Taew has been seeing her non-showbiz beau for 6 years

Huajai Song Park’s Star, “Taew” Nattaporn Taemerak has been in a smooth relationship with a man named “Ton” for over 6 years. In an interview with Thairath, the actress gave an update on her low profile love life.

How’s love?

“Still the same”

You’re happily in love?

“It’s not like that (smiles) I’ve been talking to him for a long time. It’s moving along smoothly. I have good feelings for him, I can ask him for advice on anything and when he has problems he can ask me for advice too”

How long have you been talking to Ton?

“5-6 years”

Your love life seems to be low profile and not as loud as other couples?

“That’s right. We have a lot of other responsibilities and we usually don’t go out to crowded places”

Do you parents approve of your guy?

“Yes, my parents thinks he’s okay. He doesn’t do anything to stress me out or make me feel bad. He’s in my life to make me better and that’s an okay thing”

Can we call him your boyfriend?

” (smiles shyly) I don’t know. Let’s not call him that yet, let’s say he’s a friend”

He’s your closest male friend?

“Yes he is”

Because of him, other men are not hitting on you

“That is probably the case”

So no one else is courting you at all?

“No, not at all. My time is mainly spent at school and then home. I only see the guys at my faculty, I don’t really meet other guys”


16 responses to “Taew has been seeing her non-showbiz beau for 6 years

  1. that’s good to keep a low profile of your relationship. others should follow in your foot step.

  2. Er…so wait, are they just friends then? She said he’s not ‘exactly’ her boyfriend but they’ve been seeing each other for 6 years. I don’t really get it. o.0

    • Yea, I don’t understand either. I hate it when they use that term. Geesh, she even sounds sweet and conservative just like Aff! lol.

  3. I like her in the lakorn but im starting to get a little annoyed with stars that say “we’re just talking”. Is it really that bad to just say he’s your boyfriend and just call it what it is? This code language confuses me.

    On a side note props for keeping a low profile, he looks cute in the picture.

  4. love taew! shes cute! from the view of the pix her man or so call good guy friend looks cute! hope her relationship goes well! 😀

  5. i’m glad she is being herself and that her relationship is going well unlike pancake who loves being in the spotlight with her bf.

  6. Awww so cute, she’s the next Aff in the making. Gorgoeus Thai looking ingenue that the industry falls in love with and then she’ll meet to handsome hi-so soon and the fairytale will all end.

    • Hmm, I actually don’t want that to happen. I don’t like it when females become a celeb, and then they feel like they can’t date non-hi-so guys anymore. And they gotta go find themselves some hi-so guys. What’s wrong with dating non-hi-so guys? I wish more female celebs would date non-hi-so guys. ( :

      • Why? because you’re non hi-so?…lol its a joke. who would you want to hook up with? I want Son Songpraisarn to myself. lol

  7. Most of the time, Thai would get to know a person really long before finally calling each other gf and bf. It’s like a procedure thing where one is comfortable enough at a certain level, then the person can move the relationship to the next level. That’s why many Thai can know each other for 10+ years before marriage. It’s kind of tradition. The lady tend to have the guy wait a little longer for her to admit to be his gf. Because in Thai society, it’s easier for the ladies to lose her pride. She want to make sure the guy is the one, and he’s ready to take responsible for her and live the couple life.

  8. so,what happened to Aff and Songkran?I don’t understand her these days.It’s like I have never known her before.sigh^^

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