TOP TEN Scandalous Leaked Clips Led By "Pinky", "Aom" and "Di"

In the Entertainment Industry lately has been having a lot of “leaked clips”. How are they leaked? Well know one knows, but TV Pool has did a TOP TEN list of clips (not just leaked clips in particular, but clips in general) that has rocked or was most talked about through the Thai Entertainment Industry. There are even some that are still being talked about years after. Let’s take a look at which was rated on the list.

1. “Pinky” ;Us 2-3 people clip

Let’s give a hand to her intensity for actress, “Pinky” Sawika who has landed herself in the #1 position once again. Just listen to the love triangle clip for “Us 2-3 people” saga with “Peck” Sanchai and “Tanya” Tanyares and when the clips leaked, it put Pinky in a rough spot that she had to fly back from India instantly to tell her side of the story. But it seems that this saga won’t end so easily.

2. “Aom”-“Art”; “Parents Abusing Me Clip”

All of a sudden there was a leaked clip of “Aom” Piyada and husband “Art” Sara was at the lat night showing at the movie theater and had gotten into a dramatical argument with a 5 year old’s mother. Aom wasn’t going to let society condemn her so she had given out a press conference to tell her side of the story that if you looked at the clip it had nothing to do with the 5 year old boy at all, but it had something to do with the adults who ended up having an argument with one another. But from the latest it seemed like there was going to be charges. Aom just wants everything to end and reveals that they should forgive each other, but if it doesn’t end she’ll sue for sure!

3. “Di”-“Ploy”; “I’m Possessive Clip”

It’s a never ending drama for the battle over the love of “Navin Tar” because recently both Ploy and Diana had appeared at the same event together and a problem that shouldn’t be a problem is when Di was the host for the event saying, “Why are you screaming for? They’re not screaming for you” and that’s all it took for Ploy to boil up saying that Di was intentionally speaking about her, but Di wasn’t going to let it end and asked to see a VCD and said that she wasn’t speaking sarcastically about anyone. I just think that this should end already because a guy doesn’t just have only one person in this world.

4. “Anna”; “You Look Similar Clip”

If we were to turn back time, no one will deny this video clip and out of nowhere perverts found a clip of a woman who had the same features and looked exactly like “Anna JAMP”. In the video is of the woman with similar features to Anna about to reach the 7th level of heaven with a young man. When it was leaked out onto the net a lot people said it was Anna because they could recognize a mole on her body, but Anna came out to deny and said it wasn’t her. Hurr… because of the perverts who leaked this clip out, Anna has disappeared mysteriously and exit out the industry.

5. “Four-Mod”; “Ventilator Clip”

It became a big topic for nearly 3 months when a clip of the girl duo, “Four-Mod” doing their business in the bathroom was secretly being recorded in a hotel room in Khon Kaen. The girls came out with tears in their eyes pleading and asking for the public to not pass the clip along or if it is  passed along to delete it. Even though the clip has disappeared quietly, but I am still happy that the person who was secretly recording the girls was arrested.

6. “Aon” Sarawuth; “7th Level of Heaven Clip”

If you rewind back to about 2-3 years ago there was a clip that was being passed around that made waves all over the Entertainment industry. There was a young man who looked like “Aon” Sarawuth having sex with a young woman. Netizens and those in the real world drew a line and said that it was Aon and he was being congested by society. Aon showed his manliness with tears in his eyes and apologized to everyone for causing disappointment. Aon than said that the reason for his clip leaking with his ex girlfriend was that he had lost his phone.

7. “Tangmo”; “Message to The Press”

“Tangmo” Pataratida came out to apologize to the press and she chose to do that by releasing video clips, but it seems that the clips didn’t do any help to her. Just look at it because what shouldn’t have been a problem ended up being a problem when the actress when she wouldn’t answer questions about her love with “Thank” Pongsakorn that she took it to Facebook  that the media banned her. That she released a sincere apology clip to the press.

8. “May”; “Face Looks Alike Clip”

May Feungarom clip involved a woman who looked exactly like the actress who was was servicing herself with her 5 fingers. Even though May had came out to deny that it wasn’t her in the clip, but those who have bad intentions towards the actress still wouldn’t stop passing along. May had lost her patience and went on to press charges to those who kept leaking the clip and up until this day the case is still ongoing. So is the “Girl With 5 Fingers” her or not? Eee!! But she already said it wasn’t her!

9. “Mam-Praai”; “Watch Cursing Clip”

Following the unknown clip of “Praai” and “Mam” which was rumored around that the two had an open underwear feud because from what I can remember, “Mam” affirmed that “Praai” did send her the watch of her director boyfriend, “Bird” Jirasak to her. This made headlines on every news’s front page. Other than that there was a leaked audio clip of “Peemai” who was being cursed out by another female for stealing her boyfriend. Another famous clip is of the feud between Miss Tiffany winners, “Jazz” and “Poy”. It seems like audio clips are becoming a hit.

10. “Oon KPN”; “Seduction Dance Clip”

Ending with KPN contestant, “Oon KPN” that out of no where was a clip a young man with similar features of the KPN contestant dancing in front of the web cam with his underwear on that something was about wanting to show also.

In the end, I would like to say that please do think before you do something not do something than think about it!

3 responses to “TOP TEN Scandalous Leaked Clips Led By "Pinky", "Aom" and "Di"

  1. Pretty with no brains. Before the scandal she is only famous in Thailand. After the scandal, she has skyrocketed to being famous internationally. All thanks to her idiotic, selfish and lustful boyfriend. She is really a disgrace. Deceptive and degrading.
    Her boyfriend has to take the bulk of the responsibilty for his actions. He must be doing the same thing to other gals now. That is his hobby. Wise up Anna!

    • What is her beau ulterior motives? He spend a great deal of time adjusting the cam, getting the angle and shots he desired. She seems but one of a trophy to her beau.

      With such a hot babe, why does he still need to capture for his own indulgence, for later on??? Sickening. Deceitful. Unreliable.

      He took to great lengths in capturing the shots. Must have been experimenting around aiming to be a lewd producer some day.

      Poor her. This will be around for as long as history has record.

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