Is Bella A Really Horrible Person?;Beef With Preem?

Is actress, “Bella” Ranee a really horrible person like rumors or news make her out to be? Latest is that she has beef with her younger actress co-star, “Preem” Ranida. It was said that Bella was acting like a bitch towards Preem at some event.

“Was there something like that? No, there wasn’t. P’Bella and I still love each other.” Preem said when asked about it.

“We are rather close. When we had to film or short series, we filmed it 3 times already and we always go together, stay together at all times. P’Bella is a cute person.”

Have you two gotten into any problems before that it’s causing others to misunderstand?

“Not at all. We went came back from traveling together and it was fun. Just the other day, we had an event and everything was fine.”

Can you say you’re very close to Bella?

“Yes. P’Bella is like an older sister to me and she was the very first that I’ve met and talked with since I’ve came into the industry.”

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