Great’s Type of Ideal Girls Are Never Repeated!

It seems like actor, “Great” Warintorn must be the type to get bored easily as it is said that his type of an ideal girl is never being repeated. It’s to the point of Great getting teased at for his ever-changing ideal type.

There are a lot of people teasing you about “Pimthong”. What’s your relationship with her?

“The truth is that we are in the stages for Pee-Nong still. I will see her at times and there’s nothing to lie about that.”

Will there be a chance for progression?

“It’s up to the future. We talk here and there, but personally for me, I’ve been busy with work and I haven’t talked to anyone special in particular.”

And as for Pimthong, is she your ideal girl?

“My ideal type..If I think about it, my ideal type is always changing and never repeating.(Laughs)”

There’s a lot of teasing saying that you’re almost 30, but you don’t have a girlfriend or you’re not settled yet.

“I want to wait first and I enjoy being single and I believe that love is a beautiful thing. I have to see what I’m doing (in work) first and do it to my fullest and If I’m ready to have someone then I will.”

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2 responses to “Great’s Type of Ideal Girls Are Never Repeated!

  1. Great and Matt needs to get together. I know she’s dating someone right now but maybe they will break up and Great and Matt will live happily ever after.. LOL I’m just a fangirl shipping them on and off screen ❤ ❤ ❤

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