Aon Sarawuth is back!

For the launch of Marc Jacobs hand bag 2010 collection, “Aon” Sarawuth Martthong promoted the items while performing ballet in a tutu, and of course with no-shirt on.

You can view the video of Aon’s ballet performance through Manager

More pictures;

37 responses to “Aon Sarawuth is back!

  1. If this was my first sight of him, I’d think he was gay…but I know he’s not after all those scandals.

  2. If he is trying to be artistic then I have to say…Epic fail! That’s just plain creepy and he would not persuade me to buy a Marc Jacobs handbag. YUCK!!!

  3. What is going on with him? Maybe the scandal hit him really hard and that’s why he’s acting all weird now or is he fianlly coming out of shell?

  4. How is he gay? Have you guy seen his leaked sex tape lol but above, oh no, what the hell was he thinking. Kind of a turn off.

  5. Oh, if that’s the best that can do to lure in buyers, then they failed big time!! Instead of looking “artistic” if that’s what they were shooting for, then they need to hire a new marketing rep. This looks freaking ridiculous! HUGE LOL!!

  6. I seriously never liked this guy. I always thought, how can he be pra aek? He never appealed to me, and will never appeal to me after all this weirdness of him rofl. Is this for money or fame? I wonder…Or is it both?

  7. Whuhahahahahahahahahaaha!!!!!! ROFL!!!!! OMG!!! That is just plain weird. Is he trying to be all “art” again? Could someone please stop him next time?

  8. it seems that everything Aon’s been doing lately is just… EPIC FAIL.

    poor guy. he really should just.. not work. i’m not saying he’s a bad actor or leave the industry.. just not accept any other kind of work besides the lakorn roles. (tho that’s pretty hard to do, as CFs are where the money is).

  9. Omg…he not that bad. Give him benefit of the doubt. I don’t know what disgusting about a man wearing a tutu. If he is disgusting…then we have to look back on the people who dances BALLET. How about Scottish man.

  10. ok so the pic made him look hella weird and funny but to think it in an artistic kind of way i give the man props for being able to do this…

    kudos to him!

  11. Wtf????? What is wrong with him these days? Seriously, I know sometimes it’s part of the profession but this just screams “ATTENTION”. I know he is talented and can do better than resorting these weired antics!!

  12. O.k they either paid him a lot of marbles for this job or he simply lost his marbles .. lol..either way i give him credit for jetés out of the ordinary supermodel poses and damn this will surely leave a lasting impression.

  13. I feel bad for the guy. He doesn’t get any work and all the stuff he does now is like this….

    His sex tape sure ruined his reputation enough already and now he’s just doing everything to himself…

    He probably is in desperate need of money.

  14. LMFAO i burst laughing when i saw the first picture. i was like “Are you kidding me?” LOL whats funny is his Serious reaction lol

  15. ew, honestly hes really hot and i do like him as an actor/model but this is too much!!!!! hes been doing so many weird things latelyy!

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