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Pei Confirms Aump Patcharapa’s Manager tries to persuade her to be a Mistress to A Politician!

19 Oct

Now this is what we call lethal sexy! Actress “Pei” Panward received phone calls from a gay man claiming to be Manager of famous leading actress harassing Pei to persuade her accept an offer to become a mistress to a Politician.

Pei confessed this so-called manager of famous Nang Aek called her many times to ask her to take the offer and become a secret mistress but Pei denied the offer politely. The actress also clarified the news which claim leading actress “Aump” Patcharapa invited her to go to dinner with a man with deep pockets. Pei denied the news with a cheerful face.

“That’s not true. Why would Aump do that? (laughs) Personally I’m not close to Aump but I have worked with her. Since then we haven’t kept in contact but we talk to each other at events that’s all. As for the news claiming Aump invited me to dinner with a Sia (rich old man), no that’s not true, but she has invited me to dinner as friends sometimes”

“If the so called manager of famous leading actress is telling the truth then, he does sound familiar like I know him but then again people sound alike sometimes. It could be someone else pretending to be him”

“Anyway I’m not really interested and I denied the offer already. There is no need for me to sell myself to anybody. Even though my image is mainly selling sex appeal but I don’t sell my body” Says Pei.


Pei announced She’s covering her breasts – For good!! (Can she really?)

26 Sep

Big boss gave the ultimatum to Pei Panward”, if you want to be an actress to show real talent, cover up! The company is tired of the actress flaunting her body and making headlines. Pei reveals she is not worried about losing work or making less money from wearing more clothes.


“Sia Jieng” Somsak Taesharatprasert of Sahamongkul Film declared punishment for any flesh flaunting conduct!! On this new regulation we’d think Pei Panward would be the first to cry but the actress smiled and reveals cheerfully “Isn’t that a good thing? He’s giving me a new look. I won’t get to show my flesh here and there anymore. I think it’s great that he’s doing this to me (laughs) now I can finally be a real actress. People will notice me for my talent. I won’t just be flashing my body and creating rumours. It’s not on anymore. You should be happy for me, he’s making me cover up”



Pei and Chakrit on “Bangkok Dangerous”

14 Sep


Panward Hemanee stars as Aom

We heard before you score the role in “Bangkok Dangerous”. You had to go for an audition, can you please tell us what that was like? “First I wasn’t game enough to go. Someone I knew called me 6-7 times to say they want me to audition and I really need to come because Danny and Oxide wants me to try it. So I went just for fun, I didn’t think I would get it because so many people went for it. I went there thinking I’m just going to try it out, just for fun but it turned out I passed the first round. I was like wow! Really? How did I do that and they told me they liked me because I was being myself and that was what they were looking for. After that I had to wait for hollywood to decided who they wanted. I waited 1-2 months and they chose me.” In the audition you had to play your character who is a coyote dancer, so did you have to dance?“Yes, definitely. I danced for it and the reason they wanted me was because they saw my dancing in MV “Kon Jai Ngai” and that’s why they wanted me for the audition. In the MV I did a bit of dancing in it. For the audition they ask me to dance, do a sexy seductive dance, pretend that I am all by myself in this room and just dance and I did that and they liked it.” How did it feel to act along side Nicholas Cage? “It’s the best, I can’t describe it. He is someone I really like since “Face Off”. I never thought I would have the opportunity to work with him. The idea never crossed my mind and suddenly one day I had to act in the same scene as him. I think to myself, oh what am I going to do, how do I act. I was so confused, what do I do, what do I do. I’d be so excited and my eyes will definitely show it too. I had to concentrate real hard and I was able to get through it. Good thing that Nicholas Cage is very down to earth so I was at ease working with him.”

Chakrit Yamnam as Kong

In this movie your character is a hit man. How did you prepare for the role?“I took action work shop but my action scenes aren’t that full on. It’s more my relationship with Joe (Nicholas Cage). We’re like teacher and student. My character is more drama and Nick is more action. I’m his helper.” In the movie, you and Nicholas are like teacher and student. But in real life did he teach you anything. What did you learn from him? “Working with Nicholas Cage was good. He’s very professional and he’s like every other actor who will discuss work matters with colleagues. He’s a good team player and very patient. He’s very much like an Asian. He’s simple and a cute guy.” Can you tell us about the audition? “At first they called me in for an audition and I went. I’m not fussed over having to audition. I go there one day and they called me back 2-3 times asking me to try things in different ways, try speaking fluently and with an accent. I met the producer and they sent my audition video to L.A. I heard Nick watched it and chose the cast himself.” During the filming did you get a chance to take Nicholas Cage out for a tour? “He did ask me where’s a good place to go and I told him it’s hard for me to go out because even when I don’t go out I land into problems. So if we go out together it will be even worse. He said yeah, if someone takes pictures of him walking in a shopping mall then sends it to America we will be in a rumor so it’s best we don’t go out but we talk all the time on the set and have fun with work. Nick had his family with him and he took care of them. He’s a real family man, very cute.” Now let’s talk about the directors Oxide and Danny Pang, what was it like working with them? “They’re very fast workers and they edited and did every thing themselves. They knew exactly what they wanted and how much they wanted. They don’t want to waste too much film so everything was done very quickly. They work like family and they’ve done so many films together so there’s no problem.”

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Source: Siamdara

Top 10 Publicity Enhancer – Most Leechable Girls For Hi-So Men

7 Sep

Lately there are so many Hiso’s making news with female celebrities an idea came into my mind say.. If I was a Hi-So, who may not be very handsome but “decent looking” enough to go to the temple in the morning (without confusing the undertaker of whether or not I was ghost or human). The main point I need to have is a good education, such as a degree from overseas to appear trendier.

If a Hi-So wishes to make a good break into the Entertainment industry to promote mommy’s & daddys’ business they need to find a famous celebrity to leech on. So the question is – which female celebrity is most “leechable” in terms of publicity enhancer.

After 30 minutes of personal brainstorming the following names came to my mind.


Amita “Tata” Young 


Why is she a good target:

Her international super stardom makes her an all time topic of interest. Her beauty and sex appeal makes her the most worthy person to go to for publicity. Take a look at “Prem” as an example. Even though he wasn’t with her for a publicity stunt (he just loved her that’s all) but their romance turned “Fairtex” from a ‘barely known’ company (most people thought it was a name for a condom) into one of the most famous boxing company in the world!

Why she’s worth it:

Let’s just say if you lose more than 100 million baht you will still get your money’s worth! Because Tata will walk you to 100% fame and right now she has just broken up with Prem. It is a golden opportunity for any rich man to grab because once you get hold of her you are guaranteed to be a house hold name within 3 to 7 days.


“Aump” Patcharapa Chaichuer



Why is she a good target:

She’s beautiful with a renowned title as the country’s sexiest woman for many years in a row. She stands out in her work, her personal life and she has a lot of “stardom”. The media are interested in her, where ever she goes she makes news, every day, every opportunity.

Why she’s worth it:

She will definitely give you more gains than losses. However the obstacle right now is Todd Sina Oontornpan, her current sweetheart. In reality, Todd is considered ‘Hi-So’ too but too bad he’s the quiet private type who keeps to himself so he doesn’t boom as much as he should. If you can get rid of Todd and squeeze in to victory you will win gold without needing to enter the instant noodles competition. Though there is one pre-requisite: Aump only has taste for “younger men”, therefore if you are older than 20 years of age. Please go back to where you came from.

“Ploy” Chermarn Boonyasak



Why is she a good target:

She’s beautiful, sexy and she’s classy. She dresses well every where she goes. Her acting improves each and every day. She contains all the right element of a ‘charming lady’. At every function where she makes an appearance, she will look so stunning no one can take their eyes off her. Recently she just broke up with ‘Dome Pakorn Lum’, one of the most charming men in the industry. So this is the prime opportunity for someone to take his place, this is the promotion period so you are half way to winning because right now the public are anticipating over who will be the one take Dome’s place.

Why she’s worth it:

She will definitely make you look good just like her, judging for the men she’s been linked with in the past from Fluke Kirkpol, Top Nathaset, Dome Pakorn to Mart Kritsada you would get the picture that you need to look good! You can either have a cool and trendy look like Top and Dome or you can have the good looking and classy look like Fluke and Mart, that’s up to you. But if you’re a plain looking Hi-So – You need to go look some place else!

“Kwan” Ausamanee Waitayanon



Why is she a good target:

She’s beautiful, she’s cute and she  dresses well every time, She’s like a princess with shining aura. One of the hottest leading girls of channel 7 – “The Queen of Scandals”.. The Mother of All Scandals.

Why she’s worth it:

She will make you famous instantly as you can see from all the men she’s been linked with Golf (Golf-Mike), Jo (Son of head police official), and Pok (Heir of huge shopping centre company). From the pattern you would have gathered that the requirement here is that you need to be very “well off” and have “more than enough to eat” to get to her. The down side is she likes to fight with random people so you need to be prepared to be her bodyguard for the next time she feels like a fist fight…the tip for you is to practice self defense.

“Pancake” Kemanit Jamikorn



Why is she a good target:

She’s beautiful, cute, respectable image, dresses elegantly with class. She is charming without having to try so hard. Her mother is like her ‘pusher’ who understands the modern world and makes everything ‘so easy’.

Why she’s worth it:

She’ll be worth it for sure. But whether or not you will make her rise or fall you will need to take a look at your self first. The main obstacle here is also Weir Sakollwat (her real or fake lover, we’re not so sure).


“Aff” Tuksaorn Pakdeejarunsouk



Why she’s a good target:

She’s beautiful like a princess with a respectable image. She’s sweet, she’s proper and I have to tell you now that her big break in “Jum Luy Ruk” is not her highest peak. She’s capable of “higher fame” in the near future so this is the time to get to her now before she knows it.

Why she’s worth it:

She will make you famous for sure but you need to be aware that she is incredibly gorgeous, which means if you’re handsome like ‘prince charming’ you will get what you deserve – praises of how ‘suitable’ and compatible you are to such a beautiful girl but if your face isn’t in par with standards you will be brutally criticised by internet critics calling you a loser and an insect who wishes to suck the honey from a beautiful flower like bird of paradox.

Janie Tienpohsuwan



Why is she a good target:

She’s getting hotter with her new sexy appearance and scandalous news. She is making her way into becoming the new “queen of scandals”. If you get to her now, you will be rewarded because right now she is deemed as the boyfriend snatcher. If you can give her a “Hi-So man” to call her own, she will have a better image which will be best for her and also you.

Why she’s worth it:

She is still topic of interest, right now is the prime time for your entry.

Yardtip Rachapan



Why she’s a good target:

She’s beautiful, sexy and have high sexual hormones. She’s been in rumors with more than 10 different men. The highest peak was when she was dating son of former Prime Minister. Her situation at this point, she is looking for someone “to use” to erase all her bad scandals, and that someone could be “you’.

Why she’s worth it:

If you make news with her now it will be talk of town as right now she doesn’t have anyone “real”.


Praiya Suandokmai



Why she’s a good target:

She’s young, she’s sexy and she’s one of the queen of scandals. If you become her boyfriend you are guaranteed to be famous.

Why she’s worth it:

This is the prime opportunity for anyone who’s not handsome but rich. From investigating all of her past romance all of them have one thing in common – a face in the bottom ranking of the scale. She is considered to be an un-shallow actress who will look beyond beauty…so…if you consider yourself ugly, give her a try!


Parnward Hemanee



Why she’s a good target:

She’s beautiful, sexy and fun! She’s got all the qualities you need for publicity enhancment.

Why she’s worth it:

She will do anything for publicity. If you’re with her, you will get the attention alongside her. Most importantly, she doesn’t go for ‘looks’. The opportunity is there for the ‘not so handsome’ fellas. But this also means you need to let her lead the game and everything will go well. Have faith in Pei, she’s got R the Star head over heels

Source: Siamrath


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