Is Dew the reason for Golf-Mike split?


Ever since “Dew” Arisara Thongborisut and “Golf” Pichaya Nithipaisarnkul announced they were a couple, there has always been news for them to clear. Even if they tried keeping low and quiet, trying to be good, there were still ways for making headlines.

Now gossip spread thatyoung Dew was the initial reason behind the split of brother-duo “Golf-Mike”. Mike found it difficult to work with Dew following Golf like a shadow. That is why Mike decided to leave and work on his own. Now the brothers work on separate albums.

Regarding the news Dew states, “What the news say about me being the reason for Golf-Mike to split, I don’t think that’s the reason because they already had plans to work on separate albums before that. A lot of people knew they were working on separate things. The season for the split must be the different timing.”

Do you know if Golf is still hanging out with Mike?

“They do a little, but not not often because I don’t even get to hang out with Golf as he is very busy. He is working.”

Is it true what the news say about you always being around Golf?

“No, because I have to be responsible about ourselves and then I have my studies and my work. If there is a chance to do something together then we do but if there is none because of work then we don’t hang out.”

Does Golf spend more time with you than with his family?

“I think Golf knows how to spend his time. He spends his time with everyone equally. His family is important to him, if for example he is at work and there is something at home then he will prioritize his family and not work. That’s why I think he would not give me more attention than his family.”

You confirm that you are not the reason for the duo to split?

“You can go ask Golf, it’s not because of me.”

Did you know beforehand that they were working on separate albums?

I also just found out like all of you. I think they kept it a secret and the news broke. I think the time has come for both to, like, go separate ways so each can show what they can do. I think Golf has enough potential to work on his own, he is really talented and I think that if they worked separately earlier, he would also be able to. I have seen his exhaustion, his attempts, Golf is really talented. I support him and I understand that he will not have the time for us like he used to because he has to tackle this all alone without Mike’s help. So I am OK, I don’t sulk, it’s OK. We are separate from one another some time and then we see each other some time, it’s a good phase.

Source Daradaily

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