Poh won’t renew contract with ch.7 because he has dignity – oppose to the idea of younger man playing an old man character

“The bottom line is I’m definitely not renewing my contract” Says actor “Poh” Natthawuth Skidjai in regards to his near expiry contract with channel 7.

“After I decided not to renew, there’s been so many offers coming through. However at this stage I must respect the contract that I’m still with at present with channel 7. I still haven’t discussed this with anyone. I’m waiting till end of May when my contract expires and I’m fully free to discuss”

When news broke out that you’re not going to renew with channel 7, other companies are opening their arms for you

“I’m happy about that. It means everyone is sincere about wanting to improve the Entertainment industry”

“Right the viewers have this wrong belief that a 30 something year old man is an old man. But it’s not true, it’s more a grown man. A 35 year old man is a fully mature man. People should support that age and give people the character that they are suitable for, not cast a young kid into playing an older man, playing a father or a high rank police officer”

“The age has to be realistic. People need to change their prespective or everyone will get the wrong idea that a man my age should play as a father. I was asked to play as a father but I think they should give the role to someone who is at a more suitable age for fatherly roles”

Sound like you’ve been feeling uncomfortable?

“I’m not, I’m just talking from my experience and I feel people in the industry should have quality and I want people to change the mindset of the the viewers”

Has channel 7 offered you anything?

“No, nothing since ‘Lui’. Maybe because I was in the process of making a decision and now I’ve made that decision”

A Lot of companies have contacted you?

“Yes, a lot. But I want to say I haven’t negotiated with anyone yet. Money is not an issue for me. I have dignity in my job. I want work that is suitable for me because this is a job that I love to do and I have my dignity too”

When will you know for sure?

“After May, I will have to see what channel 7 has to offer me. But right now the point that is upsetting me is the various arguments on the internet about me and my decision. Some people are accusing me of being an unloyal traitor and I just want to clarify to them that every employee has the right to choose”

“I’m confident that in the past 10 years I’ve done a lot of work with channel 7 and I can say that the ratings for most of them were at number one. And sure it has made me famous, but the channel gained from it too. It was a win win situation and I have been good for the past 10 years, I haven’t done anything to jeopardize the channel”

Source via Khaosod news

38 responses to “Poh won’t renew contract with ch.7 because he has dignity – oppose to the idea of younger man playing an old man character

  1. When will this age thing in the thai entertainment industry ever stop. He should really consider leaving ch7 …..just my opinion

  2. I love his answers. What an awesome guy. Love him. So glad that someone is finally brave enough to speak their mind.

  3. I like his answers too. Playing the role FATHER. You need to have the age and 35 is not old. GO POR GO

  4. i love p’por he is funny and a very good actors so i wish him the best , hopefully he get alot of jobs and play more movie because i like to watch him act again…

  5. Awesome answer. I totally agree with him, having some 20-something play a fatherly role to a 15 yr old. I mean come people. I ❤ his answer…Go P'Por!!!

  6. wow i think this is the first time that someone is not afraid to speak the truth. i totally support him and i agree that 35 is a mature age for a male. i like how his answers were straight up to the point and none of this uh..maybe this, maybe that.

  7. WOW!!! does he and weir have something against each other? “cast a young kid into playing an older man, playing a father or a high rank police officer” that is totally refer to weir “my dad is a superstar” and the one that is on right now, “tiger moon”? idk cuz i’m not watching it.

  8. Well Por used to be #1 for Ch7 but now it’s Weir so how do you think he feels? Honestly though, I think Weir plays his roles fine and it’s not like he gets to choose. They are offered what is given to them by the channel.

  9. he should just be a free agent. Like how chakrit was so he can play whatever channel. & that age thing is soo trueee I mean. aum seems to be ch7’s most fav nang ake, shes in every lakorn shes like 30 something correct? I dont see them putting her as a mom.

  10. I think he is mad Weir play pra’ek in DRA! with Pancake
    But he got a point be more realistic!
    They could at;east use a youger pra’ek then an older one later?

  11. I totally agree with him..glad he’s brave enough to speak the truth..hopefully the director/producer will listen to this.. I can’t stand either when they cast young pra’ek playing as an older man/father especially wearing fake mustache!

  12. nowadays, ch7 seem to focus more on their ratings rather than the quality of their lakorn. plus, they forget about their older daras once they hit a certain age. look who they have now..vee, stephen and who else? promoting the same faces..before you know it, they will lose more of their daras

  13. I don’t follow lakorns that much because they keep using the same people. If they use new faces, they are either not talented or way to young. I refuse to watch certain ones..

  14. I am so glad that Poh is leaving. He can do so much better else where. If anyone is to be a traitor and being unfair, that would be ch7. It wasn’t a win win situation at all if you think about it. Because the only side winning is ch7. Ch7 used Poh from the beginning (when he was still young and fresh, *cough *cough) but now that he’s aged a bit, they’re not giving him anything worth sticking to. So if I were him, I would leave too.

    Alot of things that Poh said up there was hinting towards Weir. I totally understand what Poh is saying. He’s criticizing ch7 indirectly for using Weir (a 24 year old man) for roles that doesn’t even suit him only because Weir will generate high ratings for them. Weir playing the role of a 30 year old father with a 15 year old daughter (very unrealistic), and now he’s playing a high ranked officer (which is also unrealistic, because I’m sure by the time a man earns his spot as a high ranked officer, he is at least in his 30’s.) And then the recent role they took away from Poh and gave to Weir, with Weir supposing to portray a way older man with a much younger girl is just really unrealistic (age wise). Alot of things that Poh has indirectly point out about Weir is true. I think ch7 needs to be more reasonable about who they chose, replace, find, use, etc…for their dramas. What the heck will ch7 do if they didn’t have Pan and Weir? They’re relying too much on Pan and Weir. They’ll eventually get old too I’m sure.

    My point is: Poh can do better. I’m glad he’s leaving. ( :

  15. It’s like ch7 to favorite those who bring in ratings than quality actors. Poh should leave, he is honestly a good actor, he deserves more than what he has now. And yeah, what he said is totally targeted at Weir, and I don’t blame him for that. And what are wrong with people talking about him being unloyal, he is not betraying his company, you can’t expect him to stay forever even when they are not giving him more lakorn offers. Poh can leave to wherever he wants as long as he is being treated right and given more roles to play.

  16. I use to be a huge fan of ch7. I don’t know what happened to their lakorns…all of a sudden I realise myself only watching ch3 and exact lakorns.

    Sometimes I would look forward to a lakorn so much because of its storyline, but I end up not watching it coz they always use the same actors like Pancake and Weir who I am so tired of seeing. And somtimes when the cast is perfect, the quality of the lakorn is horrible.

    I’m glad that someone’s finally decided to come out and say something coz I do really hope I can begin to watch good, addictive lakorns on ch7 again. I think Por made the right decision. Goodluck to him.

  17. I totally agree with what Por said. I’m glad he came out to voice his opinion on the matter. Ch7 needs to stop worrying about the rating and start caring more about the quality of their lakorn. The viewers needs to change first before ch7 will make a change. As long as they are getting rating their is not reason for them to change, cause rating is what brings in money for them.

    Pan and Weir have a hughe fan base and until they stop watching for Pan and Weir and start watching because of the quality than ch7 will continue to cast these two.

    Por needs to move to ch3, they may have made mistakes here and there but overall their lakorn qualities are way better than ch7.

  18. He’s bold, very bold for saying that. I agree with him totally. As for weir, i wont’ complain — i do agree on Poh’s point but if he can pull it off, he’s fine — however, there are some role that’s not suitable for him at all and that’s the reason why i don’t want them lakorn of his.

    The industry need to really open up and give more opportunity for the older generation to work on some good excellent script. This is one reason why i like ch3 b/c they try to balance everything out when they realize the potential they have in their building.

    Glad he’s not renewing his contract. He should just be a free agent — if ppl really want to see him, they’ll contact him just like any of the free agent celebs out there. Best script will call for best suit actor so I’m sure he’ll get some role soon to justify his acting.

  19. Por is just revealing little secret of CH7. He didn’t really point out the dirtii trick Ch7 been doing. He’s playing it safe and just point out his opinion and experience.

    In th past, CH7 has been professional with lakorn. I enjoy many of the past lakorn. It has good storyline and quality.

    Now CH7 is all about money. One thing for sure of CH7 strategy is bring good looking young people who can’t even act especially ladies who hold title such as ‘misses’.

  20. i don’t watch ch.7’s drama much or at all, but you’ve got to be honest, they’re pretty damn smart! why waste more money to produce better quality lakorns when all of the lakorns that they are producing are raking in top ratings? that doesn’t make sense if you’re coming from a business point of view. if i were to head of the channel i would do the same thing too! why change or think outside of the box for better lakorn quality when most of the mass isn’t demanding it? i don’t know, but that’s what i think.

  21. I don’t really care much about Por but dang he has good point. I do complain about a younger actor playing a way older character but if he’s able to pull off, then it doesn’t bug me. Weir has this very mature look, hell I thought he was in his 30s.

  22. i want to see him w/ ch3 but i be happy if he is a free agent and get w/ work w/ whomever he choose to. nv really like ch7 lakorns and their newer actors esp pancake and weir. like seriously wat is so good about these 2? i actually bought their lakorn together cuz all the hype but i can’t seem to get pass ep now it is just collecting dust. anywho wish por the best.

  23. I don’t think Por should be complaining much. I mean he himself replaced someone once upon a time. I bet he didn’t complain on behalf of those actors back then. It’a cycle that he knows very well. At one point in time, old pra’ek will have to step aside for the new ones and it’s Por’s time. Deny it all he want but he is getting older and majority of channel 7’s lakorns aren’t really all that mature anyways. He should be a free agent, but he shouldn’t be criticizing a channel that made him just because they don’t cater to his wants anymore. They gave him a decade of work and fame. Are they criticizing him? No they’re not, so he should respect them if only a bit. All he should had said was, it’s time for me to spread my wings and try other things. I’m older now and I think I’m mature enough to decide my own path. Then leave it at that.

  24. So many things about the industry confuse me…. If Poh is old “enough” to where he’s getting father roles then why is Nok Chatchai still getting leading roles. Also, Poh is not the only person that needs to have their roles re-evalutaed… Weir got a role where he plays the father to a fifteen year-old kid and a role where he plays a guy way past his thirties (Duang Raeng Atitarn).
    In my opinion, a lot of re-evalutaions of roles should be done.

  25. YES! finally some one speaks out about this age thing! I hate it too seeing actors play roles that do not suit them. Like that one movie “panoobensuperstar” << something like that. with Weir being the father, that was kind of weird.

  26. I hate por now, he seem like he just jealous and since now the new generation is popular like wier, why cant young kid play a father or a high rank police officer role, some teen are father so if the role seem right then forget it, and he said he cant play a father role why he’s old enough. And he said the quality is bad, wtf why didnt he say that 10 years ago. He even say that the ratings for most of his lakorn were at number one like which one and it’s not just him, maybe it was because of the nangek or lakorn itself .
    So the main reason for him leaving is that he is jealous and dont have that much work. If I was him I just stay with ch7, he have no chance with ch3, ch3 have ken,aum,por,rome,smart, art and more more, if he stay with ch7 he’s still considered ch7 top actor

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