“Beam” Isn’t Ready To Wed Girlfriend “Oi”


Former ‘D2B’ boyband member, “Beam” Kawee Tanjararak will always be cute and handsome to his fans, but no matter how cute or handsome he is, it looks like the older ladies or the younger ladies can only admire Beam from afar because he has an out of entertainment girlfriend by the play name of “Oi” who has captured his heart.

The couple have been dating for a few years that many are starting to ask the question, “When are they going to get married?” as Beam’s younger siblings have married even to his baby sister, “Bua” Sarocha who wed just last year. Beam can only answer that he’s not ready to walk down that path yet.

The reason why he’s not ready yet is it because he’s not willing to let go of his bachelor life just yet?

Source via: Gossip Star