Dara Frenemies

In the Entertainment business celebrities are met with people on a daily basis and in that life a friendship or someone to just understand you is often sought after. When friendship forms, a bond and relationship is committed to becoming best friends. Once that relationship turns sour the once best friends turn into enemies or just another person who passed by in each others life like no friendship was formed thus becoming frenemies.

“Mam” Kataleeya and “Noo Mam” Surivipa‘s friendship were so close to the point that when “Mam” Kataleeya was questioned if she was pregnant, “Noo Mam” came out to deny the accusations for her. It later struck a discord in their friendship that resulted in the two parting ways. This was once the “talk of the town” gossip.

“Ning” Panita and “Nune” Woranuch who were once besties that went everywhere together had a falling out of their friendship. The reasons were not clear, but “Nune” inadvertently admitted that there are times friends will sulk one another as it’s a normal thing, but fast forward to now, the two haven’t been seen hanging out or going places like they did before.

“Cream” Premsinee and “Aum” Lukkana‘s friendship ended 5 years ago due to a discord because a man became involved. Cream gave out an interview saying that this is all the merit that they’ve done together and that she must accept it (ทำบุญกันมาแค่นี้ต้องทำใจ).

“Pinky” Savika and Yardthip both grew up in the entertainment business together so it’s not a wonder that the two became instant besties throughout the years up until Pinky’s scandal that turned their friendship for the worse and “Yaad” pulled herself away from that mess. Both came out to deny to say that wasn’t the case, but it’s a bit suspicious as Yaad wasn’t at Pinky’s wedding. Yaad gave an interview to say that the reason she didn’t attend the wedding was due to work, but she did congratulate beforehand.

Even though the discord between Kimberley and “Mint” Chalida had nothing with Kimberley since the argument happened between Mint and “Mark” Prin, but since Kimberley is very close to Mark in particular that she sided with Mark instead. Their circle gang disbanded and it’s rare that you will see Mint and Kimberley in the same frame again.

The recent frenemie headline to take over is the friendship between “Yo” Yosavadee and “Bee” Namthip. Both were so close to the point of willing to start a business together. Bee gave an interview stating that the reason for their friendship downfall was because there was money involved. Bee said that their friendship won’t be the same again, but they can be just a passing friend on this earth. Yo hasn’t given out an interview yet as she has to gather everything and will say it all at once.

[Source via Sanook.com]

2 responses to “Dara Frenemies

  1. It was interesting to see all these friends grow together and suddenly disband. In life you will never know what will happen the very next day. Rather pushing your self away or leave the relationship hanging, it’s rather nice to come in terms so one day there won’t be regrets. Thank you!

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