Sonya Couling On Jessica Simpson’s Reality Show

You’ve read it right. Sonia Couling is featured as Thailand’s Beauty Ambassador on Jessica Simpson‘s reality show, “The Price of Beauty“.

The concept of the show is that Jessica Simpson and her stylist, Ken Paves travel around the world to find out what the price of beauty is or what is the meaning of beauty. As she talks about her show on ‘Good Morning America‘ there is a teaser of her show where they travel to Thailand to seep in the culture and try authentic and weird things that we normal Thai’s would never try (like eating a worm.) We give her props though for experiencing things out of the norm.

Sonia comes in around the 2 minute mark in the video to translate about a woman’s story on how she bleached her skin to become lighter. To the point where it ruined her face and it affected her marriage and job. We can say we’re proud to see Sonia as the ‘Beauty Ambassador’ and seeing her on American television.

Sonia at a glance

The episode of “The Price of Beauty” aired on March 14th on VH1. You can check your local listings to see if they will air the episode again in your city.

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17 responses to “Sonya Couling On Jessica Simpson’s Reality Show

  1. i love sonia she is sooo pretty! i just saw this episode just for her. its sad to see the lady in there.

    though i’m not a fan of jessica simpson

  2. I never knew Jessica had a tv show. I hope she’s not a dumb blonde in this show as well. I think Jessica’s only true friend left is her hair stylist. I really like Sonia Cooling. She’s definitely one of a kind. She’s gorgeous. What is she mix with?

  3. Yay Thanks guys for responding to my email, I cant wait for the episode to air, cos I jus wanna see sonia = )

  4. wow… jessica simpson trying things in thailand??? she can’t even tell the difference between tuna and chicken!

  5. wow! sonia is way prettier than jessica simpson.

    i don’t hate jessica nor do i like her. she’s just another dumb blonde who’s good at milking money out of not so bright people. i watched the clip and saw how all the view ladies were praising her and all i could do was roll my eyes. first of all, when jessica was still considered “hot” by society she had no problems with it. she was helping society define what was hot, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, and blah, blah, blah, but now that she’s been kicked out of the “hotties club,” she’s trying to find some deeper meaning for beauty. sorry blondie, but it doesn’t work both ways. come on, you think i buy all of that crap! when she was “hot” did she think of all the other girls that didn’t fit into that description? i think not. it’s not about finding the meaning of beauty for jessica, but rather it’s about making money and reviving her “career!” whoever buys what jessica is spewing is smoking something or can’t think for themselves.

    oh yeah instead of trying to find some deeper meaning with beauty, she just came off as a snobby, dumb, american blonde when she made that comment about picking her meat for a burger. i mean, what an insensitive bitch! yeah, that’s how they get their meat and who are you do judge how they get it! it’s not america, you dumb blonde!! just because you’re privileged doesn’t mean everyone else in the world is.

    sorry for the rant, but this dumbo is still a dumbo no matter how hard she’s trying to come off as someone with a grain of intelligence! i just hope everyone sees what’s really behind her “search for the meaning of beauty” because after all her career is in the dumps!

    • well said hun. & i never mind people being afraid to eat stuff they are not familar with, because i myself am one of those… i dont see anyone pointing a gun on those girls, so dont try if your gonna be gagging & acting the way they did. now, that is another thing people will do for fame. ugly bitches.

      • i agree! it’s so disrespectful!! especially how oprah and all the other ladies thought it was funny… bitches.

    • OMG, I totally agree with you. When I saw found out about the show I was like, (not to be racist or anything) “Could you send a “whiter” person to Thailand?” I’m not Buddist, but I was appalled when they were meditating in the temple and she started giggling, I was like, “Seriously, could you be any ruder?!?!”

      I personally only watched the episode because they were in Thailand and Sonia was in the episode, other than that I wouldn’t waste my time watching Jessica Simpson’s crap.

  6. I knew that was her even though I just saw her side profile for half a second before she completely turned her back to the camera to embrace the elder woman. 😀 Jessica who?? lol

  7. Agree with Lola. Jessica is still a dumb blonde. She’s didn’t have enough respect for the culture. Especially eating the bug with her friends. Hella exaggerated. If she has respect, she would have suck it up and prove she got gut. And during meditation she goof off and got the monk offended. Seem like she’s picking on the helpless beauty more to make herself look good. If Jessica understand real people, she would have target the more deep beauty not just the poor. Rich people all over the world have issue to.

  8. WHO CARES ABOUT JESSICA, this is great exposure for Sonia, especially when they did the mini profile thing of her. Sonia looked HOT!!!

  9. I was shocked when I watched the first episode realizing that Sonia was in there. She was just gorgeous, way prettier than Jessica.

  10. That girl is just gorgeous, I mean mostly all seems to think she is dumb but that’s just an act, it does take some skills to become one of the most famous people in the world.

  11. I am finding the stories on PRICE OF BEAUTY to be a little more thought out than I originally figured. Anyone else enjoying the show or are people staying away from it?

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