Is Ananda Still Single?

Rumors are going around that handsome model and actor, Ananda Everingham is off the single’s market and back into the dating world. When reporters met up with Ananda at the event for ‘OT Pee Overtime’ and asked him if the rumors of him dating are true.

“I’m not and I don’t think of heard of this rumor yet.” Ananda said. Reporters went on to ask Ananda about the rumors of him going scuba diving with an unmentioned female. Ananda replied, “I haven’t went anywhere. This is the first I’m hearing of all of this and I think they’ve mistaken the wrong person. I’ve been up in the mountains in Petchaboon and I really think they’ve mistaken me for someone else with the scuba diving.”

Sometimes rumors are just rumors, but sometimes it needs to be cleared up. There we have it! Ananda is still single.

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5 responses to “Is Ananda Still Single?

  1. He’s not dating? Please Ananda. You and Donut are definitely in some sort of a relationship even if you don’t consider it “dating.” They go on trips together, just the 2 of them. In one clip on Instagram, they were together and she even called him babe. Unless that too has ended.

    • From what I know of their relationship has been going on and off and the last time I heard of anything they seem too be off again but I really like Ananda and Donut together so hopefully they can work out their relationship.

  2. you know, now that you mention it I don’t think I’ve heard of Anada dating anyone but Donut. You just don’t hear much about the older actors in fact…. O.o

  3. Ananda and donut are business partners. They are opening a hotel in Chiangmai soon called ‘my love’ 🙂

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