“Um” Artichart Carelessly Unfollows “Bella” On IG

Leading actors of the lakorns, ‘Plerng Chimplee’ has work cut out for them as there were previous rumors and allegations that actress, “Bella” Ranee Campen is the 3rd hand in the marriage of her leading co-star, “Um” Artichart Choomnanont and his wife “Nat” Myria Benedetti.

“The issue about me unfollowing Bella on Instagram is..sometimes I don’t check my Instagram often and I don’t get on it often that’s all. It’s not because of the gossip that I unfollowed her, but sometimes I will hit the follow button on other’s Instagram’s that I don’t know or unfollow those I know accidentally. When I expand the screen, I don’t know what I’m pressing. It’s not because I want Nat to feel at ease. There’s nothing. I haven’t been on Instagram in like a week.

As for those that are boycotting the lakorn, ‘Plerng Chimplee’ because of Bella and I, truthfully, I didn’t know about that, but like I said, I want viewers to watch the lakorn instead. There are a lot of varieties that tell the story and the cast worked really hard on the lakorn, please watch it as entertainment.”  Um said.

[Source via DailyNews/Teenee]

Netizen Comments via Teenee

1. His wife told him to delete her for sure! Right now, I’m wondering if he is stopping contacts with his mistress, Bella, but it seems like he’s impressed with her a lot.

2. Bella is such a skank. He has a wife already and she’s over there secretly being his mistress. Has she ever had any good news in her life? From getting bat shit drunk, smoking, swarming with guys, and now being a mistress. Where did Channel 3 dig her up from?

3. Bella is really pretty that’s why Um is infatuated with her.

4. Those that have no clue and are reading will think this is noise marketing for the drama. The more those that criticize Bella it only makes it seem like Nat and Um are pitiful. Have you not heard of the news of Bella and Weir? Those that are calling her a mistress are probably mistresses themselves or spawns of a mistress.

9. It’s because Um hurried and married. It’s was too hast.

12. He has a good wife and he still won’t stop. I don’t even want to watch the lakorn anymore.


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