people. Ken and Noi are each other’s soul mate. It would be a suitable time if they have a child in 2010. After 26 April is good or in July and December. As for his love life, there will be no dramas, the only worrying thing is Noi’s health. He should take her to the temple so she could be protected. Work wise he will be given jobs in lakorn, movies and international work, there’s no downfall for Ken.

Aff Taksaorn Paksoukchareon.

I have predicted Aff’s destiny many times and I have said, she should be careful with men. There will be bad news in 2010, something damaging over a man she’s seeing. It will involve a video clip, something private will leak. Please be careful, a public romance will bring her scandals, her reputation will be damaged because of love. Love is an obstacle to her destiny. She’s quiet but charming. If she is not a player herself, she will attract players. She is very soft and vulnerable, and usually gives in easily.

In the next 2-3 years she will be in trouble because of love. Which means, every man she meets is not her soul mate, they will come into her life to give her heart ache and then leave her. So please don’t take love seriously for the next 2-3 years. After April she will have more news with a new man.

“Kwan” Aussamanee Waitayanon

After 26 April a senior will support and encourage Kwan to become more successful. But love will tarnish her reputation, Kwan shouldn’t be involved with anyone. She should remain single. As for accidents, she is not prone to that. In 2010 a man will jeopardize her reputation through out the year, however if it turns out really bad, it will bad all the way, if it turns out good, it will be good all the way.

Source via Kapook/Komchudluek

18 responses to “Arjarn Luck Funtong – Celebrity Prediction 2010

  1. It’s interesting, it will be good for Ken and Noi if they have their second child.

    I wonder what about Anne Thong and Chompoo Araya.

    Could you please their luck prediction for 2010?


  2. It’s interesting, it will be good for Ken and Noi if they have their second child.

    I wonder what about Anne Thong and Chompoo Araya.

    Could you please translate their luck prediction for 2010?


  3. w0w Pinky prediction is crazy!!!hope she take the advice that is given LOL !! And as for Aff OMFG is all i can say if that happens to Aff i’ll be so PISSED!!! mostly with that scandales guy she’s with Songkran!!! And as for Aum no way i think we all know who that mite be hahaha (nat)!! aww good for kwan she’s pretty cool!! BUT I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT ROME!!!!

  4. I was reading the Arjarn Luck Funtong 2009 and wow! What it said about Pinky Savika was true! lol. Although I don’t really believe in all this fortune telling [because it’ll just make you paranoid], Pinky, I hope you’re reading this! haha. I wanna see a good year for you this year. Aff, I don’t know if I should be worry that you “might” be heartbroken and have a hard love-life or if I should be happy that “perhaps” the person you’re involve with now won’t last long??? But then again, none might be true.

    Anyways, how do they pick the celebs? Do they just draw a name out a box and make predictions?? Why these certain celebs??

  5. Run Aff RUUUUUNNN!!!! lol j/k i hope Songkran will be good to her.
    Go Aum A! I hope he gets really famous. The guy is wrong about his soulmate being older. That’s not true because he is supposed to marry me. lol 555 ^^

  6. Bullshit, this guy is just using what he knows and saying it happen in the future, Aum is with an older woman, aff is already dating an asshole and he is damaging her already!! this guy is bullshit!!!

  7. LOL the prediction is so “eye rolling”. I don’t call that a prediction, I call it putting all their news and rumors together.

  8. LOL these prediction never fails to make me laugh. Let me say it ain’t much of a prediction as c-indy put it. It is way to board. I could make up more shit ahahaha

  9. I usually don’t believe in prediction BUT I thought he was pretty accurate with Pinky Savika and Kwan Ausamanee’s fortune last year. For Pinky he said that a new man would come into her life and jeopardize her reputation (which actually happened with Songkran). Where as Kwan must be aware of sudden weight gain and recently Kwan did gain a good amount of weight.

  10. this guy is full of crap haha..some of the things he say is already happening and others are so generic it’s common sense! like being involve with a guy will bring you scandals..duh..that is so common sense. and like for kwan, if it’s good it’s good all the way and if bad bad all the way. like duh!! why don’t you say one specific thing and stick with it.

  11. I seriously do not think its really necessary to have celeb pyschics predict these stars future’s. To me its consider bad luck to see your future. I rather just live my life and look forward to what may come in my life. I would hate some pysichic looking into my future.

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