Nadech’s Mom New Future Daughter In Law?

Here is the picture that is causing such a fuss with NY(Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya) fans when Nadech’s mom calls Taew Nattaporn her new future daughter-in-law.

Fans are displeased with the pictures that was uploaded on Nadech mother’s instagram when Mama “Kaew” Sudarat called Taew her new future daughter-in-law. The reason NY fans are upset is because there are rumors that Taew and Nadech are secretly seeing each other behind their partner’s back. When Taew was asked about the situation she said she was confused and hasn’t seen the picture yet. She also says that Nadech and her are just close co-worker friends and her love life with her boyfriend, Ton is still going sweet.

Some of NY fans wanted to clear the atmosphere for those that are anti Taew and Nadech went to dig up the picture in question and realized that Nadech’s mother did not call Taew her future daughter-in-law in the caption, but instead she had captioned it that she wanted to take a picture and show the views to Nadech’s fans. The picture is still on her instagram for all to see. Hopefully this will clear up the air with the anti’s.

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