Aff and Songkran: breakup or marriage?

Aff Taksaorn

There have been rumors that leading actress “Aff” Taksaorn Paksoukcharoen is planning to wed her Hi-So boyfriend Songkran Taechanarong this coming year. Yet at the same time there are rumors that a fortune teller has predicted a breakup for the couple. The actress smiles through the interview and insists they are still in love.

I really don’t know about a wedding yet kha. We have never spoken about it. They say next year is a good year for Chinese people to get married, but I am Thai na. Then there were rumors saying that the resort I am building in Bonanza is actually going to be my newly wedded house, but like I said, it is not a wedding home. If anyone would like it to be a wedding home then just tell me and I will get the reservation documents.

To be honest we have been together for only a year kha. It’s going to need some more time kha. In a relationship there are always things that get better and then there are things that need adjustments. There are good and bad things that we slowly go adjusting kha. I know how serious he is with this relationship and I am not someone who plays games. We are not children anymore, we are grown ups kha. I never saw love as a game. If I am not confident about something I wont do it.”

Aff emphasizes that Songkran is The One…

Songkran is the man I am most confident about, so at the moment he is The One kha. There are always rumors of fortune tellers predicting our breakup, I get this every year but it’s no big deal kha. Listening to the rumors is fine, it can be a reminder for the heart that being cautious is OK kha

Songkran doesn’t complain about the fortune tellers. I think most men don’t take it serious when it comes to fortune telling.”

Source Daradaily

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