Thailand's First Apple Girl Band

If you’re familiar with Korean “Apple girl”, Kim Yeo Hee than you will be familiar with how a simple girl who made a video of herself playing on an application on her iPhone had received a record contract deal. Not only did Kim Yeo Hee receive numerous raves and comments from various celebrities (including Ashton Kutcher), she had also set a bar for other future iPhone/iPad enthusiasts to take their talent to their iPhone/iPad and start making music of their own.

(The band consists of  Waad, Pack, Walnut (singer), Fern, and Tukta)

5 friends from Thailand started their own fun and had became an overnight hit sensation around the interwebz and started their own band using just an iPhone and an iPad as their stream of instruments. Something that the 5 did just for fun turned into a hit amongst those who have seen it.

[Source via BananaMax]

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