Anne-Ken Meets Again in “Soot Sanae Ha” [ The Recipe to Love ]

Latest news reveals “Anne Tongprasom” and “Ken” Theradeth Wongpuapan will pair up again in an upcoming lakorn “Soot Sanae Ha”[ The Receipe to Love ] due to commence shooting in March this year. [ news via Pantip ]

This lakorn is expected to be a phenomenal hit, not only for the strong cast of “Anne-Ken” but the story itself is based on best selling novel by famous author “Ging Chat”.

Soot Sanae Ha Story Line

“Soot Sanae Ha” is a story about Alin (Anne Tongprasom), a stuck up 25 year old actress who thinks she’s on top of the world even though her career as leading actress is about to come crashing down due to rising breed of younger newcomers.

On the outside Alin seems like a typical prim and proper Nang Aek but on the inside she’s spoilt, stubborn, conceited and can’t cook!

But when Alin was contacted by Khun Chai Anucha to be a celebrity chief on his new TV Show, she quickly accepted his offer and lied about her cooking skills.

Alin hires Din or Pasu (Ken Theradeth) a poor ordinary chef, with not much money as her cooking teacher under a highly confidential contract.

She has a plan in mind. She feels she has reached a stage in her life where her career is slowing down and her biological clock is ticking. Yes, she wants to get married, not just to any man but to the most perfect man in the world.

She already has his image in her mind. He has to be someone handsome, rich, has a prestigious last name, lives in a mansion and of course famous! Someone for her to be proud of, someone who will make her look good so her wedding can be the biggest talk of town for many years to come.

Alin believes the perfect man is Khun Chai Anucha and she is on a mission to get him!


Quote from Best selling novel

Soot Sanai Ha [ The Recipe To Love ]

If you fall in love with someone because he’s perfect..

Then one day when you find a flaw in him, you will easily fall out of love for him

But if you fall in love with someone because you love him for him

He will become perfect in your eyes…and you will love matter what happens

24 responses to “Anne-Ken Meets Again in “Soot Sanae Ha” [ The Recipe to Love ]

  1. awweeeee!!! Yayyyyy!!!
    more ken and ann! hahaha i can’t wait.
    already sounds interesting. hahaha
    thanks :]]]]

  2. Same as above.. These two I’ve found to be the best actress and actor. So a pairing with them will always yeild a good lakorn. Can’t wait.

  3. I can see Ann playing that role perfectly..however, I can’t see Ken playing as a poor guy..I like seeing him playing as a cocky, rich bad boy like in Sawan Bieng..makes him look hot!!

  4. Love love this Lakorn. Ken is super hot in it. (he’s always hot anyhow)
    and Ann,what more to say about her?? This girl can act!! I’ve been
    hooked on this Lakorn from day 1.

    Ken…I have a huge huge hot for you ieiee. Call me if you need a place
    to stay ( and more) when you are in States.

  5. Eu gostei muito desse casal, achei os videos deles por um acaso e acabei gostando muito das novelas com esse casal. Apesar de eu não entender nada do idioma, mais mesmo assim eu gsoto de assistir. I’m from Brazil

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