Margie Rumored to Frequently Visit “Boy” Pakorn’s House Behind Boyfriend’s Back


There are very strong rumor accusations towards actress, “Margie” Rasri that she frequently visits actor, “Boy” Pakorn‘s house behind her boyfriend, “Tong” Chulawutthi.

Margie addressed the press that she does visit Boy’s house to see his adopted sister, “Nong Wunmai“.

“I do go visit when I’m free to go see “Nong Wunmai”. I’m afraid that if she’s around 3 brothers often she might turn into a boy (laughs), but as for the rumor about me wanting to be another daughter of that house, I just want everyone to think that we are all friends.”

When asked if boyfriend, Tong get’s jealous, Margie stated, “He’s not jealous at all and as for the reason why we don’t take many couple pictures together is because P’Tong is very shy. He just doesn’t like to take pictures much. If we do take pictures together I can post it up, but usually when we do, he likes to take it with a whole group.”


Source: Entertain Teenee